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The Returned (US) – S1E4 – Victor

Previously on The Returned, ‘Julie’


I want to be clear here I’m not saying I don’t have faith in the show’s writers, or in the opinions of the people who liked the French version of this show, but I have to admit my growing concern as this show continues to raise questions without giving me any answers. I am trying to trust they won’t pull a LOST and leave a bunch of loose ends hanging in the air, but I’m worried. That’s all I’m saying.

This episode of The Returned was more unsettling in some ways than any of them. My personal favorite moment (of course) was Annie being chewed on by one of her cats, because I’m a horrible person. But then there were things like Lena hugging her sister’s corpse, and Victor’s sudden murder (that was rough), and that black stuff bubbling up from the bathroom drain again. What the fuck? What is happening in this damn town?



“How do you organize a life with no death to define it?” – Helen

Julie finally gives up Victor, in a scene simultaneoulsy sad and terrifying. His face when she tells him that he’s leaving is one of complete betrayal, and it made me worry later when he’s pulling out his paper and markers that he was planning something ugly in retribution. He still might be, but Peter interrupted him just in time.

Peter… who the fuck are you? First we have that hint last episode that he’s met one of these undead people, and I’m starting to wonder if that’s Peter himself. Is he the person he knows who came back from the dead? And is he the guy who suggests to Victor that he sing a song in his head? Were you a robber, Peter? Maybe his “buddies” murdered him because he was too soft.

Speaking of murderers, Jack is questioned about Lucy’s murder, and I get the feeling that when he said, “I’m not going to apologize for something that saved my life,” Tommy believed him. Jack is trying to convince his wife that they can make things work and move away, but when she finds out that he blew their daughter’s college savings on a psychic whore, she’s unimpressed. I love how it’s just sinking in with him just how ridiculous Lucy’s power sounds as he’s saying it out loud. Dude.



Lena’s wound is growing to the point where she finally passes out and falls down the stairs, and winds up in the hospital. She blames her sister for what’s happening to her (and while Lena still annoys the fuck out of me, she’s clearly right) and accuses her mother of playing favorites. But Peter tells Camille he thinks her sister is suffering from survivor’s guilt, and the flashback proves he’s 100% on point. Lena blames herself for what happened, and she blames Ben, so the distance between them now makes sense.

And while we’re on the subject of distance in relationships…. Rowan and Tommy are such a hot mess. Tommy says something super alarming when she confronts him with the cameras: “I quit watching you for a while”.

Um, what now? This is some Edward-Cullen-Level stalkery type shit. His revelation that Simon “killed himself” just makes me think Victor was there to push him in front of that 18-wheeler. I appreciated the way Rowan said, “I’m leaving. You know that, right?” She’s not mincing words, and the fact that he had the balls to try and touch her blew me away.

Helen 2Lastly, lets talk about Helen. What in hell is her deal? She’s alarmed at seeing that black shit in the sink, but when she sees Victor in the shelter there’s almost a flicker of recognition. She’s watching him later, too, like she knows him and is waiting to see what he’s going to do next. She obviously isn’t happy about being brought back, as evidenced by her chat with the priest. And she gets my favorite line in the show so far: “How do you organize a life with no death to define it?” It reminded me of Troy when Achilles tells Briseis that the gods are jealous of mortals because their lives are fleeting and thus more precious and beautiful. She’s not revealing anything about her relationship with her husband before her death, and nobody in that community appears to recognize her, so I’m really wondering if she died much longer ago than I suspected.

So here’s my big theory: Victor is a fucking creepy, violent, wish-granting fairy. Camille’s sister wished she could die instead of her sister, and she’s starting to. Rowan wished she could marry the guy she originally loved, and boom, here he is. Jack was enraged with Lucy and wished she would get payback for what she did, and she does. Julie wanted Annie to drop dead, and now she’s being eaten by her cat. But I can’t explain why it’s all happening at once, what the deal is with Helen, and whether Victor actually makes things happen with his drawings, or he sees visions of the future and then draws them.

Okay so there are some holes in my theory. Guess I have to wait till next week.

Score | 7/10Funniest Moment:

Claire, after Jack tells her about Lucy’s “power”: “…and you…believed…that?”

Saddest Moment:

Lena hugging her sister in the morgue. Ugh.

Scariest Moment:

The moment when Victor takes out his markers at the shelter. DON’T YOU HURT JULIE, VICTOR!

Stupidest Moment:

Jack. C’mon, dude.

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