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The Walking Dead – S3E13 – Arrow on the Doorpost

Previously on The Walking Dead “Clear.”

Just like last week, this episode starts with members of the group already away from the prison. Hershel, Daryl, and Rick cautiously approach some kind of barn. While Hershel waits in the car, and Daryl waits outside, Rick enters with his gun drawn. After a few moments, the Governor appears.

“We have a lot to talk about.”

Understatement much?

The Walking Dead S3E13 Daryl and Rick

Daryl is on the look out…

The governor takes off his gun belt as a show of good faith. At this point, I want Rick to shoot him in his other eye, but we still got three episodes left to the season. The governor takes a seat at the table and there’s a gun strapped beneath it. Good thing Rick doesn’t put his gun down. Also, Daryl is peeking in the window, which I find funny as hell.

The Walking Dead S3E13 Daryl in the window

I mean, he’s really looking out… and in…

Daryl tells Hershel that the governor is already inside and they’re talking. A truck pulls up with Andrea, Martinez, and Milton. Andrea is surprised to learn the governor is already inside. How many times does he have to lie to her/keep her out of the loop for her to get it? She stomps inside like a surly teen. She arranged this summit so they could squash their beef without anyone else getting killed. Rick tells the governor that he knows all about what he did, including what happened to Maggie. The governor skirts around that, but not before earning a side-eye from Andrea. Why Rick doesn’t just say straight out that the governor sexually assaulted Maggie – or came very close to it – is beyond me. Rick offers the governor a map with a plan: you stay over here, we’ll stay over there. The governor would much rather have Rick and his group surrender. When Rick points out that Andrea called this meeting so they could make a deal, the governor informs him that Andrea doesn’t have authority to do jack shit. Then they both ask Andrea to leave so the grownups can talk. BURN.

At the prison, Merle thinks they should head out and end things once and for all. Glenn says they’re going to stay put and listen to Rick.

The governor blames all the worse stuff on Merle. Then he drops a bombshell: Andrea told him that the baby might be Shane’s. What the hell, Andrea? Then he drops another bombshell: He has whiskey!

The Walking Dead S3E13 The Governor

For some reason, I would have assumed him to be more of a rum fan…

Outside, Milton reveals that he has recorded everything that has happened between them for history’s sake. Before he can dazzle them with the notes in his little book, ZOMBIES. Martinez, Andrea, and Daryl head off to take care of them. What follows is an entertaining pissing contest between Martinez and Daryl to determine who is more badass at killing zombies. The answer: Daryl. They semi-bond over a cigarette after, Martinez revealing that zombies killed his wife and kids. They both agree that the little summit between the governor and Rick don’t mean shit. They’ll all end up fighting anyway.

The Walking Dead S3E13 Daryl

Sometimes Daryl remembers his childhood dream of being one of Charlie’s angels.

Milton wants to know all about Hershel’s missing leg. What happened? Do they have doctors in their group who performed the amputation? Can I see your stump?

Wait. What? Hershel refuses, saying Milton has to buy him a drink first.

The governor tells a story that almost makes you feel bad for him: He got a call while at work saying his wife was in an accident and died. He never returned a voicemail she’d left him earlier that day. Yeah. You almost feel bad for him and then you remember his Fish Tanks o’ Zombie Heads.

At the prison, Merle decides he’s going to leave anyway and go help Daryl. Michonne, Maggie, and Glenn try to stop him. Outnumbered and gripped up by all three of them, Merle finally relents.

Hershel talks to Andrea. She wants to know what happened with Maggie. Hershel says simply, “He’s a sick man.” Why won’t anyone just tell her? She admits that she can’t go back to Woodbury. He tells her that she belongs with them because she’s family. *gag*

After more tense negotiation, the governor finally tells Rick that he will drop everything, no revenge, no war, if Rick will just give up Michonne.

Merle asks Michonne  to go with him to take out the governor. She says if he’s going to go off all vigilante, he’s doing it alone. Glenn and Maggie kiss and make up. He apologizes for not giving her space and she apologizes for shutting him out. Then they have hot dirty sex in the garage. They start to have sex outside, but Glenn can’t do it with zombies watching.

The Walking Dead S3E13 zombie at the fence

More like The Gawking Dead

The governor tells Rick to meet him back at the barn in two days. He’ll take Michonne off his hands and everything will be cool. Everyone goes back home, Andrea going with the governor because she’s an asshole. At Woodbury, the governor tells Milton they’re not going to stick to the deal he gave Rick. He wants them all dead, but wants Michonne for himself.

When they get back to the prison, Rick doesn’t tell the group about the offer. He tells them that they are going to war with Woodbury. Alone with Hershel, Rick tells him about the deal he was offered. Hershel thinks that Michonne has more than earned her keep with the group. Rick agrees, but wonders if she is worth the lives of everyone else. Rick admits that he is hoping Hershel will talk him out of turning over Michonne.

So, what did you think of this episode? Not as exciting as others, and definitely not as good as last week’s, but some solid storytelling that needed to take place… you know, before all hell breaks loose. Just three episodes left! 

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2 Comments on The Walking Dead – S3E13 – Arrow on the Doorpost

  1. I really like this episode! Not really any action but it kept me on edge.

    Has the series shown a sex scene like that before? Seemed more risque to me than the other ones. I feel like it was done purposely, as forshadowing. Hmmmm me tinks more babies are on their way.

    Also, this was another episode where they don’t speak for the first minute or so. I like that trademark for the show (like Lost and the eye opening scenes).

  2. Your photo captions cracked me up.

    I was really thinking that Glenn and Maggie were going to be attacked with their pants around their ankles. That would have been awkward!

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