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The Vampire Diaries – S5E8 – Dead Man on Campus

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘Death and the Maiden’

Dr. Maxfield puts undiluted Augustine blood into Jesse and it doesn’t work out too well when it gives Jesse superhuman strength with which to eat him. Jesse calls Caroline to his dorm room and she gets there just in time to see him bite into his roommate, Aaron. Elena and Caroline give Jesse the lowdown on being a vampire. They feed him, teach him to heal his roomie, and then let him get his compulsion on.

Caroline and Elena are having a party for Bonnie because every week there has to be some function in Mystic Falls. Elena compels Aaron to go, but no such luck with Stefan who has his memories back and remembers that he hates Elena and Damon. While they party, Damon holds Dr. Maxfield in his lab and threatens to inject him with a flesh-eating bacteria to get answers out of him. And then he does.

Bonnie has a new ‘do and it’s ca-yoot! She’s leaving a video message for her mommy, but conveniently leaves out the “I’m an anchor to The Other Side and no longer a witch” part.

Bonnie New Do

She gets all kissy-kissy with Jeremy, but it’s cut short when she notices a creepy old lady staring at her. Then the creepy old lady touches her when she’s alone and it causes Bonnie to scream in pain before the woman disappears. At the party, Bonnie admits to the newly-vamped Jesse that she’s dating her best friend’s little brother who’s still in high school… and she’s madly in love with him. Awwww. She has a chat with the woman on The Other Side and learns that she’s a witch. Bonnie feels a bit better about her new gig as the anchor. Then she scampers off to have sex with Jeremy ’cause he’s ten kinds of hot.

The Vampire Diaries S5E8 Bonnie

In exchange for drinks, Katherine translates the video he made of himself when he was blacked out. Then she realizes her daughter, Nadia, was behind it all. Later, she gets drunk… drunker… and has a heart-to-heart with Stefan and asks for his help with Nadia. They tie up Matt and Nadia calls out Gregor, his passenger, who admits that after he killed Silas he was going to kill Katherine. He doesn’t know why. He doesn’t question his orders. Katherine stabs him, which kills Gregor, but not Matt.

Maxfield admits that Jesse will crave vampire blood and this happens just as Jesse bites Caroline on the dance floor. Then he runs off. Aaron and Elena bond at the party and he explains that his parents were killed by a “bear” on a camping trip. Elena realizes it was a vampire. She rushes off to tell Damon not to kill Maxfield.

Stefan has a meltdown and basically chokes the shit out of Katherine until she talks him down by reminding him that he’s in control. Nadia tells Katherine to rot in hell after Gregor dies. Elena calls Damon and gets him to agree not to kill Maxfield. He’s about to cure him with his blood when Jesse storms in and demands answers. Maxfield tells him he was made to feed on the monsters and Jesse attacks Damon. Damon assumes he has the upper hand because he’s older than Jesse, but he’s oh so wrong. That Augustine blood ain’t no joke! He’s about to bite Damon’s head off when Elena stakes him and Jesse dies in Caroline’s arm. Elena apologizes, but Caroline really doesn’t want to hear it.
Welp. That’s a shame. Jesse was super cute.

Stefan finds a suicide note Katherine left for Nadia and just as she jumps off the clock tower, he saves her. With tears in her eyes she tells him she’s dying of accelerated old age. He tells her, “Hey. You’re Katherine Pierce. Suck it up.”

I love this damn show.

Bonnie tries to get her freak on with Jeremy, but they’re interrupted by Jesse’s spirit. Once he passes through, they get down to business. Elena tries to convince Caroline that she had no other choice but to kill Jesse.

The Vampire Diaries S5E8

At the lab, Maxfield is working on his restraints while Damon is going through all the blood samples. He asks why one bag is labeled 12144. He wants to know because he was 20151. Damon was an Augustine vampire. Before he can kill Maxfield, Maxfield presses a button that releases a mist of vervain. Damon wakes up in cave-like prison while having flashbacks of being tortured.

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