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The Walking Dead – S3E6 – Hounded

Previously on The Walking Dead.

And now…

Merle and a few guys find some zombie body parts in the woods. They spell out Go Back. (The ‘back’ being an actual back.) The Governor sent them out to see what MIchonne is up to, and apparently she’s up to puzzles. One guy wants to go back because seriously, fuck that shit. She’s spelling out warnings with body parts! But Merle tells him to man up. Michonne drops out of the tress or some shit, kills two guys, and goes running into the woods. Merle shoots at her and grazes her leg, but she gets away.


Rick talks to a woman on the phone who says they’ve been calling for a long while, waiting for someone to pick up. She won’t tell him where she is, just that they’re safe and that they stay that way by being careful. Rick begs to learn their location and she says she’ll call back in two hours.

Rick gets cleaned up and checks in on the group who are eating in their cell block.

Merle and the other survivor stab the dead bodies in the head and Merle pep talks him into going after Michonne even though the guy is clearly traumatized.

In Woodbury, Andrea tells The Governor that she doesn’t like Zombie Fight Club, but she wants to stay. She wants to work the wall to remain a good shot.

Rick gets a call from a man this time. He asks Rick questions about how many people he has killed. When he asks about how Lori died (he figured out that Rick must have a dead wife if he has a kid and newborn, as he told the woman on the phone), Rick says he doesn’t want to talk about it. The man hangs up and Rick loses his shit.

Andrea sits on the wall, bonding with the girl teaching her to shoot a bow. A walker shows up and the girl misses… twice. Katniss she ain’t. Andrea jumps over the wall and takes out the walker with a knife. The girl isn’t happy that Andrea is treating it like a game. You know, as opposed to Zombie Fight Club.

Hershel shows up at Lori’s Death Room – yeah, that’s what I’m calling it – where Rick is waiting for the phone to ring. Hershel tells Rick that Lori was sorry and that Rick may be tempted to leave the prison because it has bad memories, but that they got a good thing at the prison. Rick tells Hershel about the phone calls. He offers to sit with Rick until they call back, but Rick refuses. Hershel picks up the receiver and doesn’t hear a dial tone.

Rick is going cray.

Michonne attacks Merle and the other guy. She slashes the other guy and gets in a few good shots at Merle. Zombies appear and after Merle and Michonne take them out, she disappears again.

Oscar, Daryl, and Carl are walking through the prison… why, I’m not sure… and Daryl starts telling a story about how his mother died from drinking and smoking in bed. Carl tells how he shot Lori before she turned. Carl wins this round of Fucked Up Dead Mother Stories.

Andrea is called to The Governor’s office and apologizes for going over the wall. Then she admits that she liked the Zombie Fight Club, but didn’t like that she liked it. Then she admits that she likes The Governor because she’s a whore.

In the woods, Merle is ready to go back and tell The Governor that they killed Michonne because she’s headed for The Red Zone anyway and is as good as dead. He don’t know Michonne. Anyway, the other guy, for some reason, decides to have some balls and is all, “No. You said this is serious shit. She killed two of our people. I’m gonna keep going. And I’m not lying to The Governor.” Then Merle is all, “Hey, look at that over there.” And shoots him in the head.

Michonne encounters zombies in the woods, but they walk right by her because she has the guts of the zombie she killed all over her.

Rick gets another phone call and the woman tells him he should talk about what happened to his wife. He freaks out when the woman knows his name. She hangs up.

Michonne limps onto a street, but hides when Maggie and Glenn pull up. They break into a store while Michonne watches.

The Governor and Andrea flirt, drink, and kiss. WHY is she such a whore?

Glenn and Maggie are loading up the car when Merle appears. Everyone pulls guns while Michonne watches. Merle asks about Daryl and wants to be taken to him. Glenn says Merle can stay there and they’ll bring Daryl back. Merle has put down his gun, but has one in his waistband behind his back. He pulls it and for some reason, Glenn and Maggie (who also have guns, remember) run. Merle grabs Maggie and makes Glenn drive them away. Michonne comes out of hiding.

Oscar, Daryl, and Carl come across a zombie and light it up Pulp Fiction-style. Daryl finds Carol’s knife in the zombie’s throat.


The Crazy Phone rings again and I’m so over it at this point. Anyway, this time it’s Lori on the phone. She asks Rick what happened. He says he loved her, but couldn’t put it back together. He thought he’d have more time to fix it.

Hey, crazy man. You are not talking to Lori. Lori is sitting in the belly of the zombie two feet from you!

Turns out, all of the people Rick has been talking to are people from their group that they lost the past three seasons.


Merle interrupts The Governor’s and Andrea’s after glow. He talks with The Governor in the hall and tells him about losing the other three guys (he blames it on zombies and Michonne) and says he killed Michonne. Then he tells him about Glenn and Maggie. The Governor is not happy that Merle didn’t bring back Michonne’s head and sword. You know, for his Head Fish Tank Collection. He is also concerned that Glenn and Maggie know Andrea. Merle says he’ll find out where their camp is. When The Governor goes back inside, he doesn’t tell Andrea about Glenn and Maggie.

Daryl is sad on the floor. Earlier, he’d come across a door with someone tapping on it from the other side, trying to get out, but a dead zombie body was blocking it. He told Oscar and Carl they’d take care of it on the way back and that it was probably a walker inside. Now, sad over Carol’s death, he charges in, ready to take out his grief on a zombie, but finds Carol on the floor. He carries her off.


Rick finally rejoins the group and holds the baby, Sophia Carol Lori Amy, etc. They take a walk outside with the baby. Rick sees something in the distance. He gives Carl the infant and walks to the fence. There, along with a bunch of walkers, is Michonne covered in zombie guts and holding the basket of supplies left behind by Glenn and Maggie.

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8 Comments on The Walking Dead – S3E6 – Hounded

  1. That whole scene where Merle ended up taking Glenn and Maggie hostage was really the first scene of this season that felt completely absurd. They should have shot him when he made a move for his other gun. I mean, if the Zombie Apocalypse had just happened, I could see them either not having it in them to shoot or just not having the reflexes, but they’ve killed and they have honed their skills for months and months; they should have had no problem shooting him.

    • Absolutely right. Made no sense at all. Glenn tried to do the right thing, but once Merle twitched, he should have shot him. Period.

      And then never told Daryl about it.

      • The only explanation I could come up with is that Glenn’s a nice guy, and truly wanted Daryl to be able to reunite with his dickhead brother. Doesn’t explain why Maggie didn’t shoot. Wasn’t she raised on a farm? That should have been an instinct shot.

  2. “When’s Andrea going to grab his dick?” Is what we kept saying until she finally did. She’s officially annoying me again.

    My favorite part had to be when Daryl was all like my mom died, and Carl was all like “Oh, well I shot mine in the head beotch.”

    The Govenor scenes are boring me, they need to reveal more of his demented lifestyle because I’m practically falling asleep watching him screw Andrea.

    • Yeah, even though I kinda like The Governor (though I’m sure it’s because I like the actor from his Doctor Who episode), I don’t like Trying To Get Laid Governor. I like Creepy Zombie Head Collecting Hair Brushing Governor better.

      Andrea needs to die.

  3. Andrea has 100% replaced Lori for my most hated character. She’s going to flip her shit when she finds zombie daughter and the fish tanks full of trophy heads. And you know she’s going to.

    • Right! If she were thinking with anything other than her vagina, I’d feel for her. I really thought we were going to see a tougher, smarter Andrea after spending months with Michonne. Nope.

      That final scene last night was great. Made up for an otherwise slow, but decent, episode.

  4. When Daryl et al walked by that door that someone was half-heartedly pushing against, I said, “that’s Carol in there”. They never showed her dying and never found a body, so it HAD to be her!

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