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Review: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4

Previously in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3

Squirrel Girl 4 Eat Nuts and Kick Butts
Squirrel Girl and Galactus are face to face. Well, more like her face to the tip of his shoe. She kicks his boots and then gives him a long speech about how her and Tippy-Toe are there to eat nuts and kick butts, and they’re almost out of nuts. After all that, they realize that Galactus can’t hear them. They think it’s because they’re in space. I think it’s cause she’s so far away from his ears. She taps his shoes and now he can hear them. He can even understand Tippy-Toe. They’re thrilled, but he doesn’t think it’s a big deal with his cosmic powers and all.

Squirrel Girl 4 Galactus Speaks Squirrel
Sitting on Galactus’ shoulder, he and Squirrel Girl (and Tippy-Toe) have a nice heart to heart. He feels for the squirrels and their solitude amongst the humans they cannot communicate with. Tippy-Toe is lucky to have Squirrel Girl and Galactus likes her. She’s the only one to approach him as a peer… But he still has to destroy Earth.

Squirrel Girl 4 Galactus Eats Earth
He takes off before Squirrel Girl can stop him. She was distracted by their moment of bonding. While searching for him, she realizes what he really wants. He doesn’t really want to destroy Earth – he just wants a source of life energy. She tells him she knows of an uninhabited planet covered in nuts. She offers to take him there if he promises to leave Earth alone. He doesn’t know much about nuts so she gives him an acorn to try. That’s probably a bad choice to use to introduce people to the world of nuts. I would have chosen cashews or almonds. But anyway, he eats it, he enjoys it, and he goes to live out the rest of his days on this planet of nuts.

After they part ways, Squirrel Girl rushes to change back into Doreen and get to a class she’s late for. Nancy lets her copy notes and then admits she knows Doreen’s real identity. Which wasn’t that hard to figure out, considering she doesn’t disguise her voice and she’s the only person in the world who talks to squirrels.

Squirrel Girl 4 Disguise Your Voice

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