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The Vampire Diaries – S5E19 – Man on Fire

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘Resident Evil’

Enzo holds Elena and Stefan hostage, torturing Stefan because Enzo believes Stefan killed his true love, Maggie. Maggie worked at the Whitmore House while Enzo was held there. They fell in love, but he compelled her to forget him. She went searching for info on the fire and encountered both Stefan and Damon, but Damon is the one who killed her, making it look like The Ripper. Enzo turns off his humanity and fights with Stefan, forcing Stefan to kill him knowing that it will cause a rift between the brothers. Bonnie worries about The Other Side breaking down and what it means for her friends there and her since she’ll die if it does. She agrees to keep the secret that Enzo passed over and lies to Jeremy about her possible death. Damon believes that Enzo simply left town.

Markos uses doppelgänger blood on a vampire and then slits her throat. She rises again as human and then kills her for good this time. They’re gonna need a lot more doppelgänger blood in order to rid their new world of vampires.


The Vampire Diaries Enzo

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