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The Slap – S1E3 – Anouk

Previously on The Slap, ‘Harry’

The narrator lets us know exactly how much Anouk hates all the people she loves. “This party is the worst.” is pretty much what she was thinking the entire time. This episode gives us a glimpse of exactly what Anouk saw at the birthday party/barbecue. I mean, I think I remember it being called a barbecue, but I don’t recall anybody grilling any meats. Anyway, we already saw Anouk catching Hector holding hands with Connie, who I’m realizing is still pretty much an ultrasound, therefore from now on I shall call her ‘The Ultrasound’. Anouk actually saw a little bit more, but not much. The Ultrasound stroking Hector’s face and whatnot. What she didn’t see, was the slap. She turned at the sound of it, like the rest of us did.

Her boyfriend, by the way, is also an ultrasound. Unfortunately that nickname is already taken and I can’t catch his real name. Anouk refuses to call him her “boyfriend” so I don’t even know what to refer to him as. Several teenage girls literally giggle at the sight of him when they walk past. He’s like a gay Backstreet Boy, only he’s not really even cute. He also saw everything Anouk saw at the party, but isn’t sure whether or not she should tell Aisha. Sudden cut to them doing it in the bedroom. But that’s how I make big decisions too. After they’re done, Aisha calls to talk about what happened at the party and Anouk’s all, “Girl, if you even knew.”


The Slap S1E3 Jamie and Anouk


Anouk and Aisha meet for lunch and Rosie shows up, either invited or uninvited, I can’t tell. Aisha seems bothered by her presence and both her and Anouk are like, “Girl, you need to let this go.” But Rosie wants justice for Hugo. Anouk is all full of reason, but Rosie ain’t trying to hear it. It’s become apparent to me that Harry’s biggest mistake was to not slap Rosie instead.


The Slap S1E3 Aisha


Anouk confronts Hector about The Ultrasound and he acts like it ain’t a thing. That guy. He needs a slap. And I know just the person who can give it. But he’s in jail right now.

Oh, shit, Anouk is pregnant. With her young boyfriend’s baby. Seriously, I’m afraid Rosie might start breastfeeding this guy, he’s so young. I wouldn’t want to have his baby. He ain’t cute. He’s a pot head. His band sucks. I’m waiting to see why she’s into him. His name, by the way, is Jamie, and he’s totally okay with her being pregnant. He wants to get married but she doesn’t. She says she doesn’t want to get married and that she doesn’t want him. She doesn’t want the baby either and goes to see Aisha about an abortion. Wait, is this the type of clinic Aisha is running? Is Connie a rescued fetus and that’s why she works there? Aisha tries to reason with Anouk about keeping the baby, but Anouk is not all that into the idea of motherhood. She doesn’t think she’d be good at it, combined with the fact that her mother didn’t want to raise her and she’s got issues now cause of that.


The Slap S1E3 Jamie and Anouk On Set


Anouk goes to see Rosie to try and convince her again that what she’s doing is going to scar everyone more than it’s going to help anything. This is the same thing I’ve thought all along. She’s not just punishing Harry, she’s dragging the entire family, including other children and her own 5 year-old, through something that’s probably gonna end up being more traumatic to Hugo than the slap itself.

There’s like half an hour of this episode devoted to Anouk and her mother, who is moving away and Anouk is upset. It was so boring and out of place with the last two episodes that I thought maybe I had accidentally changed the channel. It’s happened before. I didn’t fast forward through it, but I wanted to. Out of nowhere, Anouk finds out her mom has a brain tumor and that’s why she’s moving away, for treatment. That’s sad. That’s so sad. This is actually a pretty good episode, albeit a bit slow and boring. The most emotional, for sure. There’s a lovely scene at the end where Anouk sits next to Jamie, while he’s playing the piano and they talk about baby names, while he rests his hand on her stomach and some sad music plays in the background. I think she’ll end up having this baby.

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