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The Strain – S1E12 – Last Rites

Previously on The Strain, ‘The Third Rail’

Abraham Back in The Day (1967, Albania)

Abraham is now married, but still hunting The Master and Eichorst. He tracks them to a castle outside of a small village and promises his bride he’ll be home before sunset. While spelunking, he finds a nest of vamps, one of which taunts him for The Master, pointing out that it’s dark out and he’s so far from home. Abraham, do better. He rushes through the tunnels, but finds his rope is gone and he’s stuck at the bottom of a well. Thomas appears and points out all the ways Abraham just totally fucked himself.

It takes Abraham all damn night to climb out of the well. Then he has to walk home because Thomas killed his horse. Thomas is so damn petty. When Abraham gets home, the house is a mess and his wife, Miriam, is nowhere to be found.

Miriam comes home that night, infected, with an infected boy and a girl representing the kids they wanted to have. Abraham has to kill them all. Before he burns her body, he removes her heart and that is the heart he’s been carrying around for 40 years.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Palmer is on his way out, but he has faith that The Master will come through for him despite Thomas’ advice that The Master does whatever the hell he wants. Later, The Master appears at Palmer’s bedside and puts several drops of his nasty-ass milky blood in his mouth. When Fitzwilliams comes to check on his boss, he finds him out on the balcony, laughing in the rain and looking very unlike someone who’s dying.

The Strain S1E12 Palmer and Eichorst

Gus and Marlo, Taking Back Them Corners (Note: I’m Calling Him Marlo Because The Wire. Forever.)

Gus pops up in the backseat of Marlo’s car and forces him to drive off at gunpoint. He knows the world is going to shit and figures Marlo would be a good source of weapons, cash, etc. Marlo threatens him with all the people who’ll want to get revenge for him, simply to be in his good favor and Gus is all, “Ain’t you listening? There will be no one left to avenge you.”

At Marlo’s office/trailer on the docks, Gus forces him to give up his bug-out bag from a safe. Before he can leave, one of Marlo’s associates arrives to drop off a package. Once he’s gone, Gus makes Marlo open the bag and finds a stack of cash which he promptly claims as his own. He tells Marlo that whatever he has in those shipping containers must be worth a lot and he wants to take a look. Gus, don’t be greedy.

But Gus is greedy. He shoots open one of the containers and out come about a dozen vamps. He can’t shoot them all alone so when Marlo yells for a gun, he tosses him one. Of course, Marlo can’t resist taking a few shots at Gus on GP. Gus gets revenge though when he sneaks up behind Marlo and knocks him down.

The Strain S1E12 Vamps

Then suddenly the vampire hit squad show up! The leader instructs his men to grab Gus after they kill the vamps and Gus is loaded into an SUV with them. They leave Marlo there, watching them speed away, with a “Ain’t that ’bout a bitch?” look on his face.

The Strain Quinlan

Eph and ’em

Eph and the team arrive back at the pawn shop and Zach doesn’t tell his father about his little trip for smokes. Abraham shuffles off to be alone and Eph is amazed no one wants to talk about how Abraham showed his ass in them tunnels. Nora tries to talk to Abraham, but when she spots his vampire heart in a jar, she demands answers. Abraham reminds her this is his house and he doesn’t have to answer to her for shit. She stomps off, mad, hopefully to take a damn seat.

The Strain S1E12 Abraham

Ke$ha arrives with a plan. She will hack into the TV broadcast so they can transmit a public service announcement, using Eph’s standing in the CDC to sell their message. It works and Eph manages to tell the world about the strain, what to look out for, and how to kill the infected with sunlight, before they lose connection.

Before they can celebrate their victory, Thomas arrives with vampires, including Bolivar who drains Nora’s mom. They barricade themselves in the basement and prepare to leave through a secret passage. But first Nora has to chop her mom’s head off and Abraham has to say goodbye to Miriam’s heart.

The Strain S1E12 Thomas

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4 Comments on The Strain – S1E12 – Last Rites

  1. LIke I said on twitter you have to give Nora credit because she did what Gus couldn’t do now his mom is running round town tormented as a puppet for the master. Besides that was up with the Vampire Hunters taking Gus and not Marlo I hope they have a good reason besides as a Plot device. That would be weak.

  2. So glad you addressed the stupid Fet/Ke$ha love interest. I hate that they can’t just let her be a lesbian…..why can’t they just be cool friends who both are into women? All signs show that she is into women….she left to go to London for a girl when she was younger and the girl who stole her money was more than just her friend. Why can’t they just leave it at that? I agree with John it’s offensive and a slap in the face. It comes across as if lesbians are just waiting for the right guy to come and save them from their confused existence.

    • I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but you’re so right that every other indicator has been that she’s gay not straight. For him to even ask is offensive. This show doesn’t need romance. Not here for Fet and Ke$ha, not here for Eph and Nora.

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