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The Walking Dead – S4E10 – Inmates

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘After’

This week, we get to see what happened with the rest of our gang. Here’s the breakdown in order:


While a voiceover reveals Beth’s diary entry when the group first settled in the prison, we see Beth and Daryl fighting and running for their lives. Her diary entry is full of hope. Later that night, as they sit around a fire, she expresses hope that they aren’t the only ones who survived. She seems optimistic and while Daryl’s silence doesn’t feel like he’s without hope, he does seem to have more of a realistic view.

The follow some tracks and pass something odd in a hollowed out tree log. They don’t notice it, but we do. Then they find dead walkers and squashed berries on the ground. Daryl says nothing good happened there and when Beth tells him he should have faith, he counters that faith didn’t do her dad any good. Oooh, BURN. Damn, Daryl.

They come across dead walkers, human blood, and Beth gets attacked by the stealthiest walker since the last time someone conveniently didn’t hear a walker right behind them. They later interrupt a walker feast along some railroad tracks and when Beth sees a child’s shoe in the carnage, she finally breaks down and cries.

The Walking Dead S4E10 Beth

That night, she burns her journal pages for warmth as her voiceover predicts that if the prison doesn’t work, she doesn’t think she’ll be able to keep going.


Lizzie and Mika walk through the woods, Mika is crying and wants Carol. Lizzie tells her to man the fuck up and take this knife. Then Lizzie asks Tyreese where they’re going. Tyreese has Judith! Woohoo!

At night, Tyreese wraps up a cut on his arm. Walker scratch? Judith starts to cry and Lizzie produces a bottle of milk.  Walker groans are heard nearby and they decide to leave, but not before Lizzie kills two bunnies in a hollowed out tree log. Tyreese, run! Run for your life! You’re already a black man traveling with three little white girls in the south. Between that and Lizzie’s homicidal tendencies, you are not long for this world.

They find some grapes growing and Tyreese clears the girls to eat them. Judith continues to cry as Tyreese changes her diaper and at this point, I think he got the rawest deal after this prison attack. They hear a noise and Mika grabs Tyreese’s arm where it’s bandaged and then takes the fuck off. When they catch up with her, she apologizes for running and hurting his arm.  He tells her it’s okay. She doesn’t have to be like Lizzie. Sometimes it’s okay to run, but when they’re in a group, they need to try to stick together.  Mika compares herself to Sasha, but Lizzie points out that,”You’re not like Sasha. You’re still here and Sasha isn’t.” They hear a woman screaming and Tyreese leaves the girls back to back so he can go help.

While Tyreese helps two men who are fighting five walkers, Judith starts to cry and to quiet her, Lizzie covers the baby’s mouth and nose with her hand. Lizzie is a fucking psychopath and I’m tired of trying to convince y’all of that fact! Poor Judith is struggling under Lizzie’s hand as two walkers approach. Mika fires a shot, which alarms Tryeese. He’s distracted long enough to call out a late warning to one of the men he’s trying to help. The man is bitten. This is the walker who later attacks Beth.

Tyreese hears his name and turns to find Carol with the kids. As he rushes towards her, you can see the apprehension on her face. He asks how she got out and she admits that she wasn’t at the prison, but doesn’t say why. The dying man tells them that if they follow the tracks they’ll find a safe place to take the children.

When they leave, Carol offers up the food and water in her pack. She tells Tyreese they can’t go back to a graveyard when he suggests they try to circle back to her car. They come across a sign for the safe place the man spoke of: Terminus. Not for nothing, Terminus doesn’t sound very inviting.


As Maggie sharpens her knife on a rock, Sasha tends to Bob’s wounds and the fool is smiling. Why the fuck are you smiling, Bob? He tells Sasha that Tyreese could have made it. She doesn’t look convinced. Maggie announces she’s going to look for Glenn and has already made up her mind. They follow her until they the find the bus in the middle of the road. It’s full of walkers! One by one Sasha lets them out so Maggie can kill them and confirm whether or not Glenn is inside. Soon, Sasha loses control and a bunch of walkers spill out. The trio takes care of them and then Maggie goes inside to check for Glenn. She is attacked by a walker and kills it. From the back, it sure looks like Glenn, but we’ve already seen him in the promos so we know it’s not. Maggie cries/laughs in relief.

The Walking Dead S4E10 Maggie


Glenn wakes up on a platform with walkers reaching for him from below. His ass is still at the prison!

The Walking Dead S4E10 Glenn

He makes his way inside and after taking a moment to rest and cry, he gathers up his riot gear and supplies. He spots Bob’s liquor before going back outside. In his riot gear, Glenn runs through a sea of walkers and makes it out. I call bullshit on that, but whatever. Before he leaves, he sees Tara sitting in a cage. He goes back for her and convinces her to come with him because he needs her.

Bob’s liquor comes in handy as Glenn uses it as a molotov cocktail and sets a car on fire. Bob’s gonna be pissed. As most of the walkers head towards the explosion, Tara and Glenn make a getaway. On the road, she apologizes for believing the Governor and destroying their home and she also tells Glenn about Herschel’s death. He asks her to go with him to find Maggie and then more walkers appear. After taking care of two, Glenn passes out. While Tara beats a walker’s head into a bloody pulp, a military vehicle pulls out. And then this happens:

The Walking Dead Abraham Cover

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