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Review: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8

Previously in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7

Squirrel Girl 8 - Cover

Nancy has created her own super hero comic while bored. Cat Thor, who fights evil on earth, and then heads back to Catsquard to meet up with Meowdin. Clever one, that Nancy.

Squirrel Girl 8 - Cat Thor


But this was when she was bored in class. Now, she’s in Asgard at a breakfast meeting with the Odinsons trying to figure out how Ratatoskr escaped. Nancy has brought all her earthly knowledge of Ratatoskr, which is basically a Wikipedia page. Loki finally admits that this just might have been all his fault. But he didn’t mean it and he wants to help set things right.

Squirrel Girl 8 - Loki

The Odinson clan (with Loki disguised as Cat Thor just because) talks about how there are legends of great warriors who could not silence Ratatoskr, and they have no idea how they could ever stop her, but then Nancy suggests ear plugs.

Back on Midgard, otherwise known as Earth, Squirrel Girl tries to convince Girl Squirrel, otherwise known as Ratatoskr, to end her mind control over New York City and maybe have her insurance pay for all the damages she’s caused. Instead Rat grabs up Squirrel Girl’s cohorts, Koi Boy and Chipmunk Hunk, and inflicts her mind control on them too. Squirrel Girl puts on web shooters she stole from Spider-Man and pins Rat down with her webs. The people of New York close in on Squirrel Girl, and her acorn earrings that I just noticed, demanding her death at their hands, as they free Ratatoskr from her spider-web prison.

Squirrel Girl tries teaching the New York civilians about self-knowledge and how they can stop listening to Rat and instead embrace their insecurities to make themselves better people for a better world… They decide to try and destroy her instead. But then Loki and his clan, complete with earplugs, cause a loud kaboom of color as Loki sends Rat into the Bifrost back to Asgard and the mind control spell is lifted. Every one goes home a little less angry, Squirrel Girl and her friends make up, and the world is at peace again. I mean, for now.

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