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The Walking Dead – S4E3 – Isolation

Previously on The Walking Dead: ‘Infected’

More Death

More bodies are being buried in the yard. Glenn and Maggie take a moment to share a look of sadness before continuing to dig more holes.

The Walking Dead S4 Burned Bodies

Tyrese is losing it. He explains to Rick, Carol, and Daryl how he found the bodies. He tells Rick that when he finds out who did it, he better bring them to him. Things get physical and Rick ends up beating Tyrese pretty badly.

  1. I love the way Daryl had Rick’s back. I mean, it didn’t look like he could no anything more than jump on Tyrese’s back for a piggyback ride, but it’s the thought that counts.
  2. I call bullshit on Rick being able to whoop Tyrese’s ass. I’m just saying.

Hershel patches up Rick and asks if he’s okay. He’s not talking about the hand either. He tells Rick that he’s fallen off the wagon before and it’s much like what Rick is doing now. But he has to keep going for the people he’s responsible for.

Tyrese refuses medical attention from Bob. He’s not going to worry about himself until Karen and David are buried. Bob doesn’t push because Tyrese has on his Don’t Fuck With Me face,  and instead starts digging with him.

It’s Spreading

Sasha is sick and goes to see Dr. S., but he’s sick, too and someone in the cells is already dead and turned. Dr. S. tells Sasha that it’s beginning.

The Walking Dead Sick Sasha

During the council meeting, we see that Glenn is getting sick but the others don’t notice. sick. Daryl and Michonne are going out on a run to a veterinary college to look for antibiotics. Hershel wants to go, but they realize he’ll slow them down. Hershel is going to draw them a map of where to go and provide them a list of supplies. They decide to quarantine the most vulnerable (young and old people) from everyone else.

The Walking Dead S4E3 Council

Carol talks to Rick about Carl going into isolation. As predicted Carl doesn’t like it, but he goes. He tells Rick that he may have to use his gun.

Tyrese and Rick have a short-lived moment of forgiveness, but Tyrese is frustrated that Rick isn’t doing more, faster, to find out who killed Karen.

Glenn has full-blown symptoms now and warns Maggie to stay away from him. Welp. Guess he’s going into isolation, too.

Hitting The Road

Daryl and Michonne are preparing to go on the run, but realize they need more oil in the car and another body to go with them besides Bob. Daryl tells Michonne he’s glad she’s there and not running off. She wants to make it clear that she’s not running off. She’s trying to find the Governor, but it seems like Daryl think it’s the same thing.

  • The sexual tension was so thick you could smell it. OR it was totally my perverted imagination. Either is possible.

Daryl finds Tyrese standing guard outside the quarantine zone and tells him they could use his help on the run, but Tyrese refuses to leave Sasha.

Carol is ushering in more sick people to the isolation section. A woman named Jeanette tries to say she only has allergies, but Carol ain’t tryna hear that shit. Little Lizzie is sick and has to go in. She wants Carol to tuck her in and Carl is all, “Nope.” Carol tells her that Glenn will look after her. Maggie talks to Beth through a closed door and tells her that Glenn is sick. Beth reminds Maggie that they have to be strong because everyone has a job to do. Beth is cold as ice!

Hershel decides to go out in the woods for no apparent fucking reason. Carl can’t stop him from going, but insists on going with him. Hershel notes that Rick returned Carl’s gun as Carl stands guard while Hershel gathers berries and shit. Hershel tells Carl that he’s become more responsible the past few months and he thinks it’s good for him to take a step back. Hershel says sometimes it seems like they’re safer outside the prison than in. Carl doesn’t agree. They come across the top half of a walker against a tree. When another approaches, Hershel tells Carl not to bother putting a bullet in her. She’s slowed down by the trap her leg is in.

Tyrese says goodbye to Sasha and then tells Daryl he’s going with them after all. Before he leaves, he asks Carol to check in on Sasha while he’s gone. Carol has a meltdown after he leaves and knocks over a barrel of water. Hmmmm. I guess we now know who killed Karen and David.

Big Decisions

Bob asks Daryl if he’s sure they want him coming along. When Bob can read one of the complicated medicine names on the list, Daryl says, “Hell yeah.”

Hershel is going into the Sick Zone to help the sick with elderberry tea. It’s a natural flu remedy. Maggie and Rick don’t want him to, but Hershel reasons that they risk their lives by doing ANYTHING nowadays, you don’t have a choice, but at least he has a choice on what he’s risking his life for. *fist pump* Go, Hershel!

Later, Beth tells Maggie (through the door) that she knows Hershel went to help the sick and they don’t get to be mad. They all have jobs to do.

Meanwhile, Rick is playing CSI Woodbury and investigating the crime scene. He realizes that the killer left a bloody handprint on the door and it’s pretty small. Must be a woman. Probably a woman with a pixie haircut!

Carol is outside trying to clear out a backed up water hose when the nearby walkers realize there’s fresh meat nearby like it’s not in the zombie apocalypse. Rick comes to her rescue and snaps at her that they had decided to deal with that hose tomorrow. “We don’t know if we’ll get a tomorrow,” Carol says.

Road Trip

Daryl, Michonne, Tyrese, and Bob are on the road and Daryl tells Michonne that if the trail for the Governor hadn’t gone cold, he’d be right out there with her. He starts fucking with the radio for some dumb reason and they think they hear a voice. Distracted, Daryl swerves to avoid hitting walkers, hits one, and they end up surrounded by a mega-herd. When he backs up the car, they knock over more walkers and then get stuck on a pile of them. They have to make a run for it. They all do, except Tyrese who sits in the car with the back door open while the others fight there way into the woods. He finally gets out and starts slashing at walkers despite Bob calling for him to come on. They leave Tyrese for dead, but he later catches up with them in the woods.

  • I’m gonna need Bob to stop being such a manic pussy.

The Walking Dead Isolation

Hershel tends to Dr. S. who is coughing up blood. Hershel tells him if Dr. S. wasn’t already in there, he’d be in there helping, too. Then Hershel tends to Glenn.

Rick tells Carol that he realizes she does a lot for the group and asks if there’s anything she wouldn’t do for the people there. She says no. Then he point blank asks her if she killed Karen and David and she says yes. Like it ain’t no thang.

The Walking Dead S4E3 Carol


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