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The Walking Dead – S3E1 – Seed

When we last left everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family of zombie bait, they had just left Lotso Huggin’ Hershel’s farm in ashes. They wandered out into the woods–not unlike what ne’er-do-well Carl is wont to do–and Andrea came upon some badass chick with pet zombies, while the others ended up near some ostensibly abandoned-as-fuck prison (but everybody knew there had to be some people holed up in there. Oh, and Rick killed Shane dead; then Carl killed Shane undead.

Seed opens up with the menfolk busting into some abandoned house, killing walkers (and owls) and shit. Everyone looks pretty much the same, except Carl has apparently become harried since shooting Shane, and I don’t say that just because he appears to be sporting a new mullet under that ever-present cowboy hat of his; he’s actually carrying himself like he knows what he’s doing. Hershel, too, has a new appearance; he has a beard. Yeah, that’s it. I guess I should mention how Lori looks like she’s ready to pop that baby out any day now. Her belly looks like the balloon Felix Baumgartner used to reach space. The point? Some time has passed. The group gets a little settled into this humble abode: Carl starts to open a can of something, but Rick opens a can of whoopass on that idea. I guess he doesn’t like baked beans? Rick may not be hungry, but there are some walkers right outside, and they appear to be starving. Seeing this, our merry band makes like regulators and rolls out.

Bearded Hershel, The Walking Dead S3E1

This man has seen things you would not believe… Also, he carries a satchel, now; satchels are cool.

After wandering up the road a piece (only stopping to “wash their panties”, as Daryl so eloquently puts it), they finally make it to this prison we’ve heard so much about. This is when we really see where their time together in this dystopia has changed them: Rick takes charge, coordinating their militant assault on this prison yard that is overrun by zombified inmates. He instructs each of them to take their individual places atop various towers and distraction “you may be eaten” spots, and they do it. That’s the fairly new development that we only started seeing in the season two finale; they’re working together, and they’re doing it well. On top of this, they are killing machines with blood so cold it’s worthy of Dave Chappelle’s Rick James. They kill every single inmate–roughly 100, or so–and do it without breaking a sweat. Let’s hope this is a sign that we’re going to get away from any kind of wishy-washy “maybe we should keep walkers in the barn” sentimentality.

They set up camp in the prison yard instead of going inside for reasons that are not very clear, unless it’s just because most of them are white people, and white people love camping. This is when we get into some awkward moments where Daryl and Carol share a quasi-romantic moment, followed by a singalong around the campfire… what? Yes, they sing, and I don’t know why anyone thought this was a good idea. Anyway, it turns out they camped outside because there are more prison walkers between them and the prison. Rick actually wants them to fight there way inside, but it seems the only fighting anyone is interested in doing is fighting Rick’s idea. I guess they aren’t as cohesive a unit as previously indicated; that’s probably the reason their little campfire ditty wasn’t “Cumbaya”. Daryl still questions Rick’s ability to lead, and Lori seems to encourage Rick to not lead so much. Nobody is on the same page, and Rick is sticking with the decision he made last season: he’s not taking shit, anymore. The problem is: that attitude is alienating everyone, or alienating him away from everyone, which can’t be good in the long run.

Campfire singalong, The Walking Dead S3E1

I have a ghost story for you: you are surrounded by the undead!

The next morning, away from our group, we get another look-in on the exploits of the badass lady with pet zombies. Update: she’s still being all badass out there. Now, back to the regularly scheduled nomads.

Even though nobody was really on board with Rick’s great idea to break into prison, we’re met with the clan doing just that. They bust through a fence with the veracity of Kool-Aid Man and are met head-on by plenty of walkers, but they’re not ordinary walkers; these are prison guard walkers, and they are decked out in riot gear, which is completely awesome. Nevertheless, Tricky Rick and his funky bunch quickly dispense with their armored combatants, and they do so with cringe-inducing effect, including Rick pulling one walker’s helmet off and, with it, ripping off its face; then the creepy bastard just chatters around on the ground for several seconds until you’re oh-so-glad when Rick smashes its face in.

So, with almost no effort, we’re inside the prison, now. This means Lori was bitching at Rick for no reason, yet again; some things never change. Everyone spreads out and chooses a cell to sleep in; everyone except Daryl, because he “ain’t sleeping in no cage.” The man’s mastery of the English language ain’t second to no ‘nother. They’re all pretty cozy in this prison, which means shit is about to un-cozy that ass.

This is when the show, again, checks in with the badass chick. This time, though, we see that she’s still dragging around Andrea, who is sick–well, dying. To her credit, Andrea does tell badass chick and her pet walkers to go on without her. The problem is that I never liked her and still don’t like her, so I’m all for that idea. Leave her. They don’t separate, however. Apparently, the badass chick has some kind of “morality” that won’t let her leave Andrea behind. Whatever.

I probably should not disagree with this woman because she will absolutely tear me apart.

Back at the Happy Happy Correctional Facility, Lori is going crazy, like, to batshit levels. She seeks counsel from Hershel about her fears of the baby dying inside her, becoming a walker (crawler?), and ripping her apart. Is she serious, right now? She goes on to lament the state of her marriage and her shitty mothering abilities. You know, if you don’t want your son to hate you, try–I don’t know–remembering he exists. Not all the time; I mean, who keeps track of their kids all the time? Just check in on him from time to time. Just a suggestion. Anyway, Hershel manages to chill her out.

Now, most of the group tasks themselves with exploring the prison to find its kitchen, infirmary, etc. This is when something amazing happens: Rick actually tells Carl to stay behind with Lori and Beth, Hershel’s youngest daughter with whom Carl has a… uh… “bond”. Rick convinces Carl by telling him he would be the “last man standing” if something was to go wrong. I know! I was just as shocked as you. Rick actually looking after the well-being of Carl? Who would have known he had it in him? What’s even more shocking is that Carl listened. It’s like a whole new show!

By the way, the group’s little excursion is a rousing failure. They run right into a ton of prison walkers, one of whom promptly chomps on Hershel’s leg. He gets away, but you remember that guy earlier in the series who jumped off the roof and got himself impaled on that fence? You remember what they almost did to try and save him? And guess what they did to Hershel. They didn’t. No, you’re damn right they did. To keep him from dying, Rick chopped Hershel’s leg off. O-F-F. Off. Chopped off. Hershel’s new nickname is “Eileen”. He can wear all his pants twice without washing them. The man has one leg. Do you get what I’m saying?

“Nah, that’s something that happens to other people. Not me.”
– Hershel

As Hershel passes out (from the joy of being saved, surely), Daryl calls our attention to a group of walkers behind a steel cage, but wait; those aren’t walkers. There are a group of people still alive in this prison, and they are shocked–mostly at Rick’s chop suey, I’d bet.

This premiere got the season off to an awesome start. I’m sure most of us know at least a little bit about what lies ahead (and the names of some of the characters), but I’ve omitted those things which aren’t known in-universe, yet. Feel free to discuss these things in the comments, but be mindful that other readers may not know what you know; if you’re going to post spoilers, just let everyone know beforehand. Likewise, anyone reading this should be mindful that there may be further spoilers in the comments, since this show is based on source material that plenty of people have already read.

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14 Comments on The Walking Dead – S3E1 – Seed

  1. That was an awesome recap – thank you! And that can that Carl was opening, it was dog food. I guess Rick thinks it’s best to have everyone, espeically his pregnant wife, starve than to eat something.

    Daryl & Carol’s part was…weird. Carol is weird herself…she just needs to get zombified & outta there…she’s too old for Daryl, ha!

    • Thanks for reading! And thanks for cluing me in on the dog food; I didn’t get a good look at that label. I guess Rick’s objection to eating it makes more sense, now.

      Carol is very weird, and she’s not a very interesting character, either. I don’t know, but I’d imagine we’re going to lose her this season, after she and Daryl become more attached to each other, of course.

  2. No prob! ;o)

    And having a DVR has helped me…I just got it a few weeks ago & has been a great convenience….also, that Time Warner Cable app on the iPad is great, too. Yeah, I know I’m late on the whole DVR life, haha

    Yeah, I’m assuming that Daryl will ‘seal the deal’ with Carol some time soon……bleh! I don’t follow the comics, I like watching it play out & be new to me….and yeah, Andrea…she’s an idiot!!!!!!!

    • The DVR has completely changed how people watch television… and rewatch television… and rewatch… and rewatch.

      Even though I’ve read ahead and seen some of what is going to happen, I agree that it’s more fun to watch it play out without knowing much about the future.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA I laughed so hard at the part about Hershel’s leg.

    And when they first passed that zombie on the floor I thought, “Why don’t they just stab him in the head for good measure?”

    • I was caught completely off guard when Rick hacked off Hershel’s leg. I mean, it’s the obvious thing to do, but he just did it so quickly. This really is a Ricktatorship, now, and Rick doesn’t wait for people to say he’s right. He just gets shit done.

      And that’s one of the rules of surviving the zombie apocalypse: double tap.

      • Funny shit dog! I love the fact that even though you are fighting for your life and have little or no food, you can still find it within your self to uphold your standards and be a food snob!
        I didn’t see Hershel going down so soon. I figured it would be his daughter for dinner. He deserved it, he was sleeping at the wheel. Now they have the token gimp to drag them down.

  4. **Spoiler (kinda)***

    I like Andrea now only because of how useful she may (or may not) become. Depending on which direction the show is taking, but she grew on me with the season finale.

    I’m very happy to see the women on the show haven’t been doing laundry and making meals and instead are helping with the bad ass zombie killing. God, they were so weak in season 1 and 2.

    Why are Michonne and Andrea walking? All winter and they didn’t pick up a vehicle?

    Rick was kind of a dick last night and made a huge mistake taking their only medic with them to have his leg hacked off. I know certain characters lose their hands but I’m curious to see how long Hershel’s going to last without his leg.
    I was told that in the novel it was another charachter that lost his leg, one that they killed off too soon in the show….but apparently he last for quit some time with one leg. I hope they take this direction with Hershel because I really like him. Any time someone objects to Rick, he pretty much says “shut up and listen to Rick!”

    Good summary of the episode I look forward to more 🙂

    • I hope Andrea grows on me more while she’s with Michonne because Michonne is really cool; maybe some of that can rub off on Andrea.

      I’m glad to see the women more involved, too. Everyone except for Lori seems to have improved, in terms of their usefulness.

      This is going to be the season of Rick being a dick and making brash decisions that may result in things like Hershel getting his leg hacked off. That’s what come from Rick deciding “I’m going to be the leader, and everyone else can just shut up and fall in line.” I hope Hershel can stick around for a long while, too; he’s great.


  5. I am so Team Walker Fetus Who Eats Lori! When she was revealing that fear to Hershel all I could think was, “That would be AWESOME.”

    I haven’t read the books, so I’ve decided Michonne and Andrea must be a couple, because why the fuck else would she drag her around? I still don’t understand what the pet walkers are for, but they look cool.

    I like that Carol seems less doormatty this season, and I liked her joking with Daryl.

    As soon as Hershel got bit, I knew he was going to lose that leg. But I still climbed up the back of the couch during that scene like a rabid cat, because HOLY SHIT.

    Awesome recap, John.

    • Having a crib walker burst through Lori’s gut all Alien-style would be freaking awesome. (I’ve decided zombie babies are “crib walkers”, now)

      I would like it a lot if Michonne and Andrea were a couple, for obvious reasons and just because it would be nice to see.

      I guess the shit Carol has been through has helped her get away from being a doormat.

      When Rick lopped off one of Hershel’s “walkers”, did you notice how nobody even flinched? I don’t think even Hershel was taken aback by it. They are walking callouses.


    • She has the walkers on chains to keep other walkers from bothering her.

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