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The Walking Dead – S3E9 – The Suicide King

Previously on The Walking Dead.


The Walking Dead S3 The Governor and Rick

Are you ready? I’m ready. I’m so damn ready. Bring on the zombies. And Daryl.

Merle and Daryl are in the middle of Zombie Thunderdome. Andrea begs The Governor not to make them fight to the death, but he ignores her. He doesn’t see any other way… because he has one eye! Andrea even tries using his government name, but he’s not having it. Merle declares his loyalty to the Woodbury crew by beating the shit out of Daryl. Zombies are brought in to really add to the fucked up factor. Merle whispers to Daryl that his plan is to get them out of there… right now! His plan involves them standing back-to-back and putting up their dukes against the chained zombies. Brilliant! Daryl gets in a few punches when one of the zombie’s head explodes.

It’s Maggie! She and Rick have come back for Daryl! Rick tosses a smoke grenade like it’s Call of Duty time. In the ensuing gunfight and confusion, Haley gets shot, the zombies get loose, Daryl and Merle escape and The Governor bitchwalks through the whole thing.

(Note: The way the episode starts really doesn’t mesh with how the previous one ended. Then, The Governor accused Merle of being a traitor and letting Daryl and his friends into Woodbury. His guilt was certain. He did this because he lost an eye to Michonne, who Merle swore was dead. Now, he instructs them to fight to the death so that Merle may prove his loyalty. Then, the crowd was chanting for Merle’s head and now they’re chanting his name.)


The Walking Dead S3E9 The Governor

Rick and company leave Woodbury, but a zombie finds an opening in the town’s security wall… an opening Merle left. When they arrive at the car where they left Glenn and Michonne, shit jumps off. Glenn, Maggie, and Michonne are not feeling Merle. He tried to kill all three of them at one point so that’s understandable. Daryl defends his brother saying he helped them escape. Really, Merle helped himself escape, but whatever. During the argument, Merle manages to make several racist and sexist remarks and reveals that Andrea is alive and boning The Governor. Michonne is not happy. Sick of Merle’s shit, Rick knocks him out so the grown-ups can talk in peace. It is decided that the group can’t trust Merle or Michonne. They’ll let Michonne come back to the prison long enough for Herschel to stitch her up, but Merle isn’t getting within spitting distance of its gates.

Daryl declares that blood is thicker than water and he’s going with his brother.

Back at the prison, Herschel and the gang feed Tyrese, Sasha, and the father/son duo (Al and Ben). They seem like good people, but Herschel informs them that if they’re to stay, it’s not up to him.

The newbies go outside to bury Donna and Al and Ben suggest they overtake Carol, Carl, and the rest to take the prison before Rick gets back. Tyrese and Sasha ain’t about that life.


For some reason, Rick heads back to the prison in a completely direction from which they came because they come across the road blocked by a tree and car. When they get out to move the car, Glenn overkills a zombie American History X-style. He’s pissed that The Governor is still alive after what he did to Maggie. He’s not happy that Daryl has left them either.

At Woodbury, there’s mutiny! People are in their cars and they want to leave. They no longer feel safe at Woodbury. Martinez and the other armed guards won’t let them out. As one guy lays on his car horn, it attracts zombies. Andrea tries to be less useless and calm the crowd. Up the road, a zombie attack puts an end to all of that. Andrea and Martinez kill the two zombies that breached the town, but not before one starts chowing down on a citizen. Everyone agrees the dying man should be put out of his misery, but no one does anything. The Governor, who has been sulking in his house all night, nonchalantly strolls out, puts a bullet in the dying man’s head, and John Wayne struts back into the house.

Rick returns to the prison, and as expected, Carol isn’t happy that Daryl left. She asks about Oscar, and oh yeah, we’re reminded that Oscar died.

At Woodbury, Andrea confronts The Governor for not telling her about her friends, shooting that man in front of everyone, and just generally being a dick. They’re not seeing eye-to-eye. *snort* Later, she gives a big speech to the people she JUST met and despite the fact that they don’t know her from Adam, it works! Everyone is calm and happy. They’ll stay in Woodbury. I don’t know who’s cleaning up all that zombie guts in the street though.

Rick ignores the new folks to bond with his baby, but she hates him and starts crying as soon as he holds her. That baby has Lori’s eyes, but Shane’s temperament. Glenn and Maggie aren’t speaking to each other or anyone else for that matter. Michonne has a concussion and Herschel says she won’t be fit to travel for a few days.

Rick finally meets the new people after Herschel tells Rick they’ll need reinforcements if The Governor retaliates. Rick won’t let them stay. Rick seems to have forgotten that Herschel let his ass stay at the farm, but okay. Herschel is thisclose to convincing Rick when Rick sees a figure standing on the balcony, cloaked in shadow. It’s supposed to be Lori’s ghost, but my friends and I think it was Beyonce. Rick freaks the fuck out and everyone runs away scared.

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  1. I guess I missed it but I didn’t think Maggie was actually raped. And is it just me or was the kiss the girl gave Rick on the cheek seem a bite lolitaish? And creepy

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