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The Vampire Diaries – S5E9 – The Cell

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘Dead Man on Campus’

Back in the ’50s, Damon was kidnapped and forced to be a test subject for Augustine. A doctor Whitmore has him tied to a gurney. Ruh-roh.

Stefan has Katherine on suicide watch and forces her to write her emotions down in a journal. She’s so not about that life. Plus, how can he help her when he’s still suffering from panic attacks? She calls Caroline for backup and Caroline brings a big-ass safe. Ummm. I guess? She locks him in and puts him through some exposure therapy or something. Of course, he flips the hell out while she’s busy arguing with Katherine. Katherine figures they need to step it up from baby steps. When he passes out, Caroline locks Katherine in the safe with Stefan. She tells him he will have to control himself in order not to kill her. It works, but then things get all hot and heavy as Katherine tells him his real problem is not dealing with the pain of losing Elena. Caroline interrupts and Stefan is cured!

Later, Stefan and Katherine totally get it on and Caroline can hear it with her super vampire hearing. Ewww.

Elena reaches out to Aaron who is all kinds of messed up because campus police told him that Jesse killed himself. Her real reason, though, is to find Damon who hasn’t been seen since going to see Maxfield. She tells him that Maxfield faked Megan’s death certificate. They head to Whitmore house and Elena is shocked that she’s able to enter when he invites her in. Turns out, he’s Aaron Whitmore, son of the doctor who held Damon. Elena is again surprised to see a pic of her dad in the hall, but the real surprise comes when Maxfield injects her in the neck and she passes out. Maxfield gives Aaron the rundown: vampires are real, family legacy, blah blah blah. He also tells Aaron that his parents were killed by vampires and shows him the pics. He wants Aaron to join him in continuing his father’s work, but Aaron knocks him out and leaves.

Elena wakes up in the cell next to Damon and he tells her about the five years he spent in that cell being tortured by Whitmore. The only reason he didn’t go completely insane was because of a vampire in the next cell, Enzo. Elena tells Damon that her dad was apart of Augustine and it makes her sad. Enzo and Damon do Rock, Paper, Scissors to figure out which of them will drink the other’s blood rations for a year so that they could lead an escape during the New Year’s Eve party Whitmore would always parade them out for. Damon won. The next New Year’s Eve party, Damon kills everyone, but leaves Enzo to die in the fire because he couldn’t save them both. When Aaron shows up, ready to kill Elena because he thinks she killed his parents, Damon confesses to killing Whitmores every generation. He leaves one to grow up, have a family, and then he starts all over again. The last one was a woman a few months ago (Aaron’s aunt), right when he was first hooking up with Elena. Daaaamn. Aaron shoots Damon in the head.

When Damon wakes up, Elena is gone. Guess where she is?

Tied to a damn gurney next to ENZO!

The Vampire Diaries S5E9 Elena and Enzo


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