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The Vampire Diaries – S5E15 – Gone Girl

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘No Exit’

This episode made me ugly cry.

Katherine’s masquerade is revealed and when Damon kills Maxfield, he takes the only person who may be able to save Nadia from Tyler’s bite wound. As Nadia’s condition worsens, she has flashbacks to all the years she spent looking for her mother. Katherine comes to the Salvatore house to see her daughter before she dies and the two share a tearful goodbye before Nadia passes on through the other side. Katherine says goodbye to everyone and goodbye sounds a lot like, “Fuck you all.” Finally Stefan kills her.

Later, at a church, as Bonnie lights a candle for her father, Katherine appears. Before she passes to the other side, she tells Bonnie that if she can’t have Stefan, neither can Elena. Turns out, Katherine injected herself with the virus that will make Elena feed on vampires. She thinks she’s going to pass through after dropping that little bomb, but it doesn’t work. Suddenly, something pulls Katherine screaming into the darkness.

Elena wakes up and finds the syringe in her pocket. Katherine sure knows how to leave a helluva parting gift.

Also of note in this episode: The new witch flirts with Jeremy and Bonnie is so not about that life. Caroline tells Tyler he needs to either forgive her for sleeping Klaus or beat it.

The Vampire Diaries Gone Girl


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