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The Walking Dead – S4E11 – Claimed

Previously on The Walking Dead ‘Inmates’


Tara’s riding in the back of the military vehicle we saw at the end of last week’s episode. As they pass a road with walkers reaching for a balloon on a stop sign, we see she’s taking notes on her hand and keeping track of the milestones. The road is blocked so the driver stops, but the walkers at the stop sign have now turned their attention to the stopped truck. The driver kills them with a crowbar and the butt of Tara’s gun. She notes that she’s never seen anyone smile while killing and he replies, “I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

They’re driving on and Glenn awakens in the back of the truck. Tara tells him she agreed to go with the new people because she didn’t know what else to do. They passed the bus and everyone was dead – that was three hours ago. Glenn pounds on the glass to the cab of the truck until they pull over. He’s ready to go back the way they came, but the redhead driver insists that he won’t make it alone. He introduces himself as Sgt. Abraham Ford and his companions are Eugene and Rosita. They’re headed to Washington, D.C. because Eugene is a scientist and knows what caused the apocalypse. Eugene won’t divulge the info because it’s “classified.” I’m calling bullshit. Not because I don’t think he’s a scientist, but because of that mullet. Never trust a man with a mullet.

The Walking Dead S4E11 Eugene

When Abraham tries to convince Glenn going back for his wife is a lost cause because she’s either dead or gone, they get into a fistfight. While Rosita and Tara try to stop them, walkers approach Eugene near the truck. He starts firing on them, but it’s obvious he doesn’t know how to use the weapon and he ends up shooting up the truck, including the gas tank.

Since the truck is shot, Abraham and his crew decide to follow Glenn back the way they came. Eugene says they’ll find another vehicle and then head to D.C. On the road, Tara talks to Abraham and tries to figure out why he’s going to D.C. She knows Rosita will follow him anywhere, and Eugene believes he can save them all, but why is Abraham willing to take Eugene? She doesn’t believe he’s doing it to save the world.

The Walking Dead S4E11 Rosita


Over a breakfast of dried cereal, Carl tells Michonne how much he hates soy milk. They share a laugh until he mentions Judith and is reminded of the fact that she’s gone.

In the kitchen, Rick thanks Michonne for making Carl laugh. He recognizes that Carl needs a friend, but if it ever gets to be too much for her, she can take a break. “I’m done taking breaks.”

The Walking Dead S4E11 Rick

Michonne wants to know if they’re going to call the house home or keep it moving. Rick doesn’t seem to know, but thinks they should stay there for a few days until they know for sure. Michonne agrees to go with Carl on a supply run, but insists that Rick stay behind. He really isn’t in any condition to be going anywhere. He sees them off, noting that Carl seems to be down, but Carl says he’s just hungry.

I love that he’s not regressing to blaming Rick for everything and being a smartass. He’s sad about Judith, but doesn’t want to upset Rick. Later, after they’ve searched a house, Michonne tries to make small talk. She found some Crazy Cheese! Carl’s not impressed, but again insists that he’s fine.

“You don’t seem fine.”

“I’m just tried.”

She squirts a ton of Crazy Cheese into her mouth to make him laugh, but it doesn’t work. Seeing that she’s trying Carl says he was laughing on the inside. She reveals to him she had a three-year-old son and agrees to answer more questions every time they clear a new room in the next house.

Rick wakes up to the sounds of someone screaming. He hides under the bed while a man searches the room and decides to rest on the bed.

Meanwhile, Michonne reveals to Carl that her son’s name was Andre Anthony. and that he died after “everything happened.” He agrees to keep her secret even though she insists that it’s not a secret. Later, she finds a room with four dead children in beds, and their mother dead in a rocking chair. She tries to cover by telling Carl there’s a dead dog in the room, but he suspects there’s a baby in there. He tells her maybe Andre and Judith are together.

Rick is still hiding under the bed while he man above sleeps. Another man enters and tries to take the bed away. They fight and one gets choked out. Before he passes out, he sees Rick under the bed and tries to warn his buddy. Now Rick is stuck under the bed with a different man on top. Lovely.

Quiet as a wounded mouse, Rick makes his way from under the bed and hides in the boy’s room we saw in the first episode of this half season. He overhears them when one discovers Michonne’s washed shirt and they decide to stick around to rape her when she returns. Rick backs into the bathroom and finds a man on the toilet. They struggle and Rick chokes him to death and takes his gun.

Rick climbs out the window and drops down to hide by the porch, but not before opening the door to the bathroom. He spots Carl and Michonne approaching, and he’s about to make his move on a man sitting on the porch, when the men inside start screaming. They found their newly-turned walker buddy from the bathroom. Rick, Carl, and Michonne make a run for it.

Later, they come upon a sign on the side of train car leading them to the same sanctuary Tyreese, Carol, and the kids headed for. They decide to go.

The Walking Dead S4E11 Michonne Carl Rick

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