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The Walking Dead – S4E4 – Indifference

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Isolation’

I’m going to write this up by separating it into the two main points of action: Rick/Carol and then the group that went to the vet school.

Rick and Carol

While Rick changes the bandages on his hand, Carol goes to see Lizze and they talk through the glass because, you know, cooties. Carol wants to say goodbye before going on a run with Rick for more food and supplies. Lizzie predicts lots of death because she’s a creepy little thing. She reasons that at least people get to come back when they die and Carol points out that it’s not really a good thing to be a zombie.

Rick walks down to where the bodies were burned because he needs the gasoline and as he retraces the steps that Carol must have taken when she killed Karen and David, he imagines what it was like when she did it: stabbing them in the head, dragging their bodies out.

Lizzie mistakenly calls Carol “Mom” and Carol scolds her, telling her not to do it again. Carol tells Lizzie that she has to remain strong and when Lizzie asks how, she tells her you just have to do it until one day you change. They all change.

Two things of note: 1. Lizzie is in the quarantined area with a knife and 2. Her ass don’t look sick! She’s a little psychopath!

Once on the road, Carol points out that Rick left Maggie behind because he trusts her and not Carol. Then she starts making excuses for killing those two people, saying they were going to drown in their own blood and kill others with the illness. Someone had to do something, she says. “Maybe,” Rick responds.

They come upon a subdivision and decide to check the houses for food and meds. Inside one house, they find a couple hiding in a bathroom; Ana and Sam. They’ve been living in a greenhouse and living off of fruit. Sam’s shoulder is dislocated and Carol pops it into place like A BOSS… a boss who’s been abused by her husband and used to doing that kind of stuff.

Sam and Ana explain that they’ve been separated from their group and ask about Rick and Carol’s setup. That’s when Rick goes into his three questions. After they get all they can from the house, they prepare to leave and Rick agrees that Ana and Sam can come back with them, but he wants them to wait there until he and Carol can check all the other houses. Carol suggests they go with them to help clear houses and this annoys Rick. They talk him into it though and he gives them each a gun to fire if they get into trouble. They agree to meet back at the house in two hours. He gives Sam his watch to keep time.

At another house, Rick and Carol find expired medicine and Rick points out they need to take it anyway and let Hershel make the call. Carol confronts Rick about his silence over her confession. She tells him it always comes down to making decisions so they can live. “You can be a farmer, but you can’t just be a farmer.” She tries to compare what she did to him killing Shane, and he says Shane was going to kill him. She says Karen and David was going to kill them all with their illness. Rick doesn’t buy it. Then Carol totally breaks bad and tells Rick he doesn’t have to like what she did – she doesn’t – but he needs to accept it.

And I think that is the moment he made up his mind that bitch needed to go.

They stop to take some vegetables from a garden and Carol talks about how setting her arm after her husband’s beatings is how she knew how to fix Sam’s arm. Rick points out that Carol never says Sophia’s name. “She’s dead. She was a slideshow in someone else’s life.” Rick reminisces about the shitty Sunday pancakes Lori used to make.

They continue on and find a dropped basket of fruit and then Ana’s leg. Across the street, two walkers are chowing down on Ana. Carol, cold as ice, says they should get back for Sam.

The Walking Dead S4E4 Rick and Carol

Carol and Rick wait awhile, but Sam isn’t coming and Carol says they need to leave him. As they’re preparing to get in the car, Carol finds the doors locked. Rick ain’t letting her ass in! He tells her Tyrese will kill her and if the others find out, they won’t want her there. AND if everyone dies due to the illness, he don’t want her around his kids. DAYUM.

He gives her a car, some supplies, and is like, “See ya!”

The Walking Dead S4E4 Rick

You know, she isn’t as torn up as I would imagine she’d be. I would have been crying to go back to that nasty-ass, infected prison.

Daryl, Michonne, Tyrese, and Bob

While the others consult a map and try to figure out the best place to find a new car, Tyrese washes all the blood off his shirt in a creek. You know, from when he went all crazy-cakes last week. Bob tells him it helps to keep moving and Tyrese says it doesn’t.

While walking, Daryl stops to pick up a rock or something for someone at the prison. Michonne flirts with him (my opinion!) and asks does he know so much about everyone back at the prison. He points out that when you stay somewhere for more than an hour, you learn all kinds of stuff. Totally tossing shade at Michonne for going off all the damn time.

The Walking Dead S4E4 Daryl

The group comes upon an auto garage/gas station and find a car, but it needs a new battery. They have to cut through a bunch of ivy to get into the shop for a new one, and as they do, they’re attacked by walkers caught in the branches. Everyone acts appropriately except Tyrese who just pulls and pulls on one of the stuck walkers and won’t let go so the others can kill it. He finally does and Bob shoots it in the head. When Michonne ask him why he didn’t let go, Tyrese doesn’t answer. Crazy Tyrese 2.0.

They finally make it into the store. Bob and Daryl look around inside while Michonne and Tyrese begin cutting away the brush from around the car. Michonne lectures Tyrese about his anger and how it will get him killed because anger makes you stupid. He compares how he feels to how she feels about the Governor. She says she would kill him because that’s how it needs to be, but she’s not angry. When he asks why she still goes out looking for him then, she admits that she doesn’t know.

Inside the store, Daryl figures out that the walkers in the vines committed suicide by drinking antifreeze and calls them douchebags. Bob replies that going out together, as they lived, doesn’t make them douchebags. “If they had a chance to get out it does,” Daryl says.

As Daryl works on the car, Bob admits that he’s been with two groups before them and each time he’s the last man standing. He almost kept walking when Daryl found him. He also admits that he ran to the Big Spot in episode one to get some liquor and that bringing down the shelf and getting Zach killed was all on him. Daryl ain’t about to be there for the pity party and tells Bob to try and start the car.

They finally make it to the school and head to the building they need. In one classroom, Bob lags behind a bit and drops out of sight for a second. Next, they make it to the room with the meds and grab everything they need. Bob explains that they’ll dissolve the meds into IVs to get it administered faster. They head out, but encounter walkers. They have a group of walkers coming into the room they’re in and the only way out is behind a chained door with walkers on the other side. They can’t tell how many there are. The walkers coming at them are definitely infected so they take their chances going through the door. “Our luck’s gotta change some time,” Daryl says. They break through and luckily, it’s just three walkers.

The Walking Dead S4E4 Michonne

They end up jumping out a window onto an awning and of course raggedy-ass Bob almost drops his bag of meds and walkers are reaching for it. The others tell him to let it go, but he doesn’t. When they finally pull him and the bag up, they realize there aren’t any meds in there, just a bottle of liquor. When Daryl goes to smash it, Bob says “don’t,” and makes a move for his gun.

Let me say that shit again: That fool put his hand on his gun. Daryl walks up on him and just forehead checks him. He tells Bob he will BEAT DAT ASS. You could see some of his Merle-influenced racism coming out and I have a feeling that Tyrese and Michonne woulda been cool with it if Daryl just went all Roots on dat ass. I mean, really. What the fuck is Bob thinking?

Later, they consult a map and talk about going somewhere else. I have no idea where the fuck they’re going, but I hear Michonne say that it will take 7 hours and they’ll need more gas. Michonne tells Daryl that she’s not going out to look for the Governor anymore. “Good,” he replies. I mean, he can’t hit that if her ass is always taking off!

Anyway, they’re on the road again. Shit. They better hope Bob doesn’t drink their gasoline.


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