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The Walking Dead – S5E1 – No Sanctuary


At some point in the past, Gareth was locked in a train car with some of his people while screams can be heard outside. One guys laments that they shouldn’t have put up the signs. They were being human, Gareth counters. And look where that got you.


As our group fashions makeshift weapons, Abraham fills everyone in on what happened when his group arrived. At the first mention of D.C., Gareth instructed them into the train car at gunpoint. Sasha asks about Tyreese. Daryl describes the car that rode off with Beth. Termites approach the train car and Rick and crew prepare to attack, but they end up ducking for cover instead as a smoke grenade is lobbed into the car from above.

Rick, Daryl, Bob, and Glenn are dragged, bound and gagged, and propped up against the edge of a trough. Four other men are given the same treatment. One is Sam, the guy Rick and Carol ran into before she was banished. While a body is being sawed up across the room, the men, starting with Sam, are bashed in the head with a bat and then their throats are slit, allowing their blood to fill the trough.


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It’s about to be Glenn’s turn, but Gareth comes in and asks the batter and slicer for their shell count.

The Walking Dead S5E1 Sam

Now he can go back to that shitty show, Gotham.

Before they continue, Gareth questions Rick about the bag he took into the woods. Rick explains it was a bag of weapons. Weapons he will use to kill Gareth. Woo! Rick stay talking shit even with Gareth threatening to kabob Bob’s head. Gareth just smirks and puts the gag back in Rick’s mouth. He clearly doesn’t know who he’s fucking with. Once again, our boys are saved from skull cracking as gunshots ring out. Then there’s a huge explosion that sends everyone to the ground.

Did Mary blow up the grill again?

Carol is Da Man

Carol, Tyreese, and Judith are headed for Terminus and she informs him that once she knows they’re settled and safe, she’s going to bounce. He doesn’t argue. A walker approaches and Tyreese opts to hold Judith while Carol takes care of it. *sigh* Are we still on this, Tyreese? They hide in a ditch when more walkers appear, but the mini-herd is distracted by the sounds of gunfire (probably the Termites herding our people into the train car) and heads for Terminus.

Carol and Tyreese come across a white guy who looks a lot like Glenn, but they overhear him talking to someone on a walkie talkie about Michonne a.k.a. A Weapon with a Weapon and keeping Carl’s hat after bleeding him, and they realize he’s nothing like Glenn. They force him into a cabin at gunpoint. Carol goes through his bag of weapons and explosives. He lies to her saying that her only friends at Terminus are Michonne and Carl. He explains that their gunfire probably attracted walkers so he and others were stationed at spots around Terminus to set off fireworks at the same time with the hopes of confusing the walkers. Carol’s all, “Change of plans,” and takes his shit and heads off to rescue her friends while Tyreese stays behind.

White Glenn tries to make small talk with Tyreese, saying he can tell Tyreese is a good guy. The kind of guy who saves babies. White Glenn admits that he’s not a good guy and advises Tyreese to take the baby and the car and leave.

Carol arrives at the fence just in time to see Rick and the others taken out of the train car. Also arriving: the herd of walkers. She uses them to cover shooting a hole in a giant propane tank inside Terminus and sends over fireworks to cause the explosion heard earlier. Go, Carol!

Attack on Terminus

Gareth investigates the source of the explosion leaving batter and slicer behind. They’re so busy arguing they don’t notice Rick is using a hidden shiv to saw through his zip ties.

Walkers storm the compound and Carol blends in with them. She’s pretty brave taking this approach as there are still a few Termites on rooftops shooting walkers.

Rick takes out the batter and the slicer, and orders his guys to let them turn. The dead guy on table is none other than the guy Rick held hostage in the season finale.

The train car is the safest place in the joint. Even though they don’t know what’s going on, Abraham and the others decide to keep making weapons so they’ll be prepared to fight when Rick returns.

Carol goes all black ops, taking out a few Termites before heading into a building. Meanwhile, Rick and crew stumble upon the Terminus Cannibal Kitchen and use it to get even more weapons. Rick’s orders are to kill everything and everyone. Glenn wants to make a quick pitstop to free some people in a nearby train car and I’m already fed up with Glenn’s shit. How about you get your fucking wife first? But they do it and some crazed Unibomber-looking motherfucker runs at them screaming, “We’re the same!” Nice, Glenn. Thankfully, Bigfoot is quickly eaten, but now our guys are pinned down with walkers all around.

Carol comes across a room where the Termites were storing the personal belongings of the people they capture. She sees the watch Rick gave Sam and Daryl’s crossbow. She takes them both.

Outside, Rick watches as Termites with machine guns walk by, mowing down walkers. After the last one passes, he sneaks up on him, kills him, takes his gun, and uses it to kill the other Termites because Rick is sick of their shit. I love this new Rick. No bullshitting. No hesitating. No fucking around. They decide to double back to get their people, completely unfazed by the Termites getting munched on around them.

The Walking Dead S5E1 Rick

Carol finds the Crazy Room of Candles and almost makes it out before she’s stopped by Mary. The two have a middle-aged lady fight which ends with Mary standing at the end of Carol’s gun. Then she monologues about how they put out signs for people to come, and they did, and then they raped and murdered them until her people got their place back. They understood the message: “You’re either the butcher or the cattle.” Carol has heard enough of this bullshit and pops a cap in Mary’s leg, then leaves her to be eaten by walkers.

Oh, Tyreese. What Have They Done to You?

Tyreese’s dumb ass is busy looking out the window like he doesn’t have a man behind him with Judith. Of course, White Glenn makes a run for Judith and threatens to snap her neck if Tyreese doesn’t go outside with the walkers banging on the door. Tyreese complies. White Glenn tries radioing his people while Tyreese can be heard fucking shit up outside, then Tyreese stops fucking shit up outside and storms inside to do more of the same. He says, “I won’t” over and over, which I guess meant he won’t slit White Glenn’s throat, but he apparently didn’t say nothing about beating him to death… so that’s what he does.

Is Eugene Full of Shit or Nah?

Train car crew is still working on weapons and Sasha asks about the cure. Eugene tries the “It’s classified” bullshit again. And even though Abraham and Rosita insist he doesn’t have to, Eugene basically explains the plot of Resident Evil and that’s enough to carry on the weapons-making arts and crafts.

Terminus Falls

Rick finally arrives at the train car and lets everyone out. They make a run for the fence, all taking out walkers as they go. Rick provides cover as the group makes it over – getting a shot into Gareth before he goes.

They’re digging up their weapons and supplies, and Rick is ready to go back. “They don’t get to live.” Glenn is like, “It’s over. We got out.” Rick might have been talked out of going back, but we’ll never know because Carol appears and Daryl runs to her… and then someone started cutting onions in my bedroom. “Was that you?” Rick asks before pulling Carol in for his own hug.

She leads the group to the cabin and when Rick sees Tyreese holding Judith he runs over and grabs his baby. Tyreese reunites with Sasha. And the onions, y’all. They were so strong!

Carol thought she was gonna have to go regulate on White Glenn’s ass when Tyreese tells her that he put his hands around Judith’s neck, but he assures her that he handled it. Rick wonders if Terminus is still burning. Carol takes one look at the black smoke and remembers what Mika told her. “Yes, it is,” she says. Science, bitches! They decide to get far, far away from Terminus. As they pass one of the Terminus signs, Rick alters it to read, ‘No Sanctuary.’


Mary is tossed into the train car and we learn that Gareth is her son (as was the guy on the table). Their captors grab another woman, presumably to rape her again. Gareth assures his mother that everything will be alright, but his captor (the Unibomber guy) says, “No, it won’t” and then hits Gareth with a flashlight. Gareth vows to take Terminus back.

Score | 9.5/10Thoughts & Questions:
  • Morgan! Remember when The Walking Dead couldn’t have more than one black guy on the show at the same time? Now they got ALL THE BROTHAS! What’s with those tree carvings, though? Did Rick leave them?
  • Who is it that Abraham and Rosita need to speak to? Eugene or Rick?
  • Terminus being brutalized by people who seemed very much like Joe’s kind of people still doesn’t explain the leap to cannibalism.
  • Really cool hearing Gareth talk about how they had till nightfall to go back to the facade of Terminus.



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7 Comments on The Walking Dead – S5E1 – No Sanctuary

  1. A great start for sure

  2. Best start EVER!

    Why was Carol moving so damn slow though? I mean, she saw them being led away bound and gagged and yet she still seemed to take her sweet ass time through the creepy candle room. I was literally yelling at the television… MOVE FASTER WOMAN!

    Also, who is leaving those damn carvings? I do not remember Morgan and Rick making a sign to follow and I do not remember them popping up anywhere else over the last few seasons… now I want to go look. I know Rick has previously stopped what he was doing to give himself some distance from his group to reach out to Morgan, but the signs do not ring a bell. i can not remember if they were incorporated into that home that Morgan had created for himself.

    The Talking Dead was so good! I love that just as much as the show. The description of filming the trough scene was awesome!

  3. It definitely started out with a bang. Slicing throats and shit!

  4. That was a great episode, I’m really excited for season 5. The beginning scenes make me wonder what Rick had planned in case Carol never started the explosion. I like how Glenn still has compassion in the ZA, but dude grab your wife first and then worry about survivors. My favorite scene is when the guys first escape from the butcher area, for a happy guy Bob looks pissed off holding those two daggers. Also Tyrese redeemed himself even though he said “I won’t”.

    I have one question for the people who have seen TWD premiers before, do they usually have a scene after the credits roll? That was unexpected but awesome, can’t wait to hear the podcast.

  5. Great episode,had to watch by myself,no TWD fans in this house. I had to let out a HELL YEAH when I saw Morgan!

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