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The Walking Dead – S3E5 – Say the Word

Previously on The Walking Dead, you cried your damn eyes out!

And now…

In Woodbury, the sun is shining, kids are running through the streets chasing puppies, and the residents are sipping on cold beverages. One would think a zombie apocalypse isn’t in full effect. But all one would have to do is look at Michonne who is, you guessed it, side-eyeing THE FUCK out of the festivities.

Inside, the Governor is brushing his zombie daughter’s hair. She goes full-on zombie when he hits a tangle. He puts her in a straight jacket and places a pillow case over her head. He soothes her down to a low zombie gurgle. Then he notices Michonne side-eyeing his window.

At the prison, Rick is all spaced out. Daryl quickly takes charge and volunteers to go on a run for baby formula. Maggie agrees to ride shotgun. It’s the least she can do for Lori after slicing her stomach open. Rick comes out of his stupor long enough to grab an axe and head inside. He starts splitting zombie skulls.

The Governor gives a speech to all the residents. They raise their Kool-Aid in salute. Meanwhile, Michonne sneaks inside and gets her sword back. Then she starts nosing through a notebook. There’s a list of names that ends with Penny, but then pages and pages of slashes neatly down the page. She hears a noise in the next room, but before she can investigate, the Governor, Merle, and the scientist come in. She hides and overhears them. The scientist wants a postponement of the night’s activities, but the Governor says no.


“I’m thinking about changing the name of this place to Jonestown. Raise your Kool-Aid if you agree!”


Michonne escapes through a window and finds a warehouse with zombies locked up. She grins like, “This my shit right here!” Then she breaks the lock and proceeds to slice and dice through 6 or 7 zombies. I should point out that she had no way of knowing how many were in there when she busted the lock, but Michonne don’t give any kinds of fucks. Someone comes out with a bucket of meat for the zombies, but drops it when they spy Michonne looking like she ain’t tryna take no shit.



I guess the person with the bucket dimed her out because now Michonne is in the principal’s Governor’s office. She mentions Penny and he looks nervous, but she makes a statement which tells him she really doesn’t know shit about Penny. He guesses that she wants him to kick them out since Andrea wants to stay. He picks up her sword and says they like having her. She should join the research team. Before he can say shit else, she stands up, grabs her sword and points it at his neck. After a few moments of I Will End You staring, she stalks out. Merle comes in. The Governor assures him they don’t have a Michonne problem. He summons Andrea.

Glenn digs a grave. Axel and Oscar offer to help. Hershel tells Glenn that Rick is still inside. Glenn goes to get him while Oscar and Axel dig two more graves.

The Governor tells Andrea he needs her help with Michonne. She wants to know why they were holding Biters (their name for Walkers). He’s not getting into it. He tells her that Michonne makes people nervous and that she is forcing his hand. Andrea confronts Michonne who tries to convince her that the town isn’t what it seems.

Glenn finds Rick in the prison, out of breath, and covered in zombie goo. His axe is dripping with blood. Glenn tries to talk Rick into leaving, but Rick goes full White Boy Crazy and grips Glenn up. Glenn is all, “You right” and leaves Rick the fuck alone.

Merle, the scientist guy who looks like John Ritter, and two more townies go out to a field where there’s a sonar zombie trap of some kind. They have trapped a few zombies in a hole.

Daryl and Maggie find a daycare center and start to loot it. They find baby formula, but also a possum. Daryl shoots it and calls it dinner.

Michonne and Andrea are leaving town when Merle stops them. Andrea FINALLY gets a sniff of shit when Merle has to consult with a guard before letting them out. But then she’s all I TOLD YOU SO when Merle opens the gate. Andrea, dumb bitch, says she’s staying. Michonne says she’s going.

DEUCES! Michonne leaves.

Andrea is all sad because Michonne left. The Governor sits with her and says he’s sorry things didn’t work out with Michonne. He offers her a drink and something to take her mind off of things. A.K.A. some dick. (You KNOW those two are going to do it soon!)

At the prison, Maggie and Daryl return. Daryl holds the baby. What? Is he going to offer her some possum milk? No, he feeds her a bottle of the formula they found. Who knew he was good with a baby? He asks if Carl has a name for the baby and Carl proceeds to name every female who has died on the show. So useless.

Rick finally finds the room with Lori in it. But she’s not there. The blood, goo, and brain matter is, and the bullet from her head, but no body. He finds a blood trail to a zombie with a VERY full belly. Is that zombie pregnant? No. He just ATE LORI.

Let me say that again. The zombie ate the Lori remains.

Rick shoots the zombie then proceeds to stab it’s big belly. I’m not sure if he wants some undigested Lori to bury or what.

At Woodbury, we finally get to see the night’s special festivities. It’s ZOMBIE THUNDERDOME! Merle and another guy fight in a circle while zombies are chained around them. The chains are let out slowly. When Andrea is all, “What in the entire fuck is THIS bullshit?” The Governor explains that it’s all staged because they pull out the Biters’ teeth. She still says it’s barbaric. He says that it’s entertainment and that they’re teaching people to not be afraid. Now Andrea has a full face of “My ass shouldn’t be here.”


Daryl puts a fake flower from the daycare center on Carol’s grave. What did they bury? Her turban? Inside Lori’s death room, Rick is hearing the baby cry and then a phone ringing. He answers it.


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15 Comments on The Walking Dead – S3E5 – Say the Word

  1. Andrea was growing on me, now she’s back to her usual useless and whorish ways.

    I don’t like how they made it like the zombie ate Lori, zombies don’t eat bones! Where were her bones?

    • When he fell to the ground and it was just blood, goo, and a bullet, I thought, “Carl is such a fuck up. Did he totally miss her head? Is she zombie’ing it up in the corner?”

      Then he found the zombie who was clearly suffering from the itis and I yelled, “Oh, my God! He ATE Lori!” But you’re right, I noticed the lack of every else. Where were her clothes?

      Her hair sticking to his mouth was a nice touch, though.

      • Yea I was thinking Carl was a fuck up too. Hahaha

        I told my boyfriend that Lori is still alive because we never saw her getting shot and we all know how Carl takes after her. I thought the writers were going to play us like they did with the prisoner we all thought was dead in the last episode. It wasn’t until the second time I watched it last night that I realized they were insinuating that Lori was eaten by the bloated Zombie…I’m like WTF?!?!

        Suffering from the itis!!! Hahahahaha!

        Rick had clearly lost.his.shit.
        I think that he is going to hate the baby while Carl tries to protect it.

    • I thought the whole zombie ate Lori thing was illogical. The lack of clothes and bones. The bloated belly. I don’t think we’ve seen the fatigued, post Thanksgiving turkey zombie before. So full he didn’t react to Rick’s presence? Have we seen zombies eating ded people or just not dead zombies? Several zombies left more of T-Dog than this guy left of Lori. If he had some bread he’d have sopped up the blood.

  2. Thank you @Nina– again, I don’t have to watch- I just read your recaps and stay nightmare free:) And get a giggle or ten as I read.

  3. Oye, I’m pretty sure Daryl Mofo Dixon placed a Cherokee rose on Carol’s Grave. they grew wild in GA. Remember he brought Carol one when looking for Sophia. I liked how it tied the two
    stories together. Tale is that the Cherokee mothers tears of loss sprung into roses as they walked the trail of tears. Carol receives one while hoping to find her daughter, and then one when she is reunited in death.

  4. This episode went by too fast for me. I was like What?!? .. and then it ended. It left me with so many questions. I was left unimpressed with the whole stuffed full zombie. How can they just change the rules? When have zombies eaten THE WHOLE DAMN THING? Who the HELL is calling Rick? How did The Governor calm his zombie kid down to the point she just sat there and let him brush her hair, straight jacket or not. How did they just decide Carol is dead?

    One thing that I am not questioning is how useless Carl and Andrea are.

    • Exactly! They changed the rules. I’m not sure if they did that on purpose like, “OK. It will be more shocking if nothing is left so let’s do that even though it defies everything we’ve already established about zombies AND it will keep the ‘Lori is still alive’ rumors going.” Those bastards.

      I think the hair stuck to the zombie’s mouth nailed it for me. This damn show.

    • Also, I just realized that I didn’t watch this week’s The Talking Dead. I’m going to put it on now and see what they have to say about that. The director of the episode is on and so is Dalton Ross, an entertainment writer from Entertainment Weekly.

  5. I want Glenn and whatshername to “claim” the baby, since Rick is insane and Carl is… Carl.

  6. So . . . ladies. Who else wants to have Daryl Dixon’s post-apocalyptic babies?

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