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The Strain – S2E10 – The Assassin

Previously on The Strain, ‘The Battle for Red Hook’

Where the hell did that new opening credits sequence go?

“This Dick Ain’t Freeeee” – Kendrick Lamar

The mayor addresses the rich folks of the Upper East Side in a fancy department store which will serve as Feraldo’s command center. She then explains that this protection ain’t free. The 1%ers will have to pay 1% of their property value to get the ball rolling. The rich people harrumph, the mayor is pissed, and Feraldo gives not a single fuck.

Book of the Damned

As Fet drives the bread truck, Nora asks Abe about the Lumen. Any time it was known to be in a city, that city was soon plagued with sickness or upheaval. It is said to curse anyone who reads it, but Abe is willing to take that chance cause he’s a G.

They’re looking for Fonescu – the man with the Lumen – and hit up the second address on a list of four. Why wouldn’t this man change his name? Why is he listed?

Anyway, this address is a bust. It’s filled with trap house music and vampires. After determining no one in that apartment ever read a book a day in their lives, they leave.

The Strain S2E10 - Fet Nora and Abe

Please, baby, please, baby, baby, baby, please

Meanwhile, Palmer ventures to the hood to beg CoCo to take him back. He’s barely able to get the words out after climbing three flights of stairs, but says he loves her and he wants her back. She relents cause have you seen her apartment? She ready to go back to that elevator life! I kid.

Eph and Dutch have conveniently found an empty apartment with a clear view of Palmer’s office. While they wait for Palmer to turn up, Dutch uses a story about some horny chimps to admit that she wants to bang Nicky and Fet. When Palmer arrives with Coco, Eph and Dutch can hear everything they’re saying via a fancy fiber-optics hook up: CoCo is waffling about being there and Palmer is doing more begging. The mayor arrives and asks Palmer to talk some sense into Feraldo. Even though he has never met this woman, Palmer agrees. How this makes any sense is beyond me.

“You gotta respect a guy who keeps the party going no matter what, huh?” ~ Fet

But they now know where Palmer will be at 3pm. Dutch says they need to hustle over there and find a perch. Can’t they just find a perch outside of Palmer’s office building? Does he leave through an underground garage? Never mind. Pretty sure Manhattan doesn’t have those. 

Fonescu #3

The third address is a bookstore in Queens, which they break into wondering if Fonescu has an apartment above the shop. He does, and Fet makes Abe go up the stairs first cause that shit was funny. They begin to search the apartment for the Lumen.

The Assy Knoll

While the 1%ers bluster and Feraldo continues to not give a fuck inside, Eph and Dutch set up on a nearby rooftop. He takes a healthy chug from her flask because it’s a good idea to drink when you’re about to take a sniper shot and you’re not a sniper. Either way, Dutch thinks he looks badass.

The Strain S2E10 - Dutch and Eph

When Palmer arrives, he’s surrounded by press (because he had CoCo tell them where he’d be) so it’s hard for Eph to get a clean shot. Also, it’s hard because EPH IS NOT A SNIPER. Dutch coaches him through taking the shot because she has binoculars. *eye-roll*

Eph finally takes the shot and exactly what I said on the podcast three weeks ago happened: He shoots CoCo (but he doesn’t know that). He sees blood on the glass and assumes he got Palmer. They race to make their escape, but they’re eventually caught by a super observant cop. Either that or he just doesn’t like being accidentally bumped into.

Sounds Like a Personal Problem

As they’re searching the apartment, Fet, Nora, and Abe hear a news report about the shooting. Nora flips when she finds out it was Eph and Dutch and that they’re now in police custody. They want to head to the police station, but Abe is like, “Uh, do you see all these books? They knew the risks.” Fet and Nora don’t agree and leave Abe to search through 293,280,382 books on his own.

In the bread truck, Nora is furious that Fet didn’t tell her what Eph was planning. So, she never asked him WHY he traded surgery for a sniper rifle?

At Palmer’s, CoCo is undergoing surgery in his office, as you do. Eichorst arrives to gloat a bit, but Palmer wants him to get The Master to save CoCo. If not, he’s done working for him. Eichorst is all, “Let me get this straight…” and repeats back Palmer’s ridiculous demand. Then he Kanye shrugs and says, “Aight.”

Later, the doctor informs Palmer that CoCo is stable, but probably brain dead.

Eph and Dutch are cooling their heels in a cell when the arresting detective orders the other officers to take a break. He grabs Dutch, but won’t tell Eph where they’re taking her. Palmer then arrives to taunt Eph. Eph is sorry to hear he hit an innocent woman, but isn’t remorseful for trying to kill Palmer. Palmer excuses what he’s done as a natural part of life – a dominant species takes over. Eph is now wising he were a better shot. He does warn Palmer that The Master has no reason to share his kingdom.

Fonescu #4

At the final address, Abraham finds the Lumen, but is promptly hit over the head from behind and the mystery assailant takes the Lumen as Abraham passes out.

CoCo Gets the Essence

For some damn reason, The Master arrives at CoCo’s bedside and gives her a drop of his essence, which immediately cures her. She’s startled to find him standing over her, but he soon disappears. Palmer explains who he is and what he’s done. She does not look happy.

Attack on Precinct Nope

Strigoi descend upon the precinct, taking out the cops. One seeks safety in the cell with Eph and they’re thankfully just out of the reach of the stingers. That is until the cop tries to reload his gun and he’s struck in the arm and neck. Fet and Nora arrive, dispatch of the vampires, and free Eph. The detective returns and reveals his partner took Dutch to the Mayfair Hotel.

Game-score-8Meanwhile, Dutch is resisting the pull of the chains she’s in as Eichorst turns a crank and pulls her closer.


  • Why would The Master save CoCo for Palmer?
  • How did the cop on the street know that Eph was the shooter?
  • What the fuck is The Master doing with his time?
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9 Comments on The Strain – S2E10 – The Assassin

  1. I loved the council women taking advantage of the rich, probably getting a taste of their own medicine. But she’s pretty much dead after that lol. How do yall feel about loving one than more person at a time (stemming from Dutch and Eph convo)? I have had feelings for two people at the same time, but from my experience I feel that you can care about two people at the same time but not be truly in love with them at the same time. I felt it was more about liking the best attributes of the both of them, but because I had the company of two guys, I could just hang out with the other if things were getting tough with the other one. I didn’t have to deal with their flaws and so I didn’t really love either one.
    Next, I’m wondering what is the overall plan? The vampires can’t turn all the humans because they will kill their food supply right?
    Any Predications on who took the book? And why wouldn’t they take Eph instead of Dutch? With him making the bio weapon he is more of a threat. Seems like they only took Dutch to play out the whole damsel in distress cliche. Overall I didn’t care for this episode too much.

  2. I think Eph’s hair might be growing back …cause his hit man skills are going down the drain, they had no escape plan… why didn’t they shoot him in the office building earlier (don’t give me bullet proof glass) …worst plan ever.
    Coco woke up like she was in a dentist chair and realized her bra was on backwards. Palmer better hit Tinder cause this relationship will not end well.
    Dutch ain’t going no where that’s my prediction.

  3. Where to begin?!?! The only place you guys would expect me to, bc we all know I’m in love wit da coco!! I think I’m officially switching to team vamp bc the master proved he was the real MVP by giving coco the worm!! Speaking of the worm, I loved Palmer proved yet again that the nootsie is undefeated!! I mean for such a privileged man such as Palmer to venture into the depths of the hood you know that nootsie is 🔥🔥🔥!! Then while he was begging I swear I heard Boyz II Men’s “on bended knee” playing in the background but that could be just me!!

    Then there’s Kesha and Eph! Was it me or was there a whole bunch of sexual chemistry between the 2 of them?!! All I know is we’ve seen drunk Eph gives 0 fucks where he slangs the D, so I expect an awful kissing scene when they save her!!

    Lastly is Walder and his weekly pep talk!! I loved when Fet was all “but they got arrested doe”, and Abe hit him with the “and what the fuck that got to do with me?!?!” I gotta get dis LUMEN!!!

    Anyways that’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! Hopefully next week the strains check clears and we get the intro back, and maybe a scene with Q?!?!

  4. I almost forgot to drop this hot fire in class! Eph: Eph must have not hung around many people (and I mean black people). If he did he would have known not to open that candy in front of someone because then you have share! And you wouldn’t have to make that “Really” face when Dutch came for your shit. I got that damn lesson in kindergarten with gum.

    Dutch: Why are you talking to Eph about your love triangle? OH WAIT we all know why. Eph didn’t wait for Kelly and him to divorce to get his cinnamon toast crunch in.

    Fet: He looked at Nora like “I don’t read! Do it look like I read?” When Abe told them to check all the books.

    Palmer’s Coco Butter: Nasty and I dont give a fuck. Coco will die. I just know it. Drunk Eph for the win. Coco let Palmer dip his crypt dick in her Coco puffs and he is saying she changed his life. Nose wide open. Oh lookie, I was semi right. Once Eph drunk his liquor like Popeye eats spinach, he was able to do lay Coco out like in call of duty. You know Palmer is evil when he has a hospital in his home. And Elchorst is nasty; “release his divine and invaluable essence?” Really? This show thinks they’re slick. These obviously are euphemisms for male ejaculate aka what Palmer doesn’t have anymore. The master totally threw his “essence” in her. Yuck.

    Fet is pissy about Dutch. They are just doing the lord’s work by removing her from the TV viewers presence. And Abe got knocked out like in Mike Tyson’s punch out. Thanks for podcasting

  5. The scooby gang can’t get anything right. This show went bonkers and redunkulous with so much unbelievable shite. First a vampire dubstep party hahaha. Really? Dutch tag teams with the big Eph up who doesnt assasinate Palmer. Eph you had one job! No, Coco Puffs nearly gets snuffed. Then Bolivar, the Master needs put some worm juices in her mouth so she can live. Gag!!! Ewwwwww! Can’t wait to see how Coco reacts next episode. Is she okay with all this evil reveal? Somehow I doubt it. So Eph and Dutch get put into the slammer. Dutch is removed so she can get some 50 shades of Eichorist. (Can’t wait for that!) Of course, the police station where Eph is caged gets attacked. And Eph literally gets a strigoi tongue lashing. Hahahah. But NO Gus and NO Quinlan ugggh -_-. Let’s hope we get to see them next week and the show ups the ante as we approach the season finale.

  6. All I have to say is Eph is stupid.

    Love Feraldo & her taxing the rich!

    The police station siege was a highlight.

    There was no New Zach so that was great!

    And Dutch aka Ke$ha got gripped up by Eichorst. How long till he drains her.

    All this “stretching” to make 5 seasons of TV out of 3 books is ridiculous. Plus where are my Gus & Quinlan.

    Can’t wait to hear y’all discuss the show.

  7. -Too much Ke$ha in this episode. I hope Eichorst kills her and eats her Hannibal style.
    -The scene with Eichorst & Palmer was greatness.
    -Palmer’s pettiness towards Eph in that jail cell was hilarious! His nostrils were flaring so hard…..even more than his nose is wide open for Coco *Nina voice*.

  8. ‘They are just doing the lord’s work by removing her from the TV viewers presence. ” This is pure gold! GOLD!

  9. All I have to say is that I was not expecting the Master to help Coco. I thought this was going to be where Palmer turned on the Master. Now I’m wondering if Coco is still gonna be about that life now that she’s in on the secret.

    Also Eph and Dutch are the latest in a series of bad plans and team ups. And Dutch is a damn bonobo. She would’ve smashed Eph if he’d’ve been down.

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