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The Walking Dead – S3E2 – Sick

Previously, on The Walking Dead.

And now…

The prisoners from the kitchen are all



Rick and Maggie work quickly to secure what’s left of Hershel’s leg while Daryl and T-Dog keep their weapons trained on the confused prisoners. T-Dog takes out a walker so they can wheel Hershel back to their cell block. They leave the prisoners with the rest of Hershel’s leg.

Back at Cell Block C, Carol tries to stop the bleeding while Daryl watches the door. Sure enough, the prisoners from the kitchen have followed them. They have no idea what happened in the outside world. They argue when Daryl and T-Dog won’t let them in. Rick hears the ruckus and goes to intervene, but not before instructing Glenn to stay with Hershel.


The prisoners have been in the cafeteria for 10 months. They have a hard time believing that the world is basically over so the group takes them outside to see for themselves. Rick explains that they’re all infected. Soon, an argument breaks out when the prisoners’ leader, we’ll call him Jose, tries to take over the prison, dictating where everyone will or won’t live. After a tense debate, Rick offers to help them clear out their own cell block in exchange for half the food they have in the cafeteria. Jose looks like he can barely live with that arrangement, but agrees.

(l to r) Jose, Oscar, Andrew, Big Tiny, Old Redneck-y Fella

Carol manages to get the bleeding to slow down, but not completely stop. Lori says there has to be an infirmary around somewhere. They’ll need antibiotics, painkillers, and sterile gauze. Carol notes that if there is (why WOULDN’T there be an infirmary in a prison?), they’ll have to find it for Lori, too, who claims she’s not worried about delivering the baby in the prison.

The Cafe Crew – that’s what I call them now – lead Rick and Co. back to the kitchen. Oscar explains that they tried removing the doors to escape, but the slightest noise alerted the walkers. There’s more food in the pantry than the Cafe Crew let on and Jose tries to give less food than agreed upon, but Rick ain’t having it. Rick also stumbles upon their ‘bathroom.’ They’ve been pissing and shitting in a freezer for 10 months. That’s gotta smell like five guys pissing and shitting in a broken freezer for 10 months.

Back at Cell Block C, Maggie wants Beth to face the fact that their Dad might die. I’d say she’s in denial since she spent the whole conversation fashioning Hershel a new pair of pants to accommodate his stump. The group returns with food from the pantry and Rick instructs Glenn to handcuff Hershel. He’s not taking any chances.

Lori pulls Rick aside and asks about The Cafe Crew. He says he’ll help them clear out their own cell block. He admits that he doesn’t know if working/living alongside them will work, but his only other option would be to kill them. Lori gives her blessing. “If that’s what you think is best.”

Wow. Who the fuck asked you, Lori? Remember last time you set Rick loose? He killed his best friend, who you boned (and he’s probably the father of your baby), and you copped a fucking attitude. Why won’t she die already?

The group prepares to help clear out a new cell block. Jose wants to know why he needs pipes and bats when he has a gun. Um, they already established that noise attracts them, didn’t they? Anyway, they get the whole ‘go for the brains’ pep talk and head off.

Maggie asks for a moment alone with Hershel. She tells him that he doesn’t have to hold on for them. It’s okay if he wants to die. Even more unsolicited permission!ย She tells him to go be peaceful. Apparently, she’s forgotten that his death won’t, in fact, be peaceful. She leans in to kiss him and I was just waiting for him to eat her face.

The group heads off on their cell block clearing mission. After all the warning and preparation, the Cafe Crew delivers a loud, prison-style beatdown to a group of walkers: all rib and gut bunches and shanking. Not one head shot was given. T-Dog, Rick, and Daryl just shake their heads.

Everyone else is sitting by Hershel’s bedside when Carl comes strolling in wearing that stupid fucking hat and drops a bag of medical supplies on the floor. He found the infirmary on his own, killed two walkers, and brought back supplies.

“Are you crazy?” Lori asks.

No, he’s Carl. Pay attention. THIS IS WHAT HE DOES. Don’t get mad because you had no idea where he was for an hour. THAT’S WHAT YOU DO.

Rick and company finally get the Cafe Crew back on track, and it’s zombie brain bashing time. When Big Tiny (Yes, that’s his name. I didn’t make that up!) wanders away from the group, he gets a big zombie scratch on his back for his troubles. Jose takes out the zombie with three gunshots.

The whole Cafe Crew is retarded and they need to die.

Carol asks to speak to Glenn alone. He knows he’s not supposed to go anywhere in case Hershel goes Full Zombie, but he leaves anyway.

Big Tiny insists that he’s fine. He doesn’t feel a hankering for brains coming on. Rick isn’t convinced. And apparently, neither is Jose, who promptly beats Big Tiny’s brains in.

Shane 2.0!


No, really. This is my normal appetite.

Carol leads Glenn to the fence and picks out a female walker. She wants to practice cutting through the abdomen and uterus without cutting the baby. Never mind that there won’t be a baby in a walker, but whatever. Glenn says it’s a solid plan.

Back inside, the group takes on more walkers after Jose purposely opens a set of double doors after Rick instructed him to only open one so they could control the number of walkers coming in at one time. After Jose wildly takes a swing at a walker, obviously hoping to hit Rick, too, he pushes a walker on top of Rick. Daryl saves Rick, and the group dispenses of the remaining walkers. Jose offers up a lame-ass apology.

Then Rick puts a machete in Jose’s head. We’ll just call that his Badass Move of the Week.

Young Andrew of the Cafe Crew tries to make a move, but Rick shuts it down and Andrew runs off. Rick chases after him. T-Dog and Daryl secure the two who are left (Oscar and an older redneck-y fella). The latter claims ignorance at what Jose was up to, but Oscar tells him to stop talking.

Andrew runs outside and right into a group of walkers. Rick locks him out and refuses to let him back in. As Rick walks away you can hear Andrew screaming.

At Cell Block C, Hershel stops breathing. And because Glenn isn’t there to do what needs to be done, Lori performs CPR on Hershel. The whole time she was breathing in his mouth, I was screaming, “Eat her face! Eat her face!” Alas, he didn’t. He simply started breathing again. BOR-ING.

The redneck-y old fella pleads for his life. He says they’re not violent and it was all Jose. Oscar refuses to plead for his life though. Rick leaves them in their own cell block.

Everyone is all happy and weepy when Hershel opens his eyes.

Outside, we get a look at what soiled zombie crotch looks like as Carol begins practicing her c-section skills on a dead walker. Someone watches from the woods.

Later, Rick and Lori talk. He tells her he doesn’t think she’s a bad mother. Whatever. They circle jerk each for a few moments. “Hershel would be dead if it weren’t for you.” “You acted fast today and saved us all.” Finally, it boils down to the fact that these two really have nothing to talk about anymore and their marriage is as damaged as the society they’re living in. He pats her on the shoulder as a thank you for saving Hershel. Pretty sad.

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17 Comments on The Walking Dead – S3E2 – Sick

  1. I laughed out loud at “No, really. This is my normal appetite.”

    I loved it when Rick put the machete through Jose’s head. That’s exactly what I wanted him to do, but I didn’t expect the show to actually do it. That’s the new Rick; he makes brash decisions and deals with the consequences later. He doesn’t wait around for some shit to happen like with the zombie barn or with Shane. He just gets shit done.

  2. haha! “Shane 2.0.”

    I was certain that Hershal would eat Loris face… but my husband is sure that her baby will…either way.

    What has gotten into Rick this season? He keeps surprising me with his badassness.

    What is that damn blonde girls name? I can never remember it, Hershals daughter. How in the hell is she still alive? I suspect she will soon become Carls baby momma.

    Also, I am very curious about ninja chick and her pair of zombie pets.

  3. “Wow. Who the fuck asked you, Lori? Remember last time you set Rick loose? He killed his best friend, who you boned (and heโ€™s probably the father of your baby), and you copped a fucking attitude. Why wonโ€™t she die already?”

    Hahahahahaha! I hate Lori.

    I liked the episode a lot but I feel like they should of added some scenes with Michonne and Andrea because at this point I’m more interested in what they are doing.

    I think the two prisoners left seem ok, they may be useful to the group. My jaw had to be lifted from the floor when Rick took a machete to that vato’s skull. That was great!

    I literally have butterflies in my stomach for the premiere of the Govenor. I might geek out when he finally speaks.

    Any guesses on who was watching Carol from the woods?

  4. Jose, Cafe Crew…awesomeness!! LOVED “Shane 2.0”! Yesss!!

    That damn Carl and Lori…DIE ALREADY!!!!! My brother told me a few tidbits about Glen and Lori…not together, but what happens later, can’t wait for that.

    Zombie crotch, yeah, really! I was actually hoping there WAS a baby in there that would jump out and naw on Carol’s face…heh, heh! I’d like to see a preggo walker…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yeah, seriously, Beth should die and so should Hershel..he’s old and had a good life….lol.

    Did you see the preview to the next episdoe? They show Michonne and Andrea…and the pet zombies.

    LOVED that Carl took that machete to Jose’s head…that Oscar has some kinda plan…I wonder what he did to get in there…..

    I’m a newbie to The Walking Dead…watched the first two seasons in about 3 days [woulda been less, but I figured I had to take care of my family], all of season 2 in one night…yeah, I called out of work the next day, ha! I don’t like waiting, I need to watch this dang show every day!

    And Daryl…I think I might have a crush on him! Ok, Jani, I guess I DO have a crush on Daryl!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • *RICK took the machete…not Carl’s punk ass! HAHAHAHAHA!

    • According to the old white dude, he and Oscar were in for non-violent crimes. He said he liked his pharmaceuticals and that Oscar was a B&E (breaking and entering) guy and not very good at it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ahhh….ok, I head what he said about him, just not about Oscar. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • PS…so, it’s ok for Lori to just sit there and take the attitude Carl gives her and not be his Mom and give him SOME kinda rules??!! I just wanna slap Lori…lol.

          And that was SUPER COLD what Rick did…patting her on the shoulder…ha! Wow…heartless. But sheesh, I still can’t get over the fact that it was only a few months and she’s already boning his bff….and what the heck, she didn’t set up a vigil at his bedside??!! If it were my husband, I woulda been there. That gets me, but oh well, I guess we wouldn’t have the story we have now, now would we? ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • It drove my husband crazy too. He could not get over it. He kept saying ” Its been TWO Fing mins. since her husband died and she is all over the best friend.” It was then that he set mourning rules for us in the case of a zombie apocolypse. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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