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The Strain – S2E8 – Intruders

Previously on The Strain, ‘The Born’

Strigoi Barbie

Someone has FINALLY realized that Kelly can’t keep going out in those Red Hook streets looking a hot-ass mess. Eichorst sits her down at his vanity table for a makeup tutorial. He also trains her how to not twitch and click like a damn crackhead. A wig, some foundation, and contacts… she’ll be a brand new woman… again.

Pillow Talk

In bed, CoCo presses Palmer about what’s going on with Eichorst (who she says stinks) and the book he’s looking for. Palmer can’t and won’t tell her anything, and it’s not because he doesn’t trust her; he wants to protect her. He asks for patience.

I ask for this gross scene to end.

Eph’s morning-after talk doesn’t go much better. Nora has heard about Barnes’ death and asks Eph if he saw or heard anything. Eph plays dumb… poorly. She wants to know the details of what happened in D.C., but he just says she was right and he was wrong; he shouldn’t have gone. Nora clearly isn’t satisfied with that answer.

Get Your Head in the Game

Fet and Abraham are driving out of Red Hook and Abe is worried they’ll be late for their appointment with an important man. Since Fet blew the tunnels, traffic is a bitch. Abe asks about Dutch, who was supposed to be with them. She’s helping Nicky find an apartment in a building they cleaned out in the neighborhood (squatting!). Abe warns Fet to get his head out of the Dutch’s skirt (read: ass) and focus.

Father-Son Time

On Fet’s recommendation, Eph heads to a dealer who can give him a long-range weapon to use on Palmer. Eph takes New Zach with him because that’s appropriate. On the way there, New Zach tells his dad he had a dream about Kelly, and in it she was normal. Eph wants his son to realize that it was only a dream and his mother isn’t coming back.

When they reach their location, they find the fence has been shot. His daughter begs for Eph to help, and he does using the medical supplies they have on hand. He saves the man’s life and takes a rifle as payment.

As they’re leaving, New Zach wonders what Eph needs the rifle for and asks if it’s for protection against Kelly. “If it comes to that,” Eph responds. New Zach thinks maybe his mother can be cured. Hell, Abe was wrong about sunlight killing The Master, maybe he’s wrong about Kelly. Then he stomps off and Eph is just walking around with a rifle over his shoulder like that’s a thing you do.

The Strain S2E8 - New Zach

Let’s Make a Deal

Cardinal McNamara visits Palmer and CoCo listens as they haggle over the Lumen. They settle on $500K in gold, but the Cardinal lets it slip that there are other interested parties. Palmer knows one is Abe and isn’t happy. Eichorst arrives as the Cardinal is leaving, and wants to know what business Palmer has with him, but Palmer isn’t saying. CoCo is excused, again, so they can do more dick-measuring. When Palmer learns that Bolivar is the new Master, he gloats. Eichorst plays it cool, but leaves looking super butthurt.

Meanwhile, Gus and Angel head to pick up restaurant supplies and discuss God and how the Guptas are dedicated to their restaurant.

I don’t care! When did he start working for this fucking restaurant?

Fet and Abe arrive at the church to meet with the Cardinal. Abe says he represents a client who will pay whatever he wants for the Lumen. The Cardinal asks or $750K in gold. Done. The Cardinal will get back to him in 24 hours and it’s then Abe realizes he has other interested parties, namely Palmer. His warnings about Palmer go in one ear and out the other. After they leave, Abe reveals to Fet that they’re going to steal the Lumen before Palmer can.

The Strain S2E8 - Cardinal McNamaar

That evening, Gus finally convinces the Guptas it’s best for them to leave the restaurant. Alone in the kitchen with Aanya, she asks him to go too, and they kiss. This is interrupted by Quinlan the Cockblocker who calls out Gus by his full government name.

“We need to talk.”

They step outside to the alley where Gus tries to break bad and fires a shot at Quinlan. Quinlan responds by quickly gripping Gus’ ass up and slamming him against the building. Then Gus has to reassure Aanya in his gripped up voice that everything will be okay.

Gus is a little more open to listening now, but still doesn’t want anything to do with Quinlan or The Ancients. Quinlan reminds him that he has crossed The Master and The Master doesn’t forget shit. He will go after Aanya. Gus needs to give her up … until they slay The Master.

“Why me?” Gus wants to know.

Gus, the audience is asking the same damn thing.


Kelly (looking like her old self) is stopped at a checkpoint as she tries to drive into Red Hook. She’s about to be discovered for what she really is, but the cops wave her through when they find a vampire in another vehicle. She parks indoors and releases The Feelers from the trunk of her car.

Let’s Make Another Deal

Eichorst lets himself into the Cardinal’s office and says he wants the Lumen. The Cardinal asks for $1 million. Eichorst is like, “How ’bout I don’t kill you instead?”

The Strain S2E8 - Eichorst

When things get a bit physical, Cardinal starts praying. And he won’t give up who has the Lumen and authorized him to sell it. Eichorst moves to the stinger action. As he’s telling the Cardinal how his transformation will lead to The Master learning the name of the person with the Lumen, Fet enters with guns blazing.

Eichorst dodges bullets like he’s in The Matrix. Fet lobs a glitter bomb (I know it’s sliver) and Eichorst jumps out the window and gets away. Abraham appeals to the dying Cardinal to tell him who has the book. It’s the young boy from the monastery who had the burned ear. Abraham puts the Cardinal out of his misery.

Pillow Talk to the Hand

As news of the Cardinal’s death makes the news, Coco has more questions. Palmer snaps at her to leave it alone so she leaves him alone. Literally.

Come to Mama

Eph and New Zach arrive home and the boy has an attitude. In private, Eph tells Nora how New Zach is acting brand new. She lays into him for being a shitty dad and keeping secrets. No one notices the Feelers and Kelly lurking at the windows.

Eph finally tells Nora the truth about Barnes and the pharmaceutical rep who “bled out in his arms.”

The Strain S2E8 - Nora and Eph

Kelly taps on the window and gets Zach’s attention. She coaxes him to open the door before Eph can stop him. Nora fires at Kelly, who hides. She then starts taunting Eph by saying he never wanted Zach and they should let him decide who wants to live with. Girl, bye! 

The Strain S2E8 - Kelly

The Feelers get in without anyone noticing. Eph kills one, but he’s ambushed by Kelly who knocks him and Nora down. Before she can infect him, Nora whacks her with a giant metal hook.

Score | 8/10This place is not child-friendly! 

Zach begs for his mother to leave Eph alone. Eph fires at Kelly, but the remaining Feeler dives in front of her and takes two or three for the team.

New Zach wouldn’t have taken a bullet for his mama.

Possibly rethinking why she wants this kid to begin with, Kelly takes off into the night.

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10 Comments on The Strain – S2E8 – Intruders

  1. I had to spit this hot fire from my grad class. I’ll keep this short.

    Palmer’s Coco butter: So I don’t want to talk about this shit but Coco Puffs “never felt safe until now?” UGH why would you say that after sex with the real crypt keeper. You have tried crypt dick Coco. CRYPT DICK. Didn’t need to see him get up yuck and no shirt stays on a woman like that. She has a crisp wrinkle free shirt and it stay on her chest like that? That must be some Palmer sorcery.

    The “Okay see ya” line between Eph and Nora took my breath away. He did it so well that I was laughing beyond the Fet and Abe scene.

    GUS! And speaking Spanish? Mmm. Look I love him in this show but I also need him in Narcos so I can have him and Pedro in it. That would be a dream. UGH make this happen. Gus is great in this show but stop showing him every other episode. That meek bitch kissed him and she is “baby?” she BAE GUS? Need her to die (emotions, I have them. I’m on my pettysaurusrex right now). And I cannot wait for team Q and Gus.

    Line of the night: We are going to rob the sonofabitch! Love it! Love Abe.

    Zach is stupid.

    Loved the episode! Cant wait until next week.

  2. Palmer sings: I’m in love with da Coco. This was a great episode and it had so many good bits. Eichorist did a fabulous, just fabulous, makeover on Kelly. The scene between Eichy and Palmer talking sass over the Master becoming Bolivar was hilarity. MEOW! cat fight anyone? Oh Memories of Dynasty. Really enjoyed Kelly getting into Red Hook incognito and she is going to break some shite up and spread the worms love again, sorry congresswoman. The whole occido lumen chase was very intriguing. Finally Abe and Fet seem to be ahead of the master and Palmer. The two hawt badasses are finally a team – Quinlan and Gus. But Zach plays doogie hawser with Eph – really?? That last scene when Zach let Mama Bear into the hideout along with the creepers was great. Too bad she didn’t take him away.

  3. 1. Coco/Palmer – Hell the fuck no! NO! NO! NO! I am not her for this shit. Coco came in looking like a woman who could hold her own, and now they have her snuggling up to Daddy Warbucks. This is bullshit. She BETTER be some double agent who is fuckin this Geritol Giggalo for a purpose. That said, I did enjoy seeing her in that open shirt, early in the episode. I also liked seeing her in that black tank top. Her nipples were hard enough to cut glass in that joint!!! You could damn near see the ring of dots around those mutha fuckas. Anyone who has or has seen, and/or played with some titties knows When the dipping dots are raised, shit is real in the field. 2. New Zach – FUCK! THIS! KID! He GOTTA go. How many times is this asshole gonna go running to mommy? You know what, New Zach, take your ass on to mommy. Go! The most frustrating part about this is this kid KNOWS that isn’t his mother anymore, and despite what happened in this episode I BET he will bring it up again.

    3. Nora – This is the part of my feedback where I shit on Nora. You knew it was coming! Fuck her. She’s annoying, dramatic, and always finds a way to make everything about herself. She’s a liability to the rest of the group, and doesn’t have to be. She’s too smart to be this dumb.

    4. Gus/Angel/Quinlan – I don’t give a shit about Gus and his new daddy. Seeing them in that tight ass car made me roll my eyes. Angel’s big ass in that tight Member’s Only, and in a tight car was funny, but fuck that story line. Also, when the hell did Gus start dating shorty bop? He called her “Baby”, you just don’t toss a word like that around to someone all willy nilly. They over there acting like they go together and shit. And her parents are cool with it. How, Sway? I didn’t care about any of that. What did get me excited was Quin Dogg finding him. I hope there is a major payoff with them working together.

    5. Kelly – Kelly looked nice once she got her Vampire Makover. I was hoping she and her blind babies would take her punk ass son back to the essence tho. Fuck you, New Zach! That’s right, I dissed you in another person’s section of the feedback!

  4. Coco gets the withered D and then gets all in the man’s business. How do you explain making a deal with a demon for renewed health and his servant, a former Nazi, and a dick and has me using my business connections to do some nefarious shit. Oh. And I’m a bit evil so chill with the damn questions.”

    I’m a bit bothered that this is supposed to be a deserted, apocalyptic city yet Fet and Abraham are talking and behind them I see what looks like normal city life.

    I do like how Abe checked him. “Get yo mind off pussy so we can do this shit!”

    Let vamp mom have that damn boy. Shit. At least this way the lil shit can stop moping around and not doing anything but being a pain.

    I’ll finish with this. I love that this show has the balls to kill and mutant blind orphan kids and have them killing people . That is some cold shit.

  5. I gotta say this was the most boring episode to me. I didn’t care about it at all. I fell asleep trying to watch it the first time and was more invested in washing dishes (which I hate) than watching it the second. Coco and Palmer-ick. Kelly and Zach-I wish she would have infested him when he opened the door so we could be done with his stupid self. Eph and Nora-yeah, don’t care that she’s butt hurt that he cheated. Even Fett and Abraham were boring this week. What has happened to this show? I need them start capitalizing on their potential-it’s starting to feel like they are heading the route of Gotham (and we ALL know how that ended.)

  6. If it wasn’t for this awesome podcast I would totally drop this show. Not even Rupert Penry-Jones can save this shit! And ewwwww Coco and that old fart!

  7. I feel I can only start my feedback with coco!!! I swear all I heard was Beyoncé’s song flawless playing in the background!! Did anyone else hear I woke up like this, or was that just me?

    Then there was new zach, who had a ninja thinking I was watching trueblood again saying he had dreams of kelly!! I was like holup did he drink some of her blood and is there gonna be a shower scene that I’m not ready for later? But alas that was not a worry as the last scene proved it wasn’t bc I hadn’t had lemonbooty like that since a certain since a certain scene in banshee last season!!!

    Lastly is walder and Fet! I’m starting to live for his weekly Pep talks about Ke$ha’s ain’t shit nootsie!! Also this episode proved as all apocalyptic shows have that the church house is nothing but 4 walls and a roof and Jésus ain’t got no time for you in the VA or the ZA!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  8. I’m probably late but this episode picked up at the midway point.

    Quinlan tracking down Gus was awesome.

    The whole thing with that shady ass Cardinal was awesome. From Eichorst busting out some sweet Matrix moves to Abe killing him was great.

    Unfortunately Kelly wasn’t able abduct New Zach and taking him with her. Doh! So close. And now he sees how dangerous his mom is so he’s unlikely to go with her. Damn!

    And NOBODY, I mean NOBODY, wanted to see any morning after bullshit with Palmer & Coco. She seems to ask a lot of questions tho. Do y’all think she’s a plant? Like Quinlan or the Ancients sent her there as a plant. Cause ain’t no woman gonna be that into that nasty old man unless she’s plotting.

    Ok. That’s it. Hope this makes it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  9. Eeeeeew! coco and Palmer sex! Ugh! If Fet need to get his head out the skirt then Coco needs to get hers out the bedpan. Wow I loved that the Wus had a surgical kit but I need for zack to not be volunteering his dad’s services to random people. I Wouldnt want Zack ass to have anything to do with my surgery. I don’t understand. Are Gus and Angel buddies now? And did we know Gus’s full government name before now lol? Do y’all think that Nora picked up on that Eph slept with Leigh when he was telling her story? Now Zack has been stupid this whole time but in his defense Kelly does look normal now, although how he not hearing the clicking in her throat I will never know. I wanted kelly to take Zack but then the show would turn into a Zack rescue mention and I’m so not here for that.

  10. I can’t even deal with Coco and Mr Burns. Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

    I loved Kelly trying to pass herself off as human. She was so self conscious about it. It reminded me of some show .. maybe dr Who, NO it was M.I.B. with aliens pretending to be human and being comically bad at it.
    Loved it.

    Sometimes love ruins characters in shows like this. I’m looking at you Fet. Stop it. Listen to Walder and get your head back in the game!

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