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The Strain – S2E4 – The Silver Angel

Previously on The Strain, ‘Fort Defiance’

A man named Angel watches an old black-and-white vampire flick with a masked wrestler as the hero. He’s soon called back to work since his break is over.

The Strain S2E4 - The Silver AngelRun Free, Mr. McGeever

Nora, Eph, and Fet set Mr. McGeever free near an known vampire nest, but instead of going there, he wanders away. They follow him to a psychiatric hospital where his son was a patient. He settles in there with a nest of vamps. As the sun will be up soon, the trio decide to check on him the next night.

Gus Needs to Eat

Gus visits an Indian restaurant where Angel is the bus boy. Angel is deeply suspicious of Gus as he flirts with the waitress, whose parents own the restaurant.

The Strain S2E4 - Gus

Medieval Staten Island

Ke$ha approaches Abraham with a theory: Fitzwilliam didn’t’ kill them as ordered and he’s no longer working for Palmer. Maybe he’s an ally. She knows about his brother in Staten Island and thinks it might be worth a trip. Abraham agrees so they take the ferry over and are greeted by that Joffrey Baratheon-style welcome wagon.

Curtis Fitzwilliam tricks his brother into meeting with Abraham and Ke$ha. She tells him they should team up. He’s all, “Remember that time you shut down the internet for shits and giggles, and lots of money?” She’s like, “Why you gotta bring up old shit?”

They leave him with their address in Brooklyn if he changes his mind, which he says he won’t, but Abraham insists he already did. Abraham using that old Jedi Mind Trick.

1966, University of Vienna

Palmer makes surprise visit to check up on Abraham’s progress. Abraham believes he’s traced the Lumen book to a nunnery in Brendoff Austria, so they head there. As the place is deserted and smells of ammonia, Abraham says they’re too late. They find a little boy hiding in a cupboard. He says the Mother Superior burned the book as she believed it to be cursed. The boy also sports a burn ear as his father held him to the flames to ward off evil spirits. They hear screams and the boy takes off running. Abraham follows after giving Palmer a knife to protect himself. While Abraham is gone, Eichorst approaches Palmer.

Abraham saves the little boy, and when he returns to Palmer, he learns Palmer has had a change of heart. He no longer believes the book is out there and wants to return to New York.


Gus goes home and finds his mother is there, just chilling as a vampire. Gus still can’t kill her. The Master begins to speak to him through his mother, taunting him by saying his mother is still disappointed in him, even know. Gus declares he’s not working for him or The Ancients. He’s only out for himself. The Master reminds Gus that he still ain’t shit. Gus leaves his mother alive, again, and locks the door behind him. Cause vampires can’t open locks.

Team Eph and ‘Em at HQ

Eph, Nora, and Fet return home. Nora’s going to shower and suggests Eph does something with his son, who as far as we know, was left home alone during the vampire apocalypse. The concept of taking his son out in the daylight hours to do something “fun” confuses Eph, so he take New Zach to an indoor batting cage instead. New Zach becomes even more New Zach-y when it turns out he sucks at hitting balls AND he remembers being there with his mom.

Feraldo is bringing her tough love approach to Red Hook, which pleases Fet. Nora thinks this solution infringes upon people’s civil rights. Fet just rolls his eyes as does most of the viewers.

Federal Reserve

Palmer has a meeting with other rich dudes and captains of industry at the Federal Reserve. After the meeting is over, they’re all ambushed outside by Bolivar and other vampires. All except Palmer, who set the whole thing up.

The Strain S2E4 - Bolivar

Gus Gotta Eat.. Again

Gus goes back to the restaurant, which is still open at night for some reason. This time, the flirting doesn’t go as well since the waitress’ mother has warned her to stay away from Gus’ shady (yet sexy) ass. Angel also warns him off, and when things get intense, Gus says he’ll leave.

Later, when Angel takes out the trash, at night, in the vampire apocalypse, Gus approaches him and says he recognizes Angel as the man from the movies, The Silver Angel. Angel denies this and tells Gus to get lost.

Vampire Suicides

Eph and Nora return to the hospital to find their infection has worked and McGeever has infected others. However, The Master is making the infected vampires commit suicide by jumping off the roof of the hospital. Back at HQ, Eph wants to contact a DC colleague who can help them get their weapon before the right people, but Nora thinks they’re moving too fast. Eph continues to drink and blows Nora off. He checks on New Zach, who has fallen asleep listening to Bolivar’s live concert.

Score | 7/10Carroll Street Station

Fet sets his explosives to go off at the tunnel in the Carroll Street station, but before he can leave he runs into some CDC thugs (Feraldo’s crew?), who warn him about the curfew and want to see what’s in his box. Fet thinks they’re on the same side, but when the dynamite explodes, they beat the shit out of him and carry him off in cuffs.

Kelly and her Feelers have tracked New Zach to the batting cage, so they know he’s near.

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