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The Vampire Diaries – S5E2 – True Lies

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’

A Sistah Can’t Catch a Break

The most tormented character on the show, Bonnie, tells Jeremy what happened to her dad – Silas slit his throat in front of the whole and they were brainwashed to forget. Jeremy has to do something to stop him because Bonnie can’t. She can’t even get a sympathy hug.

Silas also brainwashed the town to hunt down Katherine. A woman pepper-sprays her on the side of the road, but Katherine kicks her ass and knocks her out. This takes a toil on her newly-human, delicate hands. She’s about to get away when Matt shows up with a shotgun so… she ain’t going nowhere.

Freshman Fun Year

While Stefan is still dreaming of Elena in his watery prison, Elena and Caroline have figured out that one of their professors also signed off on Megan’s death certificate. They’re going to take the good doctor’s class to investigate why he didn’t make mention of her bite wounds. Caroline hates this plan because their freshman year is supposed to be about getting drunk and taking easy classes. Buzzkill Elena.

Damon gets Liz to put some men on dragging the lake where he suspects Silas dumped Stefan. He instructs Matt and Jeremy to keep Katherine far, far away from town because if Silas wants her that bad that he brainwashed the town, they want her even more.

In their first Applied Microbiology class – definitely not an easy fun class! – Caroline gets her flirt on with the cute frat boy who invited them to the party last episode. Well, he flirts. She blushes.

Dr. Maxfield is HOT. This would quickly be my favorite non-easy un-fun class. Caroline and Elena are quickly called out for being stupid freshman and made to leave. And it is so fucking embarrassing. I cringed for them. Later, as Elena talks to Damon on the phone about striking out, Silas approaches. He compels Elena to hang up her phone before Damon can tell her that’s NOT Stefan.

The Vampire Diaries True Lies

Silas The Shit-Starter

Silas tells Elena all the things Damon has been keeping from her like the fact that Jeremy got expelled.

At a roadside gas station, Katherine tries to escape, but Matt and Jeremy put a stop to it.

When Damon arrives at campus to find Elena, he has a funny moment of walking in on Caroline naked. She lets slip that Elena has been having “bad feelings” about something happening to Stefan. This doesn’t make him happy.

A text from someone saying Katherine was spotted on Route 9, leads Silas to ask Elena about that and she tells him about a campsite she and Jeremy used to go to as kids. When Damon shows up, Silas taunts him without telling him where Elena is.

The Vampire Diaries S5E2 Damon and Silas

Bonfire Madness

While Damon and Caroline look for Elena at the bonfire, she’s busy drinking it up and going off alone with the cute guy who likes Caroline. Oh, his name is Jesse. So, Jesse is telling Elena about how Dr. Maxfield is supposedly apart of a secret society on campus when Damon shows up and conks him over the head.

Jeremy shows a moment of kindness to Katherine at the campsite by giving her a blanket. She’s got a sinus infection. She’s survived 500 years on the run from Klaus, but this sinus infection is kicking her ass. While Matt is off getting wood, he’s approached by Silas. Silas is shocked that Matt is able to warn Jeremy and Katherine to run and ignore his compulsion. He realizes that there’s already someone inside Matt’s head. He snaps Matt’s neck.

When Matt wakes up on the Other Side, Bonnie explains that he has to reconnect with his body in order to wake up. It’s a part of what happens when you die wearing the Gilbert Ring. She also has to tell Matt that, oh, by the way, she’s dead, too.

What’s Really Going On?

Elena seduces Damon in her room, but it’s really part of Silas’ mind control. She weakens him with vervain-laced water and starts to stake him when he spits the water on her and snaps her out of it. But it doesn’t last for long because she has to continuously fight the urge to kill him while he’s tied to a chair. She sits in a chair and stabs herself in the leg with a fire poker – why that’s in their dorm room is beyond me – and impales herself to the chair. She demands to know what’s going on.

The Vampire Diaries Elena

Jesse finally gets alone with Caroline as she tends to his injury. The attraction is strong with these two, but Caroline pumps the brakes because of Tyler. Jesse admits that he grew apart from his girlfriend and she cheated on him.

Jeremy leads Katherine to the car and tells her to leave, but insists on going back for Matt. On the Other Side, Matt apologizes to Bonnie because her life and afterlife are so fucking awful. Jeremy finds Matt’s body, but Silas is there, too. Silas figures out that Matt’s ring protected him. He tells Jeremy since he’s immune to his powers, he has to use for him and will kill him. Jeremy is all, “Uh, you can try.”

They fight and it’s super hot. Silas is about to kill Jeremy, though, when Katherine saves the day with two shotgun blasts to the chest. Booya!

Damon tells Elena about Bonnie’s dad and she’s pissed that he didn’t tell her about it before. He’s all, “Yeah, I was busy trying to save our brothers, so back off.” She’s about to blow them both up because the anger trigger is kicking in again. Damon gets her to tell him about the feeling she’s been getting about Stefan. It works. Her worry for Stefan overpowers her rage towards Damon. Then Catherine comes home and it looks super awkward.

Happy Ending? Nope.

Matt finds his body with Katherine and Jeremy and realizes that when he goes back he’ll forget that she’s dead. He tells her they cant keep her death a secret anymore. Before they can leave, Jeremy meets with Bonnie in the woods and she says she’s not ready to be dead yet. Jeremy promises he’ll be there for her, even though he can’t touch or hold her.

Silas is getting the gas station attendant to poor his blood into a cup for him when the two gypsies (or Travelers) that took over Matt enter. The woman, Nadia?, turns on the other gypsy and tells Silas that her agenda is different than the Travelers’, who want Silas back in his tomb.

Dr. McHotty apologizes to Elena for kicking her out of the class. He didn’t know who she was and he really admired her father’s work. He asks her to come to his office hours when she has time after she calls him out for faking Megan’s death certificate. She and Damon kiss and make up, and make plans to hit the road in search of Stefan.

Liz calls and the two meet her in the woods. A safe was found, but not opened. They prepare to open, expecting to find a hungry Stefan, but they find the man who found the safe inside of it instead. Stefan is loose and still hungry.


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