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The Returned (US) – S1E6 – Lucy

Previously on The Returned, ‘Tony and Adam’ 


Alright. Now we’re picking up steam.

It’s kind of obvious this show is about things coming back to haunt us, in some of the most literal ways imaginable, but I found this episode particularly interesting because it dealt with people trying to make up for their old mistakes. Rather than the past coming to them, most of these characters were trying to go back and fix… their mistakes? Their misconceptions? Their foregone conclusions?


Why didn’t it occur to me that Lucy was going to come back from the dead? I just thought she would flat-out survive, but silly me, that’s wayyyy less interesting. So turns out her power wasn’t really real, she just saw Jack throwing around stacks of money and decided on the perfect con: offer the comfort of a connection with Camille and a warm body. He’s shockingly forgiving of her, and tells her that he found himself hoping that she would wake up, despite his anger.


Seems like she got more than her life back; Lucy has some new friends she has to share her freshly rebooted brain with! We don’t hear what anyone is saying, only whispers, but she tells Jack that these voices are telling her terrible things that she doesn’t want to hear. It’s got to be about the town, right? Are they telling her it was built on an indian burial ground? That they’re all possessed? That they’re really in purgatory and none of this is real? (Thanks, LOST, for making me forever paranoid.) She really looks freaked out as she relays Jack’s father’s message, and that makes me think that this time, Jack is really going to believe her.

I keep noticing that depending on who it is, they either remember how they died or they don’t have a clue what happened even in the minutes preceding their death. Helen and Henry seem to remember pretty clearly, but Lucy didn’t even know she was in the murder-tunnel, and Camille doesn’t have any memory of the bus flying off a cliff. What the fuck? Is Henry just guessing? Is Helen lying? I don’t get it.


There’s no Rowan this episode, but we do get some Grade-A angry-Tommy-trying-to-pin-attempted-murder-on-Simon moments. Hey, Tommy. You won. She picked you. Time to let it go.

Soooo let’s discuss Peter.


What. Was. That.

I mean, seriously, all of it. What was ANY of it? He brings Henry to the grave of the guy who killed Henry and his mother, tells him all about how the dude died of cancer, and then hands him a revolver and is like, “Hey undead 10-year-old, if you’re still pissed I totally brought this gun that you can kill me with to exact your otherworldly revenge.” AND THEN HIS DEAD FRIEND COMES OUT OF THE WOODS. Whaaaaat. I was watching this in a breakroom at work and getting some weird looks because I was just sitting there with my mouth hanging open.

At first I thought it was Peter seeing his old self, but the guy’s eyes are blue so that’s definitely his buddy and not him. It looks like he’s holding a gun to Peter’s head, and he pulls the trigger, but when Peter opens his eyes he is holding the gun to his own head. And every chamber was full, but no bullet was fired.

The look of grudging disdain that Henry gives him as he walks away was pure gold. Henry is basically like, “I’m not gonna kill you, but seriously, fuck you dude.” Hey, at least Peter gets some tail from Claire later to soothe his ruffled psyche. (So glad you came to your senses, Claire, because Peter is adorable.)

Julie was weird this episode. I appreciated that she believes Helen, but it seemed a little easy to me that she remembered a patient’s wife’s’ face that well after all this time. I guess we see her staring at Helen in the mural so maybe I can forgive it, but c’mon. Either way, I would like to pat myself on the back for noticing that Helen had no money, because Julie goes to see her in lock up after Helen skipped out on the diner bill. Julie asks Helen if she herself is dead, and Helen is like, “Hey, if Julie kills herself that’s just one less sinner for me to deal with”. Honestly, Helen, what’s your deal? Julie is thankfully saved from her little experiment by Henry, who informs her that she is not dead. She’s just the fairy that was sent to protect him.

Yeah, I’m not even gonna try to figure that one out.

1-adam-and-lena-meetI’m going to deal with Lena and Camille together. First off, LOL at Camille telling Ben, “Yeah, I’m the girl who died four years ago, now let’s make out” as if he’s just going to accept that because his dick is hard. Camille, not everyone is going to roll with the zombie-punches, and you better get used to getting that reaction.

Secondly, Lena bones a cannibal. LOL forever, I hate her. I hope he eats her afterwards so I don’t have to listen to her being a bitch to everyone anymore. Adam is trying to heal her wounds even though he really really wants to cut her up and eat her, and the way he looks at her…*shudder* It’s the way I look at a fresh batch of chocolate-chip cookies that are too hot to eat yet. I hate all of this, especially him telling Tony that it’s their mother that’s come back. Fuck you, dude. And poor Tony. Undead cannibal brother, undead terrible mother, how much can one man take?

I was more on board this time around, and I’m hoping that whatever is going on with Lucy will add a piece to the puzzle because I’m still pretty adrift. Come on, Lucy, those voices are telling you about next week’s script, admit it.

Score | 7/10Funniest moment:

“Lena…knows a lot of guys.” Haha, Claire, your daughter sucks in so many ways.

Saddest moment:

“It would be a relief to find out I’m like her. It would explain why I can’t feel my life.” Oh, Julie. You need a spa day.

Scariest moment:

Peter and the gun. Duh.

Stupidest moment:

Adam is about to put the poultice on Lena and when she recoils he says, “Do you trust me?” AND SHE FUCKING NODS. What fucking reason has he given you to trust him, Lena, you fucking moron ugh die die die.

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