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The Vampire Diaries – S5E3 – Original Sin

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘True Lies’

The Ripper Is Back… Kinda

Stefan staggers into a bar and bites a waitress before telling her to run. Then he staggers outside and starts to burn in the rising sunlight since he’s not wearing his daylight ring. Then we see it’s all bad dream that Elena is having. A dream that Damon wasn’t to hear the details of, but then he feels bad and unsupportive so he says he’ll listen. Was it really a dream or is she seeing true events? Katherine walks in with the location of the bar because – surprise! – she had the same dream. They’re all taking a road trip to find Stefan. Fun!

Silas calls his new gypsy friend and tells her to kill Matt, minus the Gilbert Ring. She thinks they can use Matt to find Katherine, but Silas ain’t tryna hear that noise. She can torture Matt for information, but then she better kill him.

Stefan awakens in a cabin with a beautiful woman who feeds him a bag of blood. She got the old guy to dig him out of the quarry and she saved him from burning to death. They’re now chilling in the cabin that used to belong to the old guy. She knows that Stefan is a Doppelgänger and wants to know how much Stefan knows about Silas.

Flashback Time!

Silas was her one true love. In ancient Greece, they were the most powerful members of the travelers and engaged to be married. They were going to bond their love true some kind of magic that would make them inseparable, even through death. A witch named Qetsiyah discovered that Silas was just using her to get the magic, and she trapped in a void, immortal, and waited for him to take the cure. Plot twist! She never she was Silas’ one true love, just that he was hers. She’s Qetsiyah and she’s been trapped on the other side for 2,000 years and now she’s back for Stefan. Huh?

The Vampire Diaries S5E3

Road Trip

From the backseat of the car, Katherine is really playing up the “Why are you dreaming about Stefan, Elena? That probably means something, huh?” bit. It works cause it’s getting to both Damon and Elena.

Speaking of road trip, the Traveler Gregor is still alive and hitching a ride in Matt. He’s pissed when Nadia summons him forward. She explains that she had to kill him to gain Silas’ trust. He wants to know where his body is buried and she says she’ll tell him if he’ll call Elena and find out where Katherine is.

Flashback time! So, Silas tricked Qetsiyah into making the immortality elixir and stood her up at the altar. He was in the woods drinking it with someone else, her handmaiden, Amara, who just happens to look exactly like Elena/Katherine!

Amara and Silas disrupted the natural order of things by drinking the elixir and in the ripple effect, throughout time, Doppelgangers were born: Elena, Katherine, and Stefan. The whole time Qetsiyah has been telling this story, she’s also been making a new daylight ring for Stefan. She’s crafty!

Pit Stop

Damon and Elena leave Katherine asleep in the car while they enter the bar from the dream. The bartender that Stefan attacked is compelled to tell them that Stefan was put into a car by a woman, and the car belonged to the old guy who lives nearby. They obviously recognize his name as the dead guy in the safe. The bartender gives Damon a shot and it has vervain in it.

Original Sin Elena and Damon


Nadia appears with a gun, just as Katherine appears from outside. Katherine tells her that Elena is Katherine, then Elena jumps Nadia and instructs Katherine to run.

The Vampire Diaries Nadia

Original Sin Katherine

Elena goes after EuroBitch while Damon goes to find Stefan.

Qetsiyah tells Stefan that Silas is super powerful after 2,000 years of consuming blood and honing his skills. Stefan asks what happened to Amara. Qetsiyah killed Amara after forcing her to take the cure. She dropped Silas in the tomb with the cure, thinking he’d eventually take it just to be with Amara. Wrong. Stefan figures out that she’s not making him a ring after all. She’s paranoid, crazy, and controlling, and that shit has been working for her so far. Why fuck it up now by trusting someone? She does her witchy magic and brings Stefan to his knees.

Bitchy Bonding

Elena finds Katherine, but before they can hightail out of the woods, Katherine wants to know why Elena didn’t kill her after giving her the cure. Elena said that they’re not alike and she values her humanity. She was hoping that Katherine would find hers. Katherine thanks her, which surprises Elena. This also leads to EuroBitch appearing and snapping Elena’s neck and then making off with Katherine.

Bonding moment officially over.

Damon arrives at the cabin and wonders why Qetsiyah has her compost all over Stefan, who’s tied a chair. She’s going to perform a spell that links him to Silas, and then weaken Silas’ mental powers. Good thing Stefan agrees to do it because she was about to fuck Damon’s shit up. Also, Silas had followed Nadia and was about to make her shoot herself in the heart, but Qetsiyah’s spell worked. Both Silas and Stefan are unconscious and bleeding from the eyes. Nadia makes off with Katherine.

Lovers Quarrel

So, Qetsiyah tries to convince Damon to leave Stefan with her. She tells him that there have been many Doppelgangers throughout time trying to be together and the universe is working against him and Elena. He seems to go along with it, but attacks her instead. She knocks him across the room and disappears just as Elena arrives and all she cares about is Stefan.

Katherine is in a hotel room with Nadia when Silas calls. Katherine takes the phone and Silas tells her that he wants her because the cure is in her blood.

Matt wakes up on the floor of his house when his cell phone starts ringing. It’s Elena telling him that they found Stefan and that Katherine is gone. He doesn’t remember talking to her earlier, but covers his confusion when he notices muddy footprints on the floor leading out the front door.

Damon is truthful with Elena and tells her what Qetsiyah said about the universe wanting the Doppelgangers to be together. She says that’s crazy talk and Damon agrees. He’s not going to stop anything or anyone keep him from building a life with her. Hot!

Stefan awakens and has no memory of who Elena and Damon are. Oh, Qetsiyah.

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