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The Vampire Diaries – S5E22 – Home

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘Promised Land’

Now that we’re all over the shock that Tyler (while inhabited by a Traveler) killed Stefan at the end of last week’s episode, let’s see how the gang fixes this shit. They better fix this shit.

We start with Caroline crying over Stefan’s body in the dorm. You know, the dormitory that is ALWAYS empty. Elena and Damon arrive and after a few moments of shocked silence, they get their asses in gear. Damon threatens Bonnie, demanding that she find another Traveler to perform the spell. Enzo appears and tells Damon – via Bonnie – that he has a plan, but they’ll need more witches.

Elena and Caroline stop the witch twins from hauling their asses out of town. Of course, they don’t want to help, especially now that they know one of the doppelgängers is dead. If they help bring Stefan back, Markos will just start his spell again, stripping the town of light magic and that means no more witches. Liv is suddenly willing to help when Caroline breaks Luke’s neck.

Markos makes an example out of Julian (Tyler) and has him dragged across the town lines so his light magic will disappear. He dies and then has to pass through Bonnie. While on The Other Side, Stefan reunites with Lexie who starts to tell him something about Caroline, but they’re interrupted when they see the sheriff trying to convince Markos to have all the Travelers gather at the bar. They realize that the plan must involve getting all the Travelers into one place, and it does. Damon means to blow them all up.

The Vampire Diaries Tyler

Bonnie learns the Traveler on The Other Side willing to help is Silas. He killed her father, but he’s going to help bring her friends back (and him) so he suggests they call it bygones. She’s all bygones my ass and later lets him get sucked into the abyss. Elena and Damon purposely enter the town to set off the explosives and end up on the other side.

The Vampire Diaries Damon

So, everything kinda worked out: Enzo comes through, throws up deuces and leaves. Tyler comes through, but is no longer a hybrid. Elena won’t leave without Stefan who was waylaid by trying to save Caroline’s mom. Bonnie grabs her anyway and she comes through. It all starts to take a toll on Bonnie and when Stefan grabs her to keep her from falling, he goes through. Luke comes through and tries to stop Liv from doing the spell because it’s killing her, but she keeps going. Lexie refuses to go through before Damon. She realizes that each person that comes through brings Bonnie one step closer to death. Markos tries to come through, but Lexie stops him and pushes him into the abyss. Then she declares that the darkness won’t get her and disappears. Oh, Alaric comes back as well. It’s a reunion!

Unfortunately, Luke performs a spell to stop Liv’s and Damon is stuck on the Other Side for good. Elena is devastated and cries as he tells her a goodbye that she can’t hear. Caroline comforts Stefan as he cries over losing both Damon and Lexie. Bonnie calls Jeremy and tells him she’s not coming back. He races to the cemetery, but it’s too late. On the Other Side, Bonnie and Damon hold hands as they are covered in a bright white light.

And then someone starts cutting onions.

The Vampire Diaries Season Five Finale


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