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The Vampire Diaries – S5E7 – Death and the Maiden

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘Handle With Care’ 

Silas is being THAT guy. You know, the one who tells all his business to strangers in public, making them feel uncomfortable. Because telling people that you’re a 2,000 year old witch at a bus stop in Philly WILL make people freak out. Especially when you have a bandage soaked in blood on your neck, from the stab wound your previously stone lover gave you.

Silas TVD

Silas continues to spill all life story to this nice couple until he’s had enough. Then he starts to liquify the guy’s organs causing him to cough up blood. He tells the woman she’s next and she takes off running. Silas points out that love is fickle. As he helps the guy up off the ground he points out that buses, however, are always dependable. He boards the bus headed back south.

Stefan is back home, in his own bed, but he’s having nightmares because his memories are back, thanks to Tessa. Elena is happy to hear that, but he’s not looking to happy to remember all the bad things that have happened to him. Damon and Elena introduce her to Amara, who is going fucking batshit crazy, trying to eat her own wrists because she just wants to die. They can’t let that happen because they don’t want the Other Side destroyed until they figure out a way to get Bonnie back.

Katherine learns from Dr. Maxfield that she isn’t sick, she’s just aging. Time is catching up to her and she only has a few months left to live.

Breaking Promises

Silas calls Damon and says he’s not going to bring Bonnie back just to be a dick. He and Amara are going to die to be together. Elena says they have to figure out a way to stop him, but Stefan says Silas needs to die and he’s going to be the one to do it.

Nadia shows up at the college and after insulting Caroline, who’s trying to reach Jesse, she tells her she’s looking for Katherine. Katherine arrives and gets rid of Caroline by telling her that Nadia is her stylist. Nadia says she’s not going anywhere because Katherine has been avoiding her. Bad Mommy.

When Jeremy and Bonnie realize that Amara is both here and on The Other Side at the same time, and that she can interact with the spirits there (she can see and touch Bonnie), Bonnie comes up with the idea to become the anchor. There’s only one person who can perform that spell and it’s Tessa. Damon goes to the witch’s cabin to beg for the favor. She’s going to need a lot of power for that and says she’ll need doppelgängers. Good thing for her, Damon has doppelgängers coming out of his ears!

Caroline interrupts the non-bonding going on between Nadia and Katherine to tell Katherine she’s needed. Tessa spends a few minutes alone with Amara and tells her that she’s going to enjoy killing her after the spell is completed. Since she’s just a regular human now, she will not be spending eternity with Silas when she passes on. Later, Katherine asks Tessa to help cure her aging and Tessa agrees to do so after they perform the spell.

Anchor Swap, Coming to ABC This Fall

Tessa starts to perform the spell which involves the blood of the doppelgängers swirling together over Bonnie’s grimoire. But then the lights start flashing and the wind picks up – in the house – and Tessa says it’s Silas. He demands that he show himself. But not in a sexy way.


The Vampire Diaries S5E7

With the lights out, Amara slips away as does Tessa. Tessa has a confrontation with Silas in the library and he impales her with a fireplace poker. Stefan calls and he’s all, “I got your girl, Silas.” Katherine’s not healing from the cut Tessa gave her to make perform the spell. Caroline tries to heal her with her blood, but Katherine spits it up. Since taking the cure, the universe is really fucking with Katherine. Karma, much? Elena finds Tessa and refuses to let her die.

Silas finds Amara out in the woods. They profess their love, but Amara is ready to die. And Silas is finally ready to kill her, but Stefan arrives and he’s a little cranky about that whole spending a summer underwater in a safe thing. Stefan kills Silas and then Amara kills herself, despite Damon’s efforts to save her. Tessa is still performing the spell, however, and it works. Before Amara died, Bonnie became the anchor just as Jeremy tells her that he loves her. She loves him, too! They touch and then Elena and Caroline show up for a group hug. Ah, all is right with the world. Jeremy is never going to let Bonnie ago again.

Death and the Maiden

Breaking Promises Part 2

Katherine is ready for Tessa’s cure, but Tessa has already slit her wrists and is waiting to die. She’s going to be with Silas on the Other Side. She then appears to Bonnie and tells her that every supernatural death will pass through her and she’ll feel it. And it’s gonna hurt like a bitch. Bonnie screams in pain.

The Vampire Diaries Tessa

Out in the woods, Stefan is burying Silas and Elena wants to know if Silas’ death will finally make Stefan okay. She feels guilty because she got everything she wanted: she was in love with Damon, she had a great summer, she got Bonnie back, but she needs to know that he will be okay, too. He admits that when the safe was open, he wanted it to be her. And Damon. He wanted them both to save him.

Now that Bonnie is back, Caroline’s dorm room is full so that means Katherine has to hit the road. Caroline tries to thank Katherine what she did to help them, but Katherine reminds her that she killed Caroline once and they still hate each other. Noted. Nadia arrives and wants Katherine to go back to Prague with her, but Katherine nixes that idea. She doesn’t want to do anymore mother-daughter bonding and she’s actually doing Nadia a favor. Nadia cries a bit as Katherine walks away saying that she’ll never see her again.

Stefan is burying Silas, but the ghosts of what he put him through are still there.

Question: What the hell is up with Matt? Does anyone care?


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