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The Strain – S2E11 – Dead End

Previously on The Strain, ‘The Assassin’

Eichorst’s Pet

Eichorst brings Dutch some company for the padded room he’s keeping her in. It’s a cop, who he forces to drink Schnapps. Then he drains the cop’s blood and snaps his neck. So when I said he brought her some company, what I really meant was that he brought Dutch a reason to shit herself.

“What are you going to do to me?” 


Then he kinda points “down there” and I was so confused!

The Strain S2E11 - Dutch

Rudyard Fonescu

Abraham comes to and finds he’s tied to a chair. The Lumen sits on a desk across the room, taunting him. He tries to do a chair scoot over to the book, though I’m not sure what he thought he was going to do once he got there. Doesn’t matter because Rudyard Fonescu appears with a gun and tells Abraham to slow his scoot. Fonescu doesn’t recognize Abraham until Abe reveals he knows what happened to Fonescu’s ear. Well, even then Fonescu doesn’t know who he is so Abe has to play a quick round of “‘member that time?”

The fact that Fonescu doesn’t drop the gun but raises it higher to point it in Abe’s face means he doesn’t give a shit about “that time I saved your life.” Ingrate. 

Fonescu suffers from Everyone Picks On Me syndrome and will not give up his “silver ticket,” the Lumen. It will get him much money and respect. He’s not giving it to Abraham no matter how hard he scoots around in that damn chair, AND he doesn’t care that the book could possibly save the world. That’s right. Fonescu is all, “Fuck the world. Don’t ask me for shit. And everything you get you gotta work hard for it.”

He leaves Abraham huffing, puffing, and scooting.

Getting To Know You

Eichorst is playing a game of “Getting to Know You” with Dutch and asks her to tell him something about her that no one knows. She’s not really in the mood to play games on account of she’s chained up by her neck and probably sitting in soiled underpants. Then there’s the whole terrified of ending up like the dead cop across the room.

That’s okay because Eichorst is content to tell her all about herself or as my people call it “a read.” He notes she likes to be looked at and everything from her clothes to her perfume is calculated to achieve that. Dutch says she doesn’t wear perfume and I’m like, “Why are you arguing with a crazy vampire? This the hill you want to die on?”

By sticking his nose all up in her hair follicles, Eichorst admits she was right. It’s her shampoo he smells. A smell that reminds him of a perfume the woman he desired used to wear. A woman who wasn’t meant for him. So he settled for desiring the respect of other men and power.

“So, you joined the Nazi party because you couldn’t get laid?”

Girl. STAHP.

Heidelberg, Germany 1931

Eichorst used to be a really shitty door-to-door radio salesman. The other salesmen in the office teased him about his failures in front of the woman he fancied, Helga. She seemed really nice and told Eichorst to ignore the others. She believed in him. He was thrilled when she agreed to go out to dinner with him.

Harlem Shake


Aanya is going through boxes of damn knick-knacks in her family’s attic or something. Gus appears, says he’s not going with them across the border, and then they have sex. The End.

I wish.

Angel wants to go with Gus, but Gus makes him promise he’ll stay with the Guptas and make sure they’re safe. Angel relents. Gus snaps a photo of the family in their kitchen and then they head for the checkpoint.

Once there, the officer won’t let them through until Quinlan’s badass chocolate driver arrives. She hands the officer some papers and all of a sudden it’s, “Welcome to the Beverly PalmHotel!” Sorry, Beverly Hills Cop reference.

Gus kisses Aanya goodbye right in front of her parents, Angel decides to stay with Gus based on a loophole, and the chocolate badass is like, “Who the hell is this?”

Mayfield Hotel

Fet, Eph, and Nora arrive at The Mayfield Hotel to find its the National Guard’s HQ. Welp. They take their bread truck around back to a nearby alley where they find the cop car used to transport Dutch to the hotel. Fet notices that half of the hotel is actually sealed off and after a quick history lesson that seems to bore everyone involved, they decide to head inside to check it out.

Germany, 1931

While Eichorst slices a pineapple in present day, he remembers his first (and only) date with Helga. She talks about her passion for playing the violin, but how her dreams of going to Vienna to audition for the symphony were put on hold due to the crash. He talks about not being able to find anything he can excel at. They seem very good for each other and I predict it would have worked out if not for those pesky Nazis.

A Nazi enters the restaurant and gives a speech looking for men to enlist. Eichorst is smitten and on their walk home, he talks about his hate for Jews. Then Helga reveals she’s Jewish and he’s like, “Oh, but I meant those OTHER Jews.”

It Puts the Lotion on Its Skin

Eichorst brings Dutch the plate of pineapple and she slaps it out of his hand. She won’t be seasoned for his feast. Eichorst puts his foot on her chain and makes it clear it’s not a request. Dutch eats the pineapple. Later, she tries to use her feet to get the dead cop’s pepper spray. Eichorst comes in and finds her eating the pineapple like a good little girl.

The Strain S2E11 - Eichorst and the pineapple

He makes her take off her pants, applies lipstick to her mouth, and then sits on the floor behind her as he instructs her to spread her legs and bend over.

Lawd Jesus. 

His stinger is coming out (not a euphemism) when she turns around and blasts him in the face with the mace. As he writhes in pain, she takes the keys, frees herself, and makes a run for it. She’s slowed down after stepping on a nail, but keeps running.

Eichorst rinses his face and then gives chase. Meanwhile, Fet and team have used some secret tunnels to get inside the building. When Eichorst finally catches up to Dutch at the bottom of a stairwell, he drags her up the stairs by her feet.

The others hear her screaming, but they’re on the other side of the bricked off stairwell. Fet busts through with one of his explosives and the trio run through the halls, catching a glimpse of Eichorst dragging Dutch back to the room. A silver bomb around the corner does the trick and Dutch is reunited with her friends as Eichorst escapes.

Back in 1931

Eichorst was called into his superior’s office where he found Helga crying. Her family was trying to leave and she named dropped Eichorst.

“Do you know this Jew?”

Eichorst claims to have been nothing more than a co-worker and said Helga was accused of stealing from the company.

Later, Eichorst walked the streets in his Nazi uniform, reveling in the respect he got from strangers and his ex-boss. But when he sees Helga and her parents hanging in the town square, it shocks him. His superior was watching so Eichorst played it smooth, flicked his cigarette at the bodies, and kept it moving.

Wrap Up

While Fet comforts a crying Dutch in the back of the bread truck, Eph drives them all home.

Fonescu visits Creem and asks him to buy the book.

Game-score-9Questions and Thoughts: 

  • Who the fuck is watching New Zach?
  • Eichorst’s intentions were so much more disturbing than I imagined they’d be. Now, I don’t know which would provide more poetic justice: Dutch killing Eichorst or Abraham killing him.
  • I am so glad the Guptas are gone. We really didn’t need to see them again. All I know is, Angel’s limping ass better be a help and not a hinderance.
  • Again, where is The Master? I’m so curious how he spends his nights while Eichorst and the rest are out there fucking up and accomplishing little to nothing.
  • This episode scored a 9 based on every scene with Eichorst. Can he be The Master, please?


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12 Comments on The Strain – S2E11 – Dead End

  1. That fool was really going to eat the groceries from the back. This show has jumped the shark.

  2. im just imagining the director reading the script , looking up and saying “who wrote this episode!” Then watch as 15 yrs old teenager raise his hand lol. This episode had all the fetishes .. You got the fifty shades of gray bondage….a little force feeding for the feeders crowd (don’t google that)….Alllot focus on dutch using her feet Rex Ryan’s” in the audience …And we finish off with an attempted Japanese tentacle porn rape scene.People saying the show fell off but I’m still in. Enjoying every insane minute of it . I wonder if the Mary Sue is reviewing this episode.

  3. Like FTWD, this episode was a little boring until a certain part. I’ll get to that below.
    1. Eichorst – This mutha fucka is crazy. We knew it already, but damn. I knew about pineapples being a way to season a man (I know some of y’all know what I mean here), but I didn’t know vamps were into that too. Anyway, his backstory was the best stop bullying ad I’ve ever seen. If you bully people and don’t buy radios from them they’ll turn into Nazi Vampires. Give a muh fucka a hug and you can save a life, or 6 million. Oh, and did y’all see how Eichorst talked himself ALL THE WAY OUT OF Helga’s Jewish Juicebox after all that Hitler love? What a dumb ass. He should have at least kept that quiet for the slim chance she was actually Jewish. In this case, his mouth wasn’t his friend. Listening to his dick would have been the move. Oh, and let’s not forget the part where he was about to eat Dutch’s ass like all the groceries in all the land.
    2. Dutch – I don’t care about this woman. She’s the Beth of this show and this was pretty much the Bethisode.
    3. Fet – THIS dude! I don’t like him anymore. It’s not hatred, and me wishing death on him level shit, but I don’t fuck with Fet right now. That scene where he busted through a brick wall with a piece of metal was some bullshit. I did get a kick of him rubbing Dutch’s hair in the truck tho. He was stroking that shit like “So, you choose me over Nicki now, right? I mean, I did just bust through a brick wall for you n shit. Nicki can’t do that.” Y’all know he tried to stick a finger in her ass that night too.
    4. Gus/His New Daddy/The Guptas – Praise all Gods known to man for the Guptas getting their happy asses the hell on. I didn’t give a shit about ANY of that. I hope Gus can focus on helping Quinlan and Sista Girl out now. I don’t know what the hell Angel is gonna do to help out tho. His big ass is still hobbling along with that bad leg and tight ass outfit. I guess they can use him as bait. He would look like a buffet to the vampires.
    5. Marlo – My dogg Marlo is buying the Lumen?!?!?!?! Son, this was the best part of the episode. Now, all we need is Chris and Snoop to show up. Marlo will need the extra security if he’s gonna have the “Book Of Hell Naw” in his possession.

  4. Elchorst for the win! He is a sick motherfucker sniffing Dutch. And wait he was in love? I am surprised that he was even able to have that type of experience with him being a monster. And he looked evil in his flashback too. May I say, I felt bad for him when he got his contract ripped up. He couldn’t have his idea of Ava Braun and he had a lousy job so he went full Nazi. Okay, surprisingly his crazy is strangely normal but extremely petty. His pettysaurusrex is full blown. He kicked the shit out of Dutch for not eating the pineapple. I mean he had some impressive knife skills so I would be pissed too.

    He is really so damn creepy. I mean this actor is fucking awesome. “A night to try new things” I mean what was he going to do to her? Give her the long tongue? Telling her to bend over so he can show her what that tongue do? Yo he is something else and made the episode for me. And Vamps can get peppered sprayed? I learned something new. And I enjoyed when he bitch slapped Dutch. I mean this show is giving me all the fan service by making her suffer.

    GUS!!!!! So fine. So sexy. His chest! And I am glad we finally get to see him. I am not down with him being with this chick. But since she will probably die (or if we are lucky, never have to see her again), I am cool with him getting the cookie crisp from ole girl. Also, I don’t need Angel in my Gus and Q fan fiction. He will muck it up!

    Abe: Poor Abe.

    Fet and the gang: Minimal and I like it. And again, the dynamite blast was wack. Fet needs a new dynamite supplier. I just wished they would have killed Dutch. No one is dying and it is making me feel like there is no danger in the show. This would have been the time since Elchorst did such a good job. I am also surprised we didn’t get any Palmer’s Coco butter this week. Overall, this was by far the best episode behind Q coming onto the scene.

  5. This episode was everything this ninja Eichorst acted his ass off and damn I now know why he’s so petty!! He basically ain’t got no choice but to be all in!! I mean he had a bunny ready to ride with him despite his swag settings being stuck on 0 and he still chose to sell out!! Every scene with him and Dutch had me cringing and I love it!! Side note was I the only one who thought when he was cutting pineapples, it was a commercial break? Anyways when he told her bend over and spread em I was so angry it made me feel like I was watching the governor with Maggie all over again!!

    Then Walder had to deal with ear bro, and his slave talk! I swear I heard him say ” eyes smart sir, I can read good”! I did like the fact that he’s petty and was all “ion care what chu say, u ain’t fuckin up my 💰💸💰💸

    Lastly is Gus and the Guptas! I like the fact Gus got some nootsie, but damn it took them 2 weeks to pack?!?! Then when it’s time to get to work this luchador wanna help?!? I love how the black goddess was like “who dis old ass ninja wit a limp” . the only positive about this is we have to see Q again!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

  6. I’m just happy I got to see some shirtless Gus. That was the only usefulness of the Guptas. Shirtless Gus. And now they’re gone. If only Angel had gone with them. Wtf is that dude trying to do? Smh.

    Eichorst is one sick muthafucker! When he told her to drop trough and been over I started to freak out. But when he opened his mouth for his stinger to come out, OH HELL NO!!! I’m not a Dutch fan but ain’t nobody want to see that nasty shit!

    Rudyard still ain’t got over his childhood hurt. But I still wouldn’t treat someone who saved my life like that. Smh.

    So Creem has the lumen. I wonder how he’s gonna play this.

    This was an ok episode. It kept my interest and I got some shirtless Gus so I’m good. Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

  7. Haha. Toss salad with mouth tentacle.
    I love this guy. Salad Tossers Unite!

    My biggest problem with this show is it doesn’t seem like either side’s plans are working and they’re always foiled by a moment of ineptitude.

    Dutch should be dead by Eichorst has to talk shit. Which, since this same thing keeps happening to him, you’d think he’d just start offing people.

    Let’s talk about Gus and Angel…

    So anyway, ignoring that unnecessary shit, I liked the flashbacks to Eic’s past. He could have tossed some salad then but his mouth cut that short.

    Oh and about Q…

    Anyway. I liked the episode but I need things to stop happening or not for mere plot convenience.

  8. I liked this episode, not a lot to complain about like the earlier episodes. New Zach is basically with Kelly right? He’s been alone by himself for like 3 episodes he’s got worms now for sure.

    Where’s Quinlan? He took a break to learn how to cook Indian food with Gus we need him back now!

    What was Eichorst was gonna do? What was the pineapple for?!? Sick ass Vamp! Is that how you make more Quinlans? Just thinking of the possibilities makes my stomach turn.

    It looks like it’s picking up so I hope they can maintain this writing, until new Zach comes back then I’ll be flipping tables again! Much love y’all!

  9. This episode was fking weird. Eichy has no dick but he’s down for the Pineapple Express? WTF? Eichorist’s backstory is rather disappointing, he was a coward, a damn weasel so that’s why he became a nazi and later a vampire? WTH This show has just gone down hill. What happened to the macabre, horror, thrills, suspense? I’m giving them two more episodes to get this shit right and quit stretching out the frickin storyline to make it last 5 seasons.

  10. -Eichorst trying to get his Bootylicious on creeped me out!
    -Shirtless Gus 👀
    -Who was watching New Zach? It was nice not having to look at his face for an episode.
    -I love that Marlo has the Lumen!

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