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The Vampire Diaries – S5E10 – Fifty Shades of Grayson

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘The Cell’

Damon wakes up and uses the bullet that Aaron dropped to get out of the cell. He goes home and encounters Katherine as she does the walk of shame from Stefan’s bed. After throwing up in his mouth a little, he tells Stefan that Maxfield and they have to find her. They snatch up Aaron’s ass as leverage.

Maxfield is performing experiments on Elena in her dad’s abandoned clinic, using her dad’s notes he took when torturing vampires. He’s interrupted by a phone call from Aaron – please give up Elena before the Salvatore brothers eat me. He tells him to meet at his office and then injects Enzo with something that will ensure Enzo comes back to him. Then he feeds Enzo a shit ton of blood so he’ll be nice and strong for his reunion with Damon. Oh, snap!

Katherine pays Matt to whip her into shape. Nadia arrives and isn’t too happy that Katherine tried to kill herself without saying goodbye.

The Vampire Diaries S5E10 Katherine

Later, when Katherine asks if she thinks it’s possible for Katherine to find forgiveness, Nadia tells her she has a plan that may keep her alive longer. She has Traveler blood and they can put her essence into someone else so she’ll live on after her body dies. But Stefan likes THIS body, Katherine says. Yeah, Nadia isn’t too happy that Katherine is all about Stefan’s forgiveness and not hers. She advises Katherine to kill herself after all.

Elena starts having visions of when she was kid and snooping around her daddy’s office. Meanwhile, Stefan, Damon, and Aaron arrive at the office to find Enzo.

Fifty Shades of Grayson

Turns out, he’s the Augustine vampire. Elena figures out that Enzo is the one who killed Megan because she was getting too nosy. While Stefan and Aaron head off to look through the Whitmore files for a hint as to where Maxfield is, Enzo tells Damon that his heart will stop without an antidote and the only way Maxfield will give it is if Enzo kills Damon. They fight, but Enzo dies of the poison without telling Damon where Elena is.

The Vampire Diaries S5E10 Damon on Car

Aaron tries to kill Stefan, but Stefan grips him up and learns about Damon’s vendetta against the Augustine doctors’ families. Aaron gives Stefan the files. Meanwhile, Maxfield reveals that he’s going to turn Elena into an Augustine vampire. I think we all saw that coming. He injects her, but she knocks him out just as Stefan arrives to save her. She grabs her dad’s notebook before they leave. WHY don’t they, I don’t know, kill Maxfield?

Nadia leaves the Traveler’s Knife with Matt in the hopes that if Katherine changes her mind, he’ll have it when she needs it. They swap I Had a Crappy Mom stories and he agrees to keep the knife.

Enzo is alive! Damon injects Enzo with a ton of needles labeled “antidote” figuring one of them will work. He thinks that makes them even and explains that he didn’t feel anything after leaving him because he turned off his humanity to do so. Enzo tells Damon that he will always be a monster.

Elena reads her dad’s journal and learns that he saved Megan’s life by injecting her with vampire blood. She will find the silver lining on everyone, including Damon. Doesn’t matter. He breaks up with her.

Stefan finds Katherine in his room, freaking out over her new wrinkles. Then she wants to talk about what happened between them. She wants redemption, but he doesn’t know if he can give it. They do share a moment when he says he’s sorry she’s dying.

Aaron finds Maxfield in the lab and tells him to stay out of his life. Elena burns her dad’s journal.

Katherine calls Nadia and says they need to find a Traveler to teach her the spell. Before they can go further, Katherine has a heart attack and falls down the stairs.

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