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The Vampire Diaries – S5E11 – 500 Years of Solitude

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘Fifty Shades of Grayson’

Bulgaria, 1490 and Katherine’s in labor. Her father has the baby taken away before she can even see or hold her. Harsh.

Meanwhile, in present day, Damon and Elena are each moping over their breakup. However, no real time to mourn that because they have to get about the business of mourning Katherine who won’t last the day since having a heart attack the night before. Everyone starts drinking to all the horrible things Katherine has done to them. As you can imagine, they run out of booze pretty damn quickly and Matt goes off for more.

500 Years of Solitude

Stefan joins the group, but says he wants to dink to the girl Katherine was, the girl who survived for 500 years. He MAY be swayed by the night of hot sex they had, which now the whole group knows about. Nadia appears and Elena’s head nearly explodes when she learns she’s Katherine’s daughter. Nadia has figured out a way to save her mother and they’re going to help or else Matt dies. She buried his ass in that safe and took his immortality ring. Welp. Guess they’re helping.

The Vampire Diaries S5E11 Nadia

Nadia wants to use the Traveler spell to put Katherine’s essence into her body. She finds Travelers willing to help and leads Stefan and Elena to an abandoned house in the woods. It’s a setup though; Travelers appear, chanting a spell to keep the vampires/Doppelgangers from going out into the sunlight.

Katherine dreams about finding her family murdered by Klaus and Damon appears in her dream, taunting her. In real life, he’s about to smother her with a pillow when Liz talks him out of it. Caroline, Jeremy, and Bonnie walk the grounds looking for Matt’s buried body. When Caroline starts freaking out over the fact that Jeremy and Bonnie have had sex, they agree to split up and cover more ground. That’s when Caroline runs into Klaus. What the hell is he doing there? He tries to explain, but Caroline really doesn’t want to hear it.

Mystic Falls, 1864 – We’re there in Katherine’s dreams because Damon sedated her to shut her up. We see the first time she saw Stefan on the road as she entered town and his carriage was broken down. She tells Damon that it sounds like the Doppelgänger fate twist to her.

The Travelers are chanting and taking Stefan’s and Elena’s blood. Unfortunately for them, they’re not healing. Klaus continues to taunt Caroline, wanting to know if she would have given him the same choice as she gave Tyler. She doesn’t want to talk about it while Matt is in danger, BUT surprise! He sent Rebecca to rescue Matt. Awwww!

Damon tortures Katherine by making her see all the people she’s screwed over, including Elijah. Nadia puts a stop to it by snapping his neck, but Katherine refuses to repeat the spell. She tells Nadia that letting her go, not fighting harder for her, was the biggest mistake of her life and she spent 500 years fighting for everything. Now it’s Nadia’s turn to live. Damon comes to and overhears it all, including Nadia storming out, refusing to watch her mother die. Katherine injects herself with a sedative. After getting their bucket of blood, the Travelers stop chanting and let Stefan and Elena go.

Now that Matt is safe, Klaus says he won’t go gloat over Katherine’s body if Caroline will just be honest with him about her feelings. If he never comes back, she’ll tell him. He agrees. They have hot sex in the woods.

Caroline and Klaus

Stefan is there for Katherine before she can slip away. He goes into her memories of the night her family was murdered and takes the images away. He tells her she was 17 and didn’t deserve any of it. She sees her baby girl and reaches for her with tears in her eyes. Elena asks if she’s dead. Not yet, but with the drugs she won’t wake up again. He kisses Katherine goodbye.

And then someone started cutting onions!

Stefan and Damon share a drink on the rooftop where Stefan talks Damon into fixing things with Elena.

Then the whole gang is there – all the dead people, Tyler, EVERYBODY. It’s pretty cool. Katherine appears, but she’s not ready to pass through Bonnie (the anchor) so she wakes up in her body, in the bed, with Elena sitting over her. She forgives Katherine and then Katherine gives her the honor of being the one to plunge a syringe into her for the last time. And she thanks Elena for her forgiveness. Then she performs the spell and goes into Elena’s body! Hahahahahaha!

It was all a part of the plan. Oh, Nadia.

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