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2 Comments on Episode 268: The Strain – S2E8 – Intruders

  1. Hey Nina, “I’m in love with the coco” is a rap song, where coco means cocaine…. It’s ratchet. I heard that line before I heard it in Nicki’s song, but of course Nicki’s line sounds better. Great recap!

  2. Hi Nina, John and Sarah! I know. I rarely leave comments BUT I HAD TO. At least once for this season of the strain.

    First of all you three had some great coverage over one of the most ridiculous shows on tv. In fact, I blame all three of you. If it weren’t for the hilarious coverage that you do, I would have lit my tv in flames before I watched this season. This season was better than last for sure. But then again, last season was booty and this season.. Well It was still booty but it did make me laugh. I’m not sure that was the intention but the ridiculous factor was way too high for me to not enjoy myself. Ok so a few things:

    No Gus. Perfect. His storyline was trash.

    Petty Fetty gave me life! He must have sniffed fresh booty in the air because he was hot as hell about Dutch and Eph. What did he expect? I’d be fucking all day long too if I knew death was a semen worm away.

    Speaking of petty, I couldn’t keep up with the old man shade in this episode. Was Palmer still alive in the master because this nigga couldn’t wait to talk cash shit when they walked into his office. He could have slaughtered them because they were super slow in the uptake but noooo. He had to get them jokes off.

    On Quinlan ‘da gawd’. All I need each episode is 2-3 minutes of him. The scene where he breaks a strigoi’s neck and the worms came out. Hot damn. And Nina I was nodding my head when you said his tongue was hot in a previous episode. Yep.

    I died laughing when the master got his ass whupped into a box. That old man body couldn’t keep up!

    I’m glad Kelly ‘the thirst was real’ is gone. This bitch couldn’t wait a solid minute after the master was in the box to try to kill her son.
    That piece of shit. First he gets another person killed then he KILLS AN ENTIRE CITY/WORLD after his DEAD mother dies who he was gonna watch kill his father?! Man fuck this kid. Also, I swore he had a five o’clock shadow in some of those scenes. Are we sure he isn’t 45?

    Anyways, sorry for the long feedback and thank you for all the fun I’ve had listening to the podcast!

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