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The Strain – S1E4 – It’s Not For Everyone

Previously on The Strain, ‘Gone Smooth’


So, was Gus always this fine? How am I just noticing this hotness?

You know who’s not looking so fine? His brother. He’s either infected or jonesing for a fix. Since he hasn’t paid the rent, I’m guessing it’s the latter. Gus cleans up behind his brother’s drug troubles by using the money he got from Thomas to pay his mother’s rent that’s past due plus the next month’s. Then he goes out with his friend Felix and steals a car. He tries to sell it to Marlo from The Wire. Gus isn’t totally bad in this episode. He returns the stolen clock to Abraham, but Abraham is in too much of hurry to get to vampire killing so he’s not very polite in showing his gratitude.

Mr. Palmer

After hiring someone to slow down the city’s internet connection, Mr. Palmer tries to convince the Secretary of something-or-other that the government removed the bodies from the morgue as part of a coverup. He faints before he can really get into the details on account of his bum liver. Later, he begrudgingly agrees to the liver transplant since Thomas is nowhere around to deliver his promised miracle. He does get some good news from Fitzwilliams: The internet is down as is the majority of the main social networks.

I think no Facebook is more frightening than this vampire virus.


Ansel is looking rough. His wife is about to take their kids to his sister’s, but she wants to make sure he’s going to be okay and tries, again, to get him to agree to calling the doctor. Meanwhile, the dog is at the door whining like, “Bitch, he said he’s fine. Let’s go!” Even though Ansel looks very much like something that would eat a dog, he manages to convince his dumb wife to leave the dog behind to “keep him company.”

She’s the only one surprised when she comes home later to find the dog dead. Ansel has chained himself up in their shed and is just human enough to tell his wife to leave and stay far away from him. Personally, he had to tell her way too fucking many times to bounce. I would have been ghost from the first moment he lunged at me and got yoked up by that chain. If that didn’t do it, I’m sure the whole, “The voice in my head is telling me to drain you dry,” would have been all the incentive I needed to get the fuck out.

After burying their dog, his wife lures an asshole neighbor into the shed where he is promptly murdered. He kinda had it coming, though. Looks like she lost a dog, but gained a new pet.

Effin’ Nora!

Eph, Nora, and Jim decide to autopsy Redfern’s body right there in the hospital’s kitchen basement. After getting a look at the missing dick, six foot long stinger, and transformed organs, Eph realizes the virus has completely changed the host to suit its needs. Jim realizes he ain’t being paid enough for this shit. And Nora realizes Abraham was spot-the-fuck-on regarding how they should be disposing of the bodies. They take his advice, burn the body, and disinfect EVERYTHING.

The Strain S1E4

Eph laments losing the mystery coffin and Jim’s guilt at letting it go gets the best of him. He confesses everything and earns a pop in the mouth from Eph for his troubles. He’s officially dead to Eph. It’s okay, Jim. The whole city isn’t long for this world.

Eph and Nora head over to the little French girl’s house because they’re concerned that she may be just like Redfern. They discover their worries were legit, but before she can use her stinger on them, Abraham arrives and chops off her head. And then her daddy’s head, too. Nora starts screaming about protocol and Abraham is all, “I believe what you meant to say was THANK YOU.”

Nora decides she’s not about this vampire slaying life and that’s just fine with Abraham. “It’s not for everyone.” In other words, this ain’t for bitchass punks or punkass bitches. Eph reluctantly allows her to leave and then he and Abraham get about the business of burning corpses and being pimps.

The Strain S1E4 Eph and Abraham


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