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The Walking Dead – S3E7 – When the Dead Come Knocking

Previously on The Walking Dead.

And now…

Merle terrorizes Glenn with his knife-hand and threats of raping Maggie. He’s still butthurt about being left on that rooftop and losing his hand – understandably. He wants to know where the group’s camp is and Glenn refuses. Merle proceeds to beat him, but not before Glenn gets in an awesome head-butt.

Michonne is at the gates and the zombies are ignoring her until her leg wound starts bleeding again. When they turn on her, she takes out several with her sword before passing out. Carl and Rick save her and bring her inside the prison. Inside, she refuses to tell them her name. She also gets really cranky when they take away her sword. Daryl comes in and tells Rick and Hershel he has something they’ll want to see. Rick is happy and surprised to see Carol is alive.

The scientist comes to The Governor’s private quarters. He says Mr. Coleman is ready. The Governor apologizes for the interruption and tells Andrea he needs her for something else other than bumping dirty uglies.

Rick asks Michonne how she knew to find them. She says she overheard Glenn and Maggie talking before they were taken to Woodbury. She tells them about the town and The Governor. She doesn’t mention Merle or Andrea.


Glenn tells Merle that his people will come for him and tries to make ‘his people’ sound a lot larger than their group actually is. Merle might have been buying it until Glenn started naming off folks and included Andrea. Damn, Glenn!

Hershel takes care of Michonne’s wound. The group decides, after very little discussion, that they’re going to Woodbury. Daryl, Axel, Oscar, Rick, and Michonne head off. Hershel, his daughter whose name I can never remember, Carol, and the baby (newly-named Judith) stay behind.

The Governor takes Andrea to meet Mr. Coleman whose an old man in a bed. He looks to be dying. Music is playing and the scientist is tasked with filling in Andrea with what’s going on. The Governor leaves but not before thanking Mr. Coleman for his service. The scientist (I think his name is Milton so that’s what we’re going to call him) instructs Andrea to start playing a record while he asks Mr. Coleman to raise his hand if any of the statements he reads are true. Mr. Coleman confirms his name and that he had a wife and two kids.

Merle puts a zombie in the room with Glenn, and even though Glenn is tied to a chair, he manages to go all Karate Kid on the zombie. He breaks out of the chair and kills it. Then lets out a primal scream. Glenn is officially a pimp.

Milton explains that Mr. Coleman is dying of prostate cancer and volunteered for an experiment in which they will ask him the same question after he dies to see if the zombie retains any memories of what he once was. Andrea says it won’t work. While they talk, Mr. Coleman conveniently dies and they strap him to the bed.

The Governor tells Merle he’ll handle questioning Maggie. He unties her. He tries charm. When that doesn’t work, he goes right to being rapey. He makes her take her top off and then takes his belt off. After bending her over a table, she tells him to do what he’s going to do and then go straight to hell. (I cheered!)

After driving a bit, the group on the way to Woodbury go the rest of the way on foot. They encounter a horde of zombies and have to take refuge in a cabin.

Michonne even side-eyes the ground.

The cabin stinks to high heaven on account of the dead animal inside and the crazy redneck who probably hasn’t bathed since, well, since the zombie apocalypse. He pulls a gun on them and when he tries to flee – even though the zombies are banging at the door – Michonne kills him. The group pushes his body outside to distract the zombies while they book it out the back door.

Mr. Coleman awakens as a zombie and Milton plays the sound and song that queue the questions are about to begin. He starts asking the questions and Mr. Coleman is pretty much, “Fuck your questions and everything they stand for. And, also, braiiiins.” Milton wants to untie his hand so he can properly raise it if he recognizes the questions, and Andrea is all, “Motherfucker, is you crazy?” Sure enough, when the restraint is gone, he lunges for Milton and Andrea stabs him in the head.

The Governor reunites Glenn and Maggie only to threaten to shoot Glenn if they don’t give up the location of their camp. It works and she tells them they only have ten people in their group at the prison. Later, The Governor is pissed that Merle told them taking the prison couldn’t be done, yet ten people did it. He also wants to know where Merle’s loyalties lie when it comes to their group and Daryl’s. He says he’s with The Governor.

The group arrives at Woodbury and scout out the perimeter while Andrea finds comfort in The Governor’s arms. Again.


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6 Comments on The Walking Dead – S3E7 – When the Dead Come Knocking

  1. We cheered when Glenn took out that zombie with the chair!

  2. I crapped my pants the entire episode!

    Glen is the bomb and I really really really hope both him and Maggie survive. You know damn well someone is going to die before the finale……I hope its Andrea.

  3. I’m hoping Glenn gets to take out Merle and/or The Governor. But, it will probably be left to Merle’s brother, Darryl.(And his other brother, Darryl?) And is it me or does Michonne act like there’s been some carpet munching going on between her and Andrea?

    • There has absolutely been some carpet munched between those two. They were alone together for like seven months, and then they behaved like a couple when Michonne wanted to leave.

  4. There are some spoilers in this post.

  5. I have been a fan of Glenn since Rick got his dumbass stuck in the tank in S1. I am so happy that they are turning him into such a badass, and I will be pissed if they choose him to die. The extra creepy Gov just gets creepier and creepier.

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