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The Vampire Diaries – S5E5 – Monster’s Ball

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’

The Vampire Experiments

Dr. Maxfield is completely ignoring Jesse’s pleas as he notes the vampire changes happening to him. Elena is back to diary writing, missing Bonnie, and avoiding Damon. Caroline is busy getting busy with the newly-returned Tyler.

The Vampire Diaries S5E5

Elena finds a guy mourning over Megan’s memorial on campus. They grew up together and he’s not convinced she killed herself. He walks off without giving his name.

Nadia taunts Silas over the phone. She’s not giving up Katherine until she uses her for her own purposes. Katherine just wants some decent food. Someone should tell her that her human metabolism ain’t the same as her vampire one. She’s down for letting Silas have a sip of her blood so they can be done with him, but Nadia tells her that he doesn’t need a sip. He needs it all.

Let’s Make a Deal

Damon tells Jeremy (and Bonnie) that he wants to work with Silas to help him die so that they can bring Bonnie back: a life for a life. Bonnie’s not down for it because there are always consequences, but since Damon can’t hear her, Jeremy lies and says Bonnie is in. Silas is in, too, but only if Damon will kill Stefan.

Over lunch, Nadia reveals that she had herself turned into a vampire to track Katherine and get revenge on her for killing her mother. As they leave the diner, Katherine stakes Nadia in front of everyone and runs out.

Yet Another Ball

Yup. Mystic Falls has a special event every damn week and this one is no exception. This week’s theme is historical figures. Caroline and Tyler are Bonnie and Clyde, Stefan is James Dean, Elena and Damon are Anne Boleyn and King Henry.

Elena questions Megan’s childhood friend and finds out his name is Aaron. She compels him and learns that he’s acting so shady because he has survivor’s guilt. Everyone around him always dies.

Qetisyah, now Tessa, arrives as Cleopatra and reintroduces herself to Stefan. Damon intercepts and gets Stefan so he can snap his neck in front of Silas. Oh, Damon. I hope you have a plan.

He does! Silas needed Stefan dead to severe their link and to regain his powers long enough to read Tess’ mind. Silas/Stefan goes and gets his flirt on with Tess. He almost fucks it up by knowing about her being left at the altar, but covers by saying he asked about her. He does his magic mojo and learns that the anchor she created that connects the Other Side is lost to her as well. She’s at the ball because one of her talismans is on display there and she needs it to try and locate the anchor, which the Travelers have hidden and keep moving. He makes her forget they spoke about all of that and then loses his powers as Stefan awakens.

After trading a few barbs about Damon wanting to prove himself to Elena, Damon snaps his neck again.

Mommy Issues

Katherine finds Nadia wounded in an alley. Katherine tells her that she nicked her heart on purpose and she knows that Nadia’s story about her mother was fake. She gets Nadia to confess that Katherine did kill her mother, in 1492, by putting her neck in a noose and pushing her off a chair. She’s talking about Katherine! Katherine is her mother!

Elena shares a creepy dance with Maxfield and he warns her to leave school with her friends because people are watching them and asking questions. Tyler finally admits that he only came back to say goodbye to Caroline. He’s obsessed with finding and destroying Klaus.

The Vampire Diaries S3E5 Caroline

Silas walks in on Tess performing her locator spell, but before he can compel her into telling him where the anchor is, the connection between him and Stefan is broken when Stefan wakes up and pretends to still be dead. He does this long enough to snap Damon’s neck and get away. He arrives and warns Tessa that Silas is impersonating him. He takes his ring back and walks away. Tessa damages Silas’ heart which causes him to dry up like a statue. When Damon and Elena find him, Damon warns that this is not a good thing at all.

Turns out that Maxfield is Aaron’s legal guardian and tells him to stay away from Elena.

Hellos and Goodbyes

Katherine admits that she went back to get Nadia in 1498, but she was gone. This touches Nadia. “Nice to meet you,” Katherine says.

Caroline gives Tyler an ultimatum: if he leaves again they are done. Tyler leaves.

Damon breaks down to Elena that if Silas dies as a witch it will be enough to bring Bonnie back. The doorbell rings and it’s Katherine. She’s shocked to see Silas incapacitated on the sofa, but soon realizes that Damon means to feed her to Silas.


The Vampire Diaries S5E5 Katherine

She begs for her life, but Damon bites her and feeds her to Silas anyway. She falls to the floor, but after a few moments, Damon and Elena can still hear her heart beating.

The Vampire Diaries S5E5 Elena and Damon

Katherine wakes up and asks if she’s in hell.

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