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The Vampire Diaries – S5E12 – The Devil Inside

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘500 Years of Solitude’

Katherine is walking around in Elena’s skin suit and compels Matt to tell her all kinds of things that she, as Elena, would know. Then Nadia handcuffs her to a bed to keep her still while she figures out a way to make the body occupation permanent. There’s only one problem with that: Damon has buried Katherine’s body and won’t tell her where it is.

The Vampire Diaries S5E12 Nadia and Damon

Aaron thinks he’s about to wash his hands of his family’s shady-ass past, but Enzo shows up at his room and puts a stop to all that nonsense. Elena awakens in her own cuffed-to-the-bed body and realizes she didn’t pass out during a kinky sex session with Damon. Something is wrong.

Stefan is sick of Damon’s moping so he recruits Caroline in helping his brother get back with Elena, who they can’t find. Nadia awakens Katherine and since Elena’s phone is blowing up, they realize the gang is getting suspicious. Katherine wants to go to Tyler’s party to pose as Elena and find out where her body is. She does this against Nadia’s advice and the only thing she gets out of Stefan is that Damon put her body where she was always meant to be. She tells Nadia this must be the church they thought her body was buried under. Enzo presents Aaron’s knocked out body to Damon, who doesn’t take the bait. He compels Aaron to get the hell out of dodge.

The Vampire Diaries - Enzo

Caroline confesses to “Elena” that she slept with Klaus. When “Elena” spots Tyler coming down the stairs, she purposely starts asking questions about the sex so that Tyler will hear. It works. While Catherine stands there with stupid face, “Elena” books it.

While the Traveler performs the spell to make the swap permanent, the real Elena awakens again. She’s smart enough to not let on who she is right away. Tyler doesn’t want to hear shit Caroline has to say and yells at her to leave his room. Stefan rushes in to the rescue and tells Tyler to back off because he’s drunk. Then Tyler shames Caroline by telling Stefan she screwed Klaus. Caroline runs off, ashamed, but Stefan still hits Tyler because “she didn’t deserve that.” Uh. She kinda did.

Elena knocks out the Traveler and stabs Nadia before rushing out. She runs and runs, but Nadia tells her to finish the spell anyway. Elena tries to use her phone, but Katherine locked it and changed the passcode. Elena runs right into Damon’s arms, but before she can tell him what’s going on, the spell is complete. “Elena” then breaks up with Damon as Stefan watches. When the Traveler asks Nadia for payment, Katherine rips her heart out. She hates loose ends, that one. She tells Nadia she’s going to stay in town and she wants Nadia to stay, too. Katherine is going to do her damnest to get Stefan back. He’s her one true love.

Aaron is on his way out of town, but stops for a body in the road. Dude. You never stop for a body in the road. It’s Enzo and Damon is with him. It seems Damon has changed his mind. He kills Aaron.

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