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The Walking Dead – S3E3 – Walk With Me

Previously on The Walking Dead.

And now…

A helicopter (the one from the season 2 finale?) crashes in a field and who witnesses it but Andrea and Michonne. They head towards the wreckage with walkers not far behind.

Andrea is still sick so as they get close the crash, Michonne volunteers to check it out, leaving her pet zombies tied to a tree. She finds one soldier dead, split in half. Inside the copter, the other seems to be dead as well, but before she can investigate further, two cars show up and she hides with Andrea. How much you want to bet Andrea’s hacking gives them away? Either that or Michonne’s pet zombies will.

The men in the cars take out the nearby walkers. They find that one guy in the helicopter is still alive and start to pull him out. The guy cut in half turns into a zombie and they kill him, too. Michonne’s zombies start freaking the fuck out, making noise, so she kills them and goes back to hiding. The men in the cars are about to leave when a man shows up behind Andrea and Michonne and instructs them to drop their weapons. It’s Merle! Andrea faints.


Merle’s got a new arm! He and Hershel will have lots to talk about.

Andrea and Michonne are placed in a room. Merle explains that he was almost dead when this new group found him. He’s still a little shitty about being left. Andrea explains how many of them died and how they got run off the farm. She says it’s been 7 or 8 months since she saw the group. Michonne doesn’t trust Merle’s ass one bit.

The leader comes in (I’m just going to go ahead and tell you his name is Governor) and tells them they’re not prisoners.



But they’re totally being treated like prisoners.

When they question why he stabbed the dead men in the helicopter, he explains that when you die, you turn whether you’re bitten or not. He then tells them they can leave in the morning with their weapons and even a vehicle. Then he takes them on a tour of their town: Woodbury. It seems well fortified.


Governor shows them to a room with food and fresh clothes. Michonne is suspicious like a motherfucker.


Side-Eye of Death

The next day, Andrea and Michonne walk the streets and discover it’s a real town. Like, a functioning town with a garden and shit. 73 people! Almost immediately, Andrea becomes ungrateful, asking questions about why the men who guard the town had a walker strung up outside. I hate her.

The helicopter pilot explains that he has men still out in the field and Governor promises to find them. Later, he asks Merle about Andrea and seems very interested in Daryl.  In a lab, a man explains to Governor how Michonne’s pets were used as repellants. He has one’s head hooked up to electrodes or something, animating it. He wants to speak with Michonne and Andrea, but Governor insists that Merle is handling it. The man doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Governor serves Andrea and Michonne breakfast and questions how they survived as long as they did. The man from the lab is there as well. He questions whether or not they believe the walkers remember anything from being alive. He asks about Michonne’s pets and realizes she knew them before they died. She refuses to talk about it and the Governor instructs the man to let them eat. Michonne side-eyes the fuck out of him. There’s lots of tense conversation. Michonne just wants her fucking weapons back!

Andrea wants to stay a day or two. Michonne is ready to bounce. Andrea brings up the fact that they’ve been together for 8 months and she still doesn’t really know Michonne.

Governor shows up where Wells’ (the helicopter pilot) men are. He and his men ambush and kill them, taking their weapons. What the fuck?!?

Back in Woodbury, Governor and his men arrive with trucks from the men they just killed. He says that they were dead when they got there. Andrea later questions him about his real name and he ain’t giving it up. Michonne is still side-eyeing and looking suspicious as fuck.

Later, Governor leaves his bedroom – with a woman in the bed – and goes to a private room with a picture of him and his wife and kid and a bunch of zombie heads in fish tanks. And the head of the helicopter pilot.

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7 Comments on The Walking Dead – S3E3 – Walk With Me

  1. Does anyone have any idea why Michonne’s pets started freaking out?

  2. The end of this episode instantly reminded me of Futurama.

  3. I was wondering why Michonne’s pets were acting up too, espeically after the crazy, gotta-keep-an-eye-on-him, scientist guy at the Govenor’s was saying how you take away their jaws and arms, they lose their appetite. Hmm….

    My brother told me some things about Michonne, but I’m going to read Michonne’s backstory, thanks Bethany!

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