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The Vampires Diaries – S5E6 – Handle With Care

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, ‘Monster’s Ball’ 

Race For the Anchor

Katherine is celebrating her not dying by eating a shitton of food in a diner. All’s good until she realizes a side effect is a big clump of grey hair. Elena and Damon are trying to have a good morning and Silas ruins that by simply showing up. He says he’ll keep up his end of the bargain, but first they need to find the anchor in New Jersey and destroy it. This sucks. No one wants to go to Jersey. Especially Jeremy who just wants to kill Silas, but Elena and Damon talk him out it.

Stefan wakes up with a tequila hangover in Tessa’s place. Tessa is convinced that Silas will die today, but he won’t be going over peacefully to the Other Side to be with Amara. She’s going to see to it that he spends eternity in purgatory. BUT she can’t leave the house until sundown because Silas put a spell that she taught him on her cabin.

Katherine is in Elena’s dorm because why? Anyway, she’s there washing that grey right out of her hair. Caroline shows up and quickly figures out that she’s not Elena. Katherine says she’ll help Caroline with her Maxfield problem in exchange for a place to crash and Elena’s meal card. Katherine sure likes to eat. Later, they inject him and knock him out in his lab.

The Vampire Diaries S5E6 Katherine and Caroline

Cabin Fever

Elena is not happy to learn that Damon broke Stefan’s neck repeatedly and blames that for why he’s running to Tessa. She rushes over to the cabin to apologize, which means that she’s trapped inside the cabin, too. She learns this when she tries to leave after realizing that Tessa lied to her on the phone about them sleeping together.

When Maxfield wakes up they threaten him with death if he doesn’t tell them about the secret society. He says that the group was going to invite Elena to join until they suspected she was a vampire. Katherine says she’ll go to the meeting to convince them otherwise, but he warns that as a vampire, she won’t get through the door.

At the Jersey warehouse, Silas, Damon, and Jeremy search through crates to find the anchor. Tessa calls Damon and tells him that he better kill Silas before the sun goes down or she will kill Elena. She also makes sure he knows she was able to lure Elena there using her jealousy over Stefan. Slick bitch.

Not So Secret Society

Katherine arrives at the secret society shindig, posing as Elena. The woman in charge is obviously surprised to see her and the fact that she didn’t burst into flames upon entering. Katherine heads right for the buffet table and only stops eating long enough to talk to Aaron, who is also surprised to see her and the fact that she doesn’t remember him. Their chat is cut short when her tooth falls out and she rushes out mortified.

Damon breaks it to Jeremy that they’ll have to break their deal with Silas to save Elena. Jeremy apologizes to Bonnie, but she says it’s okay. Maybe it’s not meant for her to come back. At the cabin, Elena tells Tessa what her actions have done, but Tessa gives zero fucks about Bonnie and Elena’s feelings.

The Vampire Diaries Bonnie

Two Traveler’s show up and Damon kills them because they want to stop him from killing Silas. Caroline is still draining Maxfield’s blood and she compels him to tell her about the secret society called Augustine. They covered up Megan’s death because she was killed by an Augustine vampire. Before she can get more out of him, the woman hosting their party earlier shows up. Caroline compels him to forget the whole thing and to admit that she and Elena aren’t vampires.

Oh, Snap!

Tessa calls Damon and drops hints as to what the anchor is. Just as Silas opens the crate holding the anchor, Damon figures out that the anchor is Amara. Silas finds her, feeds her the blood of one of the dead Travelers, and she awakens. He takes her outside and explains everything that happened. She stabs him in the neck and feeds on him. She wants to die. Later, she wanders around talking to herself. I guess spending 2,000 years in a box will do that to you.

The Vampire Diaries Stone Amara

Katherine shows up at Maxfield’s lab, admits that she’s not Elena, and tells him she will spill all of his Augustine secrets if he doesn’t help her figure out what’s happening to her.

The Vampire Diaries Handle With Care Katherine

Stefan stabs Tessa and he and Elena make a run for it. They are at home later so Damon figures out Stefan must have forgiven Elena. They vow to figure out a way to bring Bonnie back, but first, they need to protect Amara who is now mortal, and bound and gagged in Damon’s trunk. Upstairs, Tessa waits for Stefan in his room and brings back all of his memories and pain.


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