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The Vampire Diaries – S5E18 – Resident Evil

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘Rescue Me’

Stefan and Elena each have visions of a life they could have shared together. Bonnie’s grandmother pays her an other worldly visit to warn her that someone has come through from the other side. The Travelers take over the bodies of several townspeople including Caroline’s mom. When she kills Matt, he’s able to warn Bonnie before crossing over to the other side where he has a brief reunion with Vicky. Damon and Enzo meet Markos, the mystery man who came through via Bonnie and he makes the visions stop just as Elena and Stefan were imagining a life together where they’re married with kids. He reveals that the doppelgänger curse is fake; Elena and Stefan are not destined to be together.

The other side purgatory is a hot-ass mess now and Matt is charged with telling everyone it needs to be fixed. Vicky was sucked into the same darkness that swallowed Katherine. Fingers crossed we’ll see Katherine again!


The Vampire Diaries Resident Evil

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