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The Walking Dead – S3E8 – Made to Suffer

Previously on The Walking Dead.

And now…

A group fights zombies in the woods. Not OUR group. A new group! A black guy, a black woman, a white couple, and their teenage son. The mother gets bitten. They make their way to a damaged brick structure, and after some debate, they all go inside, including the bitten woman. The camera pulls back to reveal it’s another part of the prison! Awww, shit!

With two new black folks, things aren’t looking good for Michonne and Oscar. You know how they do.

In Woodbury, Andrea gets all prettied up in a mirror and gazes at the picture of The Governor’s family. She tells him they’re going to cremate Mr. Coleman. Later, he visits with his zombie kid. He plays music for her. She rushes him, but the chains prevent her from getting to him. This crazy fool starts singing to her. When she is more interested in a bowl of… brains?… than his serenade, he gets pissed and tosses her back in the caged room she resides in.

Glenn and Maggie are still locked up with the zombie Glenn killed. He wants to know if The Governor touched her. She tells him no. Glenn then rips off one of the zombie’s arms.

Rick and his crew scope out the perimeter of Woodbury.

Merle and The Governor discuss the prison. The Governor wants to kill the group inside and let the Biters have it. They’ll never tell the people of Woodbury what happened. Merle asks about Daryl and he assures him no one will harm Daryl. He wants to use Merle to get close to the prison group so they won’t suspect what’s going to happen. He tells him to take Glenn and Maggie to the pits.

Rick and crew go to the building they first took Michonne when she got to Woodbury. No one is there. They wonder if she’s leading them into a trap. A man on patrol comes in and they knock him out after he tells them he doesn’t know anything about where Rick’s people are being held.

At the prison, Axel is chatting up Hershel’s other daughter while she tends to the baby whose name I can’t remember. Carol puts a stop to that shit. She tells him to back off. He’s all, “I ain’t been around women in years. Glenn has Maggie. Lori is zombie chow. You’re a lesbian…” She corrects him that she’s not a lesbian. He assumed so because she has the short haircut. Awk-ward.

Glenn and Maggie bum-rush the door when Merle comes for them. Maggie kills one guy by sticking a zombie bone in his throat, but Merle gets the drop on Glenn. Maggie is forced to put her gun down when Merle’s backup arrives. In all the fighting, Merle’s gun goes off and the whole town now knows there’s trouble. Rick and his group sneak out of the building and into the streets of Woodbury.

Basically, Glenn beat a motherfucker with another zombie motherfucker.


Andrea wants to help police the situation, but The Governor is all, “When I need someone to spread their legs, I’ll call you. Until then, go make me a sandwich.” Seriously, he doesn’t want her running into her friends.

Rick and the rest make their way to a building, but Michonne ditches them. Glenn tells Daryl that Merle was the one who tortured him. They release some smoke grenades and make a run for the wall. Andrea, because she doesn’t listen, joins in the gun battle, not realizing she’s shooting at her friends. The Governor instructs her, once and for all, to get her ass off the streets!

In the confusion, Rick imagines that he sees Shane coming towards him.  Shane, for some reason, looks a lot like Wolverine. Anyway, ‘Shane’ shoots Oscar. (Hey, you knew that was coming! They got a new black guy now!) Rick shoots ‘Shane’ and discovers that, of course, it’s not Shane.

At the prison, Judith is just put down to sleep and we learn that they have enough formula to last a month. Then they hear screams and Hershel says that ‘the tombs’ is filled with walkers who manage their way into the prison, someone else could do the same. Carl goes to investigate because now he’s a bad motherfucker. He finds the group from the start of the episode. They’re battling zombies. Carl helps them escape.

Michonne is waiting in The Governor’s quarters, presumably for him to come back so she can kill him. She hears a bumping noise and investigates. She finds the Fish Tank o’ Heads. She side-eyes them. Then she hears Penny making noises in her caged cubby hole/room. She lets her out and is freaked out to find a little girl tied up with a bag on her head. She unchains her. (NO!) THEN takes off the bag. Of course she is appropriately freaked out to find she’s a zombie. She’s just about to take her head off when The Governor comes in with his gun. Michonne puts Penny between them and he puts down the gun. He begs her not to kill his daughter and Michonne does EXACTLY that by putting her sword through Penny’s head.

The Governor rushes her and they have a fight so intense, your ass will be puckered the entire time you watch it. The tanks are broken, nasty zombie water and heads are everywhere, and at the end of it all, Michonne puts a piece of glass in his eye. She actually breaks it off in there. Before she can finish him off, Andrea shows up with her gun. The two have a stare down before Michonne leaves. Even though Andrea is completely freaked out by the snapping zombie heads on the floor, she comforts The Governor as he cradles his dead (again) zombie daughter.


The new group, led by Carl, make it back to the safe part of the prison. The woman who was bitten earlier died and Carl offers to shoot her in the head cause he’s had experience. Tyrese – the new black guy now that Oscar is dead – says they take care of their own and is about to bash the woman’s head in with a hammer. The least he could do is use Carl’s gun. Carl takes this opportunity to lock them in where they are because, fuck that. He don’t know them like that.

Woodbury’s brilliant doctor tells The Governor his eye doesn’t look too good. No shit! When they’re alone, Andrea asks him about the fish tanks filled with zombie heads. He said he needed that to remind him of the horrors outside. He doesn’t want to talk about Penny. The scientist (Oh, hell. What the hell is his name again?), Merle, and another guy show up. The Governor tells them he was attacked. He does not mention that it was Michonne because then Merle will know that HE knows Merle lied about her dying.

Rick, Maggie, and Glenn are about to leave Woodbury, but they have to wait for Daryl. Michonne shows up and Rick takes her sword. He’s pissed that she went off without them and still doesn’t trust her. She tells him that whether they go back in there for Daryl or make their way back to the prison, he needs her.

The Governor gathers the town at the zombie fighting pits and tells them they were attacked by terrorists who want what they have. He then throws Merle under the bus by claiming he’s a traitor who let the terrorists in because of… his brother! They drag Daryl out. His hands are tied. Andrea is dumbfounded. Or just dumb. The Governor asks the crowd what they should do with them. Then he tells Merle, “You wanted your brother. You got him.”

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11 Comments on The Walking Dead – S3E8 – Made to Suffer

  1. Is it bad that I like the Governor? And Glen is just a quiet bad ass.

    • No, not really. They’ve done a great job of making him interesting and humanizing him – to a degree. He’s definitely an interesting villain. I can see why the graphic novel readers liked him so much.

      Still, he needs to get his.

  2. Glenn and Maggie are my favorite part of everything.

    • Yes, I love them!! They are only second in my heart after, Daryl.

      • Daryl is awesome, but I think the character arc of Glenn and Maggie has been fantastic. We met Glenn; then we met Maggie, with Glenn; then we followed the beginning of their relationship; and we’ve watched them grow into an actual couple that we care about.

  3. Useless Andrea…at it again!!! Shooting people she shouldn’t be shooting…at least this time it wasn’t Daryl!

    I think Daryl got caught on purpose, I think he has a plan to get himself and Merle out.

    Did anybody else think that the picture Andrea was looking at with the Govenors family notice that his wife looks like Andrea? And what was up with that lame ass excuse for the head tanks?

    • I think your theory on Daryl is very possible. I said it didn’t seem like Daryl to give up his name when captured and they knew who he was. Also, we never saw how he got captured.

      I loved his little grin and “Bring it, bitches” look on his face when the crowd was yelling at him.

      • Daryl is sexy. I don’t think I could watch without him.

        Yes, we never saw how he got captured also the Govenor said “shoot to kill” how come they didn’t shoot Daryl?? Hmmmmmm

    • He is totally banging his dead wife.

      I’m curious to see how the death of his zombie daughter affects him since he had science guy looking for a cure or, at least, proof that his daughter was really still in there and he wasn’t just grooming a corpse.

    • After everything Michonne did for Andrea, taking care of her stupid ass when she was sick! I spend most of the time yelling, “You are such a dumb bitch!” whenever Andrea is on screen. Ugh. I did notice the wife in the Governor’s picture, definitely.

  4. I was listening to Cat Stevens “Wild World” on the radio the other day and the Governor and Andrea suddenly came to mind. Kind of a twisted take on the song but I think it fits.

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