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The Walking Dead – S4E15 – Us

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘The Grove’

As Glenn’s group follows the tracks, Eugene is going on about dinosaurs being wiped out by the zombie virus and, though it’s not likely, how very cool it is to imagine. Tara finds a bit of copper and Eugene remarks that she’s on her way to making a battery. As tempting as it is to keep it, she hands it to Eugene and he seems much obliged. Then he moves on to gaming talk. Eugene seems like one of those people who always raised their hand in class to ask questions when everyone else just wanted the lesson to move the fuck on.

Later that night, Abraham admits to Tara that he thought she was in love with Glenn and that’s why she was helping him. But after peeping her look down Rosita’s shirt, he says he figures she’s helping because of something she did or didn’t do. She says it’s because of something she did. They all have their missions.

The Walking Dead S4E15 Abraham and Tara

The next day, the group finds a message from Maggie and Glenn takes off running down the tracks.

Michonne and Carl are having a balance on the train tracks competition. Carl wins and gets to pick one of two candy bars in Michonne’s pack. He takes her favorite, but splits it in half for her because “they always share.”

The Walking Dead S4E15 Carl and Michonne

This is the complete opposite of:

Joe’s gang is sleeping in the woods when a walker gets caught on their barb wire/tin can security system and scratches up the side of its face.  Daryl is off hunting wabbit. And shoots one just as Len comes in and shoots it, too. Len calls “claim” and Daryl looks at him like he’s crazy. He’s been up since before sunrise looking for breakfast and Len can go kick rocks if he think he’s taking his kill. When Len starts going in on how Daryl’s head must be messed up over a young girl, Daryl pulls his knife, but Joe intervenes. He explains that the group lives by very simple rules including calling “claimed” on what you want. Len wants Joe to teach Daryl a lesson, but Joe won’t punish Daryl for breaking a rule he didn’t know existed. Joe cuts the rabbit in half hoping to appease both men.

The Walking Dead S4E15 Daryl Joe and Len

Glenn is now reinvigorated for his mission. When his group comes across a tower, he refuses to stop even though they clearly need rest. Tara is injured when Abraham tries to protect Eugene from a falling walker. Even though her leg hurts, Tara tells Glenn she’s fine to keep walking if he wants to. Rosita calls Glenn on his shit saying it’s clear that Tara will do whatever he wants because she feels she owes him, even if that means walking injured. Glenn offers up his riot gear to Eugene as a compromise for the group to keep moving

Joe wants to know how long Daryl will be sticking around. Joe says he should be with them. People don’t need to be friendly, nice, or brothers-in-arms. Just follow these three simple rules: 1. Claim. 2. You steal; you killed. 3. Don’t lie. Break the rules, catch a beating. Severity depends on the offense and the mood of the day. They come across a garage and Joe says that’s where they’ll be resting up for the night.

“That’s us,” says Joe.

“There ain’t no us.”

“You leaving right now, Daryl? Then it looks like there’s an us. Nothing sadder than an outdoor cat who thinks he’s an indoor cat.”

In the garage, Joe’s gang each claims a car to sleep in, but Daryl refuses to do it and sleeps on the floor. When one of them points out all the gas was taken, Joe says it doesn’t matter because they are getting close; he can feel it.

Glenn’s group finds another message on the entrance to a tunnel, but Abraham isn’t going in. It’s dark and you can hear walkers growling inside. They split into two groups with Abraham and company opting to go around the tunnel and Glenn and Tara going in. Once inside, Glenn tries to tell Tara he can relate to her mood. He was numb, too, when he lost everyone at the start of the apocalypse. She says she was the first one to volunteer to help the Governor, and she was holding on the “might” when he said they might have to kill people.

The Walking Dead S4E15 Tara and Glenn

Glenn and Tara find that part of the tunnel’s roof has caved in and there are walkers trapped in the debris. After checking out the faces, Glenn and Tara climb on top of the rubble and find there are a ton of walkers on the other side. Because the blood is still fresh – and the paint used to leave the message was still wet – Glenn reasons that Maggie must have gone through recently. He wants to keep going.


The Walking Dead S4E15 Tunnel

Abraham and crew find a minivan that’s still running. So after he kills the female walker inside, they take it. Eugene insists on being the navigator and Rosita reluctantly hands over the map.

Glenn and Tara lure the walkers to one side of the rubble and try to sneak around when they’re occupied, but Tara falls and traps her foot.

Eugene has led them to where he suspects Glenn and Tara would exit the tunnel and Rosita is pissed. Abraham wakes up in the backseat and yells at Rosita for stopping the car even though Eugene told her to. They stop arguing when Eugene spots something in the distance.

Len wakes up and finds his half of rabbit is gone and accuses Daryl. Joe finds it in Daryl’s pack and Daryl insists that Len put it there while he was out taking a piss. Len says he didn’t do, but Joe hits him and tells the gang to teach him a lesson. “Teach him all the way.”  Joe saw Len put the rabbit in Daryl’s pack and the group doesn’t tolerate liars.

Glenn can’t free Tara and the walkers are starting to come back around. He refuses to leave her and starts shooting at the walkers until he runs out of ammo. A car appears and the walkers are distracted by the headlights. Someone yells, “Get down,” and Glenn covers Tara as a group of people fire on the walkers. It’s Maggie! Her group met up with Abraham’s!

The Walking Dead Glenn and Maggie Kiss

Glenn tells Maggie that he met Tara on the road and she’s the reason he got as far as he did. Maggie hugs her and Tara seems to appreciate the lie. When the group finds out that Eugene knows what caused the outbreak, they agree to go to Terminus first and then head to Washington, D.C. Later that night, Maggie tells Glenn that she caused the cave in when they encountered walkers, but didn’t have enough ammo to kill them. She emptied her clip into the ceiling and hoped for the best. She then burns the picture Glenn had of her, saying that he’ll never need a picture of her again.

Daryl’s new group leaves the garage and Daryl spots Len’s body. He’s been beaten and there’s an arrow in his head. Daryl starts to cover the body with a nearby tarp, but decides, “Fuck that guy.”

Joe tells Daryl that the world falling apart means things came together for people like them. He then tells Daryl that they are headed to Terminus in search of the man who killed one of their own and left him to turn. Tony was the only one to see the guy’s face, but that’s enough for a reckoning. Daryl claims a strawberry on the ground before Tony can, and they walk right over the candy bar wrapper that Carl dropped.

Glenn’s group finally arrives at Terminus to find the gates unlocked, lots of pretty gardens, a sign advising them to lower their weapons, and a woman named Mary cooking large pieces of a meat on a grill.

That shit is suspect as hell.


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