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Review: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2

Previously in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2


Squirrel Girl Issue 2 Galactus He lives deep within the Star Sphere; a ship constructed from the remains of an entire solar system. He is the wielder of the Power Cosmic, eater of life, consumer of entire worlds. You get it. He’s a bad man. He’s headed straight for Earth, and nobody can defeat him, except maybe Squirrel Girl.

Squirrel Girl Issue 2 Cover

Doreen and her roommate Nancy are on their way to orientation. Nancy’s not really about that life, but Doreen is insistent they go. She’s excited because there will be a club booth and she’s very interested in joining some clubs for a little regular person social interaction.

Squirrel Girl Issue 2 Orientation

At the orientation, Doreen runs into Tomas, the boy she met when she first arrived on campus. She’s mad crushin’. She’s flustered and blushing and rambling on about how she fought Kraven the college administrator and now he’s going to live at the bottom of the sea and fight sea creatures. Metaphorically, of course. Wink wink. Tomas seems a little thrown off, but also still seems interested in her. Again, it’s the butt. Tomas likes ’em big and stuffed with squirrel tail. He talks to her at great length about the fencing club, but she’s too busy thinking about how she can’t believe she’s talking with such a megahunk that she doesn’t hear a word he says.

Nancy interrupts and drags Doreen to the ladies room to point out how lost Doreen just got in Tomas’ cheekbones. While in there, Tippy-Toe climbs in the window to warn Doreen that the Star Sphere is closer to Earth than they realized. Only the squirrels know this because Galactus has a stealth shield that does not work on squirrels. Doreen has two hours before the Star Sphere arrives on Earth.


Squirrel Girl Issue 2 Two Hours


She decides the only way to stop Galactus before he gets there is to go to the moon. Her and Tippy-Toe break into Stark Tower and steal a bunch of Iron Man suit parts. She overrides the helmet’s computer security system to get it to shape the suit to fit her. There’s a large piece for her tail and also a small suit for Tippy-Toe. It’s adorable.

 Squirrel Girl Issue 2 Iron Man Suit

 On their way to the moon, they are shot down by the villain Whiplash and his Jem and the Misfits hair, because he thinks she is Iron Man.

Squirrel Girl Issue 2 Whiplash


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