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The Walking Dead – S4E2 – Infected

Previously on The Walking Dead, ’30 Days Without an Accident’

Killer Within

Someone’s at the fence feeding rats to the walkers. That’s some fucked up shit right there. We don’t see who it is, but I think it’s safe to say this person is either crazy or an asshole. Or a crazy asshole.

Tyrese and Karen are hanging in the library, cuddling and kissing. He’s sad about Zach and what their world has come to. He starts singing to her. It’s really sweet and so you just know some bad shit is about to go down. They part ways with her turning down his offer for her to bunk with him. They’ve not yet had sex so maybe she will live. She almost finds Walker Patrick in the shower, but doesn’t.

This whole scene was about fifteen kinds of stressful.

The Walking Dead S4E2 KarenCredit: AMC TV

Patrick does follow her down the hall and almost goes into her cell, but he’s distracted by someone coughing in another cell. That poor bastard gets his throat eaten out.

Meanwhile, in Cell Block C, it’s 6am and Rick gets Carl up to start his morning farm chores.

More coughing attracts Patrick as the people in Cell Block D are starting their day. The guy whose throat got eaten out is now a walker as well. Cell Block D is not having a good morning.

Rise and Shine

Maggie and Glenn have slept in the guard tower and he leaves to do a morning perimeter check, but not before taking a pic of her sleeping. Michonne is headed out again and promises to get more cool stuff for her and Carl while she’s gone. While Rick and Carl gather pig slop, Carl asks for his gun back, but Rick doesn’t answer.

Gunshots from within alert Rick that something is wrong. He instructs Carl to get in the guard tower with Maggie, but Michonne whistles to signal she’s coming back and Carl opens the gate for her. She’s rushed by two walkers. Carl grabs a gun and gets one with a headshot. Michonne hurts her leg pushing the other off of her. Carl and Maggie help Michonne inside.

The Walking Dead S4E2Credit AMC TV

Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Sasha, Carol, and Tyrese rush in to handle the chaos in Cell Block D. Patrick has turned a lot of people and they’ve caused some serious damage. Ryan, the father of the two little girls Carol was teaching to use knives, has been bitten and scratched. He makes Carol promise him that she’ll take care of his girls – Lizzie and Mika. She does, but tells him they need to be able to say goodbye to him. She brings them in and he tells Lizzie to take care of her sister before he dies. Carol gives Lizzie the knife so she can take him out before he turns. Lizzie said that they should do it, but she ultimately can’t and Carol ends up taking care of it while Mika comforts Lizzie.

Rick discovers a walker (Charlie) who died in his cell – he was locked in because he was a sleepwalker – and their new doctor (Caleb) figures out it’s some kind of flu virus, most likely spread by the sick pigs Rick told them about.


Rick tells Michonne, Maggie, and Carl that they need to stay away from anyone who has been in Cell Block D. This after Carl cried because he was so happy to see Rick.

The Council (Sasha, Daryl, Hershel, Glenn, and Carol) figure out that they’ll need to put people who are possibly sick in the Death Row area of the prison. They hear Karen coughing in the hall and stop Tyrese from taking her to their Cell Block to rest. They explain that they can’t risk getting the others – especially Judith – sick. Karen mentions that David – a guy who was on fence duty in the last episode – was also coughing. They make arrangement for the two of them to be kept in Death Row.

Carol scolds Lizzie for being weak, but she’s too busy freaking out at the fence because walker Nick is dead. Mika tells Carol that Lizzie is basically a mess.

Daryl is burying the dead while Rick laments that he wasn’t much help without his gun, but Daryl insists that he was. He tells Rick he earned the time off he took not being in the thick of the fight all the time. Maggie calls for their help because walkers are pushing up on the fence.

Mama Michonne

Michonne is being patched up by Beth, who doesn’t want to know who the dead are yet. Beth points out that there’s no name for someone who has lost a child whereas there are names for orphans and widows. When Judith starts crying, it really affects Michonne. Later, when Judith throws up on Beth, she asks Michonne to hold the baby. At first Michonne refuses, but then she does. She cries as she holds Judith. Beth watches, but doesn’t interrupt.

The walkers at the fence are about to overtake it. Sasha points out the dead bodies of the rats and the group realizes that someone has been feeding them.

The Walking Dead S4E2 Daryl at fence

Carol approaches Carl who has been making crosses for graves. She wants to know if Carl told Rick was she was doing. He doesn’t want to lie to his dad, but Carol says she’s not asking him to. She doesn’t want him to say anything and we all know that’s the same damn thing, Carol!

That’ll Do, Pig. That’ll Do.

Rick devises a plan in which he and Daryl drive around the fence and he lets out little piglets for the walkers to eat. He slices the piglets on the legs first to draw blood. This works and draws the walkers away so the others can fortify the fence.

Carol instructs Lizzie not to feel bad about the walkers. Lizzie seems to be doing much better now because she takes the knife back from Carol and puts it in her belt.

Rick is preparing to burn the pig pen when Carl approaches. Carl wonders if the pigs made the people sick. Rick says it could be that they made the pigs sick. Carl snitches on Carol, but he also tells Rick that he thinks Rick should let Carol do it. Even though Rick might say it’s not up to him, Carl tells him it could be. Rick says he won’t stop Carol and he won’t tell. Then he thanks Carl for telling him and gives Carl his gun back. He also straps on his gun belt and burns his bloody farming shirt.

Tyrese goes to visit Karen on Death Row. He’s carrying flowers so you know this won’t end well. He finds blood trails like someone was dragged from each of the cells. He follows the trails outside and finds Karen and David have been burned to death. He falls to his knees in shock.

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