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The Strain – S2E12 – Fallen Light

Previously on The Strain, ‘Dead End’

When Eph Met Nora

Ten years ago, Eph met Nora when she challenged him during a presentation he was giving. Intrigued, he offers her job without consulting with Jim, who believes Eph was motivated by his attraction to Nora and his problems at home with Kelly.

Finally, this series found a flashback story I don’t care about. 

The Strain S2E12 - Eph and Nora

In present day, Nora’s efforts to ditch New Zach has paid off: Kelly’s parents are located. They’re safe and they are willing to take in Zach. Eph doesn’t think this is a good idea. They shouldn’t run, but instead remain in New York to work on their bioweapon. Nora agrees, but leaving New Zach home alone (when The Master knows the address) is the very definition of shitty parenting. After Zach talks to his grandparents on the phone, he finally breaks down and cries because his life is terrible and he’s now ready to admit that to himself.

Images: FX

Images: FX

Nora convinces Eph to let his son go, and they head to see Feraldo so she can supply them with passes to leave the city and drop Zach off with his grandparents.

Dear Fet

Fet walks in on Dutch writing him a goodbye letter. She’s leaving to make it work with Nicky and Fet is the most understanding Friend with Benefits ever.

Mayor Petty

Justine still Justine’ing, taxing those rich bastards for the privilege of her protection. The mayor has had enough and announces he’s having her removed from office and possibly indicted. Maybe so, but not today. Today, Kowalski is escorting the mayor straight out the door.

Prison Break

Gus gotta be the first brother to break into prison.

He and Gus drive a school bus through the gates of the prison where Gus spent several years. His plan is to break some of his friends out so they can join Quinlan’s army. But first, they run into a guard who used to beat Gus and he’s locked inside a cell. He begs Gus to let him out, but Gus is like:


Gus’ boys are only too happy to be released, and they get even more excited when Gus presents them with guns. He assures them there’s a lot more where they came from if they join Quinlan. On the way out, two of the inmates can’t resist killing the guard, which wakes up the strigoi who’ve been nesting inside. They fight their way out – minus one guy – where one of Gus’ friends decides, “Hey, fuck Quinlan. I don’t know him. But, hey, thanks for letting us out!”

And by thanks I mean he tries to shoot Gus, but ends up with a hole in his gut courtesy of Angel, who has finally made himself useful.

The Strain S2E12 - Gus and Angel in prison

Creme of the Crop

Abe and Fet stop by Creme’s to confirm that he has the Lumen. After a thorough examination, Abraham positively identifies the book they’ve been teasing us with all damn season. But Creme is no longer willing to give it up for a rare wristwatch. Palmer also wants the book and Creme is willing to hold an auction the next night so the two old white men can duke it out. I feel like this is payback for slavery so I’m cool with it.

However, if Abraham wins, Creme wants the remaining balance  – minus the value of the watch – in gold.

“Gold?” Fet asks, confirming these two ain’t got $4.50 between them, much less gold bars.

Palmer and Fet later meet with Quinlan, who agrees to supply the gold. However, The Ancients are a little hesitant to trust Abraham with the how-to book on killing them. Abraham swears he’s only after The Master and agrees to give them the book once he’s studied it.


A detective brings Justine in for questioning. Turns out, the mayor was murdered and the cops heard about her fight with him earlier. She claims to be innocent, and when she’s alone with Kowalski, she asks if he did it. He insists he had nothing to do with it.

Palmer visits Feraldo to offer his support and the position of Special Director of Security for New York City, some shit they just made up. You might have been filled with tension watching this scene because you know Eph and Nora are on their way to see Feraldo, but you would have wasted that anxiety because they never cross paths. 

They do arrive at Feraldo’s appointment ceremony in time to hear her deliver a rousing speech, which Palmer and CoCo watch on TV in his office.

The White Stuff

Eichorst arrives and asks Palmer if he can control Feraldo. He says he can, but what he really wants to talk about is Creme’s auction. Eichorst will handle the auction since it’s too important to the Master. Palmer doesn’t like that plan, and neither does CoCo.

Eichorst tells CoCo to stay in her lane. The Master giveth, and Eichorst will taketh away. Palmer defends Coco’s honor and says he will not offer up any more support if CoCo is hurt. Eichorst threatens to withhold The Master’s essence if Palmer doesn’t catch a case of Act Right.

And that’s when Palmer and Coco both learn that the effects of the White are not permanent. If they don’t get more, they will die. Palmer is suddenly all about being helpful again, though CoCo warns they can’t trust Eichorst.

Political Favors

Eph and Nora get in to see Feraldo, and she agrees to help them get their bioweapon made and provide them with three tickets to D.C. to get the reactive agent and drop New Zach off with his grandparents.

For some reason they fail to mention that Palmer ain’t shit and she has no idea Eph was the one who tried to kill Palmer.


Our final flashback shows that Eph and Nora began their romantic relationship when Kelly filed for divorce. In present day, Eph apologizes for hurting Nora and says he still loves her. Nora cries alone in her bed. And I’m like, “Girl, STAHP.”

Darling Nicky

Dutch arrives at Nicky’s mother’s house to find the two are about to leave town. She begs Nicky to stay and even promises to stay in and no longer hunt vampires, but Nicky is like:


Trust Issues

Quinlan meets with Gus and tells him he’ll have to take the Lumen from Abraham if he won’t honor their agreement… by any means necessary.

I have questions: 

  • So, we just skipped over CoCo suddenly being okay with sucking down the Master’s essence?
  • Why won’t they tell Feraldo that Palmer is helping to spread the “plague?”
  • What is The Master doing? He still too busy to handle shit himself? Okay.
  • Game-score-6.5Why are they still living in Fet’s apartment warehouse when the Master knows about it?
  • Has Kelly just given up on New Zach?
  • Who was watching New Zach those two days they were out shooting people, getting arrested, looking for the Lumen, and rescuing Dutch?
  • Why did it take 12 damn episodes to get us to a fucking auction? Can somebody just take the fucking book already?
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8 Comments on The Strain – S2E12 – Fallen Light

  1. So THIS was the episode that sets up the season finale of The Strain? Ok then, Ohhhh Kaaaayyy.
    1. Eph/Nora – I did not fuckin care about their origin story. Especially in this episode. Showing us the origin of awkward fuck buddies was dumb. It might not be so bad if the sex we saw them have last year didn’t look terrible and painful. But, regardless of that, no one wanted to see them meet and pass “I like you, do you like me?” notes to each other throughout this episode. It was yet another waste of our time.
    2. Fet/Dutch – This is another STUPID, forced ass love story. Fet looked like he wanted to call Eichorst and send that bitch back to the Hotel Of Horror when she said she wanted to be with Nicky. Speaking of Nicky, fuck her too. I don’t care about her or her hating ass mama either.
    3. Gus/His Daddy/Quinlan – The previews for this episode made me think I was going to see much more of these guys putting together their new team of day walkers. Any other show would have done that, but this is The fuckin Strain. I can’t even be mad at them for giving me less than that. This one is on me for being dumb enough to think they’d do the right thing.
    4. New Zack – Fuck him
    5. Abe/Marlo – What? Really? Fuck!
    6. Palmer/Coco/Eichorst – Fuck this Palmer/Coco shit too, bruh. This is bullshit. I thought Coco was gonna come on this show and be a boss bitch. Instead they have her juggling those old ass moth balls of his and acting like she genuinely likes it. Did you see her kiss this old mutha fucka and look lovingly in his eyes? That shit made me want to throw up. You know this dude’s breath smells like train smoke, disease, and bad decisions. Also, I know Master Bolivar skeeted in her mouth last we saw her, but come the fuck on with her being fully healed so soon. The best part of their scene was Eichorst calling her an “Ungrateful Whore”. I need Eichorst to kill both these mutha fuckas. Someone should tell his Nazi ass they’re both Jewish and let him do his thing.

  2. WHY? Why go back and give us that wig. The wig also looked lighter than usual, so it made Eph look pasty. Think Clay Aiken pasty. When it came back to the future and I saw his bald head, I was so happy. And who the fuck was watching Zach those last couple of weeks. I wanted Zach to die even more when they lingered a bit on his face when he found out his grandparents were alive. This little fucking Damien spawn cannot act out of a paper bag I got my lunch in. No one believes that he would be crying on the phone, he has no heart so stop playing FX. Also, please stop it with the old flashback shit. I don’t care about Nora and Eph. I don’t give a shit.

    Hmm. Gus. Gus + Spanish = love. Also, The face he made when he said “you were just doing your job” and it went from a smile to a frown was funny. I am so down for a Gus and Q takeover. Anyway, that guy should have stayed in the jail cell because even i knew he was going to die and when he did I wasn’t even surprised because we all knew it would happen. What did surprise me was that Angel fucked that guy up. He still isn’t the least bit interesting but he saved my Gus so he is cool for now. And whoa Q, hol up. I don’t want Gus to have to do shit to Abe or vise versa. I like them both. Take Zach instead.

    When Eichorst said, “You ungrateful whore, it don’t appreciate his gift? I can easily reclaim it” I cried. It was so good. He So delivered it so beautifully because Palmer’s Coco butter ain’t shit. And Palmer couldn’t do shit. Eichorst made him look like a whiny punk bitch in front of Coco. And she did nothing but look stupid. But that is Palmer’s Coco butter for you. And that “never get another drop of the white?” was NASTY AS FUCK!

    I will spare talking about Fet, Dutch, and Nikki just give me something to care about so I can talk about it. However, please make Fet badass again and preferably with one voice instead of a million. Last thing. This motherfucking episode was shit. How in the holy hell can this be the episode before the finale? The Eichorst episode should have been the last episode before the finale because this was awful. I do hope that flashback means that Nora or Zach will die. I will cross my fingers for that. Fuck this show right now.

  3. Just finished watching this show because Quantico got my time on Sunday. I don’t care about this show anymore. It just seems like the showrunners are trying to stretch out the plot just because they want 5 seasons. I’m only watching off of the strength you guy’s awesome recaps. Bolivar is like, “So yall just gonna turn me into the master and I can’t even do some dope master shit.” Everybody on this show can get eating.

  4. Eph/Nora – I got no time for that. The hobbit returns big whoop. Fet/Dutch/Nikki – I got no time for that. Poco/Calmer – I got no time for that. One moment of brilliance: Eichorist with his badassery. Loved the way he bitch slapped both Face Palm-er and Coco Beans. Gus/Angel – ok they got their gang of home boys from prison, but it took too god damn long. We need the Q and Gus battle royale against the vamps. Where is it? FFS. This show soooooooooooooooo disappointing. I am seriously thinking of dropping this stupid ass show and just reading the books. -_-

  5. Well I can say even though I don’t agree with a 6.5 at least you had the best show on tv rated higher!! So I won’t quibble about that right now! Let’s get to the highlights

    1. Man Fet really is a fuck boy and not a fuck buddy, bc there ain’t no way in hell imma save a chick from getting her booty eating by a vampire and just be ok wit her leaving me for another chick! Naw at this point you obligated homie to at least taste my essence!! But I’m petty!!

    2. Speaking of the essence, I should’ve known my bae wasn’t safe!! Walder has to re-up on his prescription every now and then so it’s only natural they gon need another taste!! I hope Palmer got a plan this show can’t lose such a vital character such as coco amirite?!!?

    3. Is Gus and his season 3 walking dead storyline!! I loved we got Tomas 2.0 and the luchador proved he might got a limp but his aim is on point!!

    Lastly is Walder and his quest for dat Lumen!! This ninja deserve an award for his persistence alone!! At this point I would’ve retired with all da visine drops I needed and been on beach chillin in Florida, but he steady pushing!! I did holler when u said creme gettin his reparations and I too am ok with this!! But I expect red wedding redo next week!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast, and Gus gon end up like Robb if he test Walder ✌🏾️

  6. All I have to say is that even though he’s been whack this season, Fet is still too good for Dutch. Even though she gave a great performance last week she could have died this week and I wouldn’t have cared.

    Did not care about Eph and Nora’s supposed epic love story.

  7. I’m sure this is late so it’ll be real short.

    Why Quinlan? Why do Abe vs. Gus? No fair!! But at least Angel finally became useful.

    Eichorst makes ever scene better. And Coco sure ain’t care she’s giving it up to the man orchestrating the demise of mankind. Ugh.

    Why has no one told Justine that Palmer is EVIL!!! Why??? She’s probably gonna end up dead cause of this shit!

    And what did Creem do to Rudyard?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  8. I did not like the wig they had on Nora for the first flashback. That is not her color. I don’t see what value these flashbacks added to the story except to give Sean Astin another paycheck and i guess show that eph isn’t a complete liar. Why wouldn’t they expect zacks grandparents to be alive? The vampires in Georgia too? What the hell Dutch. I know you shouldn’t just be with someone out of obligation, but hell in the Va you should also be considering your safety. Nicky can’t protect your ass! And she was just gone leave him a dear john letter? Shame. And why wasn’t that prison just overrun with vampires with so many inmates? Also I just don’t really like this plan. how does gus know they can be trusted? His own “friend” tried to take him out. I think Palmer had the mayor killed. I like that Palmer was stupid enough to think the master had cured him indefinitely. Does that mean that coco has to be on the essence for the rest of her life as well? Why is Palmer allowing her to boost his head up? She just learned about vampires two seconds ago. “You know nothing coco”. And Damn Nicky got papers for her and her momma but not Dutch ass! Y’all think Fet will still take her back? I liked this episode more than others in the season but if it wasn’t for the lovely podcast, the episodes would just be piling up in my dvr.

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