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The Walking Dead – S5E10 – Them

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘What Happened and What’s Going On’

This on-the-road episode deals with grief felt by Daryl, Maggie, and Sasha. Daryl has bottled up his feelings, refusing to talk about them, and takes every opportunity he can find to break away from the group. Maggie’s mourning looks a lot like not being able to muster up any kind of fucks to give. When she’s not half-ass killing walkers, she’s downright forgetting to kill them. But Sasha has no problems there. Her grief looks a lot like anger and she racks up the most kills of the episode – putting herself and the group in danger to get a few of them.

And on top of everything else, they’re about 60 miles away from D.C. and going without food or water for almost two days. The rest of the group tries to help and counsel the other three, but it’s hard to do when everyone is just so beaten down and hangry.

Gummy Worms and Frog Legs

While Maggie is off alone crying, Daryl is digging through the damp soil and eating worms. Sasha comes across what looks to be a dried out creek that’s littered with dead frogs. She’s kicking dirt over one when Daryl and Maggie walk up. A silent head shake is all it takes – no one has found any food or water.

They head back to the rest of the group – who haven’t found any either. Maggie wonders how much longer they have. Not till D.C. as Sasha first thinks, but just in general. How much longer can they live like this?

And to make matters worse, their last vehicle has run out of gas so they’re hoofing it with walkers trailing behind them. They’re weak and tired so they allow the walkers to follow instead of trying to fight them. It’s been three weeks since Atlanta and Rick tries to get Daryl to talk about it, but Daryl is Daryl. He opts to go off into the woods in search of food. Carol insists on going with him.

Carl gives Maggie a broken jewelry box, which no longer plays music. And Gabriel tries to make small talk with her about how hot his collar is. Maggie shuts down all chit-chat about religion and reminds Gabriel that he was all about bitchassness when people needed shelter. In other words, you don’t get to talk to me like we friends and like you didn’t punk out and let people die. Welp.

We Are Not the Same

Sasha has had about enough of the walkers following them and wants to take them on. Michonne points out that Rick was right: they’re too weak. Sasha claims she can take them on alone. Michonne offers her a seat. She reminds Sasha that Tyreese was angry too after losing Karen and it made him stupid. Basically, she calls Sasha stupid. Sasha is like, “You don’t know me!” Sasha and Tyreese are different, were different. Michonne is like, “Yeah, that may be. But you’re still acting stupid like he was.”

Off in the woods, Carol gives Daryl Beth’s knife. Beth saved them both, she says. Carol doesn’t allow herself to feel loss, not anymore. But Daryl is different and she tells him he will let himself grieve. Then she gives him a completely maternal peck on the forehead and Caryl/Darol shippers lost their damn minds on Twitter.

Ditch and Run

The rest of the group has decided to deal with the trailing walkers because, I mean really, you kinda have to at some point or you’ll never be able to rest or even scavenge for supplies. The plan is to allow the walkers to get close and then push them into ditches on the side of the road. They’re also able to simply dodge out of the way to accomplish that. And all is going well until Sasha goes Rambo and decides to engage them instead. As Abraham says, “The plan got dicked.”

Into the Ditch

The others now have to fight as well and Michonne tells Sasha to sit her ass down. She doesn’t listen and because of her stupidity, Rick is almost bitten and she accidentally slices Abraham on the arm. When the dust settles there’s a face-off between Michonne and Sasha, which ends with Sasha storming off ’cause she ain’t want none.

Sasha Fights

They find a wreck on the road and Daryl goes off again into the woods, saying he’ll circle back. This time, he makes Carol stay put. Maggie finds a walker in the trunk of one of the cars and it’s clear she was a kidnapping victim. Maggie shuts the trunk without killing the bound and gagged walker. When she tries to open it again, she can’t. Glenn stops her from shooting the lock. He opens the trunk, kills the walker, and then leaves the door open. Nice touch.

In the woods, Daryl finds a half-eaten deer carcass and a dead body. He decides to rest.

Kidnapped Walker

It’s a Man Eat Dog World

The group is resting on the side of the road when Daryl returns empty-handed. Abraham must have found some liquor in one of the cars ’cause he’s getting turnt.

Wild dogs (that used to be domestic dogs) appear and Sasha calmly takes them out with her gun. Without saying a word, Rick begins to break branches for a fire. And that, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is how our group came to eat dogs. Noah doesn’t know if he can do it. Even though Tyreese died because of him and tried to help him, he can’t honor that sacrifice by eating dog. Nope. Sasha tells him to just eat and not think. Or don’t. She don’t give a fuck.

Sasha Kills Dogs

The way Eugene was chewing, I’m gonna go ahead and say he’s eaten dog before. Gabriel is finally broken and takes off his collar and burns it.

Back on the road, Glenn offers Maggie water. She doesn’t want it. She does want to talk about Beth and how she thought Beth was dead before until Daryl told her otherwise. And then she was able to imagine Beth out there alive. Seeing her dead is a totally different story and now she doesn’t know if she wants to fight it anymore. Glenn reminds her that giving up is not who she is.

Sasha tells Abraham that drinking liquor will only make it worse. He’s like, “No. You going off like an asshole is what will make it worse. You’re with friends so how about you chill the fuck out.” Sasha got enough friends and doesn’t consider Abraham one of them.

Glenn offers Daryl water, but he doesn’t take it. Instead, he goes off into the woods and finds a barn. He sits outside of it and lights up a cigarette. Then he finally cries. I’d cry too cause you know those cigarettes are stale as fuck.

Here Comes the Rain Again

The group finds a bunch of bottled water in the road with a note, ‘From a friend.’ They want to drink it, but they’re not completely stupid. Well, Eugene is and starts to be the guinea pig until Abraham slaps the water right out of his hands. It starts to rain and the group is so relieved. Gabriel apologizes to God for throwing his collar away – even though there were rain clouds earlier and Rick said it would rain eventually, I’m sure Gabriel sees this as divine intervention. They place their empty bottles on the ground to collect the rain, but it’s raining really hard and there’s thunder and lightning. Daryl tells them about the barn he found.

Rain Dance

Inside the barn, Rick talks about kids growing up in this world. He used to feel sorry for them, but now he thinks they have it easier than adults. For them, it’s a matter of the world being all they know while adults have the burden of remembering how it used to be. Michonne insists that this isn’t the world. There has to be more, better. Rick is like, “Until we see otherwise, this is our reality.” And THE LOOK Michonne gives him is every.damn.thing. Rick is all, “Yes, dear.” And changes the subject to a story about his grandfather, which is just an excuse for him to say they’re not The Walking Dead.

Then we have a short grammar lesson:

Daryl: We ain’t them.
Rick: We’re not them.
Daryl: Like I said, we ain’t them.


Heavy-Handed Teamwork

Then we have the most heavy-handed scene in the show’s history, but I don’t mind. As the storm picks up, Daryl sees walkers approaching the barn. He tries to secure the door and pushes against it. He’s joined by Maggie and Sasha at first, and the rest of the group. It’s dark except for the flashes of lightning and their feet slide in the mud as they use their bodies to stop the walkers from entering. Yes, it’s a bit much to drive home the fact that everyone is needed. They are stronger together than apart. But it looked cool so I’ll allow it.

The next morning, Daryl gives Maggie the music box. He fixed it by cleaning out the grit from the gears. They talk about how strong both Tyreese and Beth were. Then Maggie wakes up Sasha so they can go watch the sun rise together. The tornado sent those walkers flying and they’re strewn about, impaled on shit. Gruesome.

Score | 6.5/10Who Dis L.L. Bean Looking Motherfucker?

Maggie and Sasha bond over the sunset and Maggie’s insistence that they both can make it. She tries working the music box, but turns out Daryl didn’t fix it. Then a stranger named Aaron appears. He’s clean, looking like an LL Bean catalog come to life. As the girls point their guns at him, he claims to be a friend. He wants to talk to their leader, Rick. He has good news. The music box picks now to work.

Shoot him in the kneecaps, girls! Let him know you mean business. He don’t need knees to talk.

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13 Comments on The Walking Dead – S5E10 – Them

  1. I didn’t mind this episode as much as some. It was slow as hell, and I wouldn’t want even more than one episode like this, but it was effective. I really felt the heat and misery of our group–the dreary, plodding, cicada-filled, drought-ridden, starving days that slowly suck what’s left of their will to live away. Yes, the 2.5 weeks past of mourning were dramatic for people who are so beaten down, but the bitchiness with everyone biting each other’s heads off was so real. It went a long way to getting us into their new mindset.

    I loved the showdown between Michonne and Sasha–it’s not often a show squares off two predatorial, threatening women against each other. I agree with others that the coincidences and symbolism were a bit ham-handed, like I knew as soon as Daryl cried, it would start raining, and as soon as Gabriel removed his collar, he would get shown up by nature and think it was God. The noise of the storm, the walkers bashing, and the violin behind it was fantastic. But, after they made it through the Zombnado and woke up to a fresh sunrise, the intrusion of a new character and possible threat annoyed and alarmed me as much as it did them, so I felt like the whole thing worked for me, this one time.

    Lastly, I don’t want to get spoilery about Aaron, but I just have a complaint with how casually he presents himself. You don’t laugh at people’s reaction to you after they’ve been on the road this long in the ZA unless you want to get shot. I felt like killing him just for being a smartass with that “stranger danger” comment, and I wasn’t even there. Then in the preview he goes on to be even more argumentative with their reaction to him. Really? He’s not great at his job.

  2. (Some great lines in your recap, btw, Nina :D)

  3. Great recap, as usual. This episode was so-so for me. Not because of the lack of action, or even that it was slow (I’m one of the few people who likes season two–the whole damn thing!), or even the moping. I mentioned the moping in our group and while it did bother me, what really didn’t like was the stupidity. I get that Maggie, Sasha, and Daryl are dealing with this loss and they show needs to show this to us. But I don’t get walking off from the group to burn holes in your hand, or to have a cry on a tree. Their reaction time has to be slightly off after crying and lack of food and water. Or am I the only person who gets sleepy after a good cry? And Sasha’s dumb ass going off-plan. Everyone in that group has had to deal with loss so I don’t know why stupidity has to follow. And how is that baby still alive??

  4. I loved this episode!!! And anyone who didn’t come see me!!! There was some stupidity however. But the entire episode had me hooked, I really felt the pain the group was experiencing.

    First let me start off with Sasha’s dumbass!! Let me get this right, now that Hodor is gone she has to become stupid? I love that michonne checked her and the stare down after the bridge fiasco was hilarious!! It was like Michonne said “who else wants some of debo?!?!” And Sasha was all “NO”
    But speaking of the bridge tell me everyone else noticed Sasha cut Abraham with a bloody walker knife?!?! He’s got to be infected now(although the show seems to think that doesn’t matter) .

    Another scene I loved was when Abe said fuck it the brown water will solve my problems!!! This is also where Cujo’s crew rolls up and it’s chow time!!! I love the fact Rick didn’t hesitate to get the grill ready!!!

    As far as the water goes, I would’ve been right with Eugene!! I would’ve been 3 bottles deep before they could even knock them out my hands!! Although this is probably just another reason why I’m not built for that za life anyway!! But shouts out to the rain gods bc we got to see tits and Rosita in those wet t-shirts(hey boos)

    Last thing I wanna touch on is Ricks pregame speech!! I loved it, it was like he was MJ in space jam and gave the group a batch of his secret stuff bc I know I was hyped!! I also loved he dropped the titular line!! Again I’m ready to take on anyone who had a problem with this episode so bring them on!!

    That’s all I got loved the recap and can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

  5. Two part feedback. These are the longer comments, part 2 is short stuff…
    1. Sasha – What the fuck is she doing? I get that she?s all fucked up about everything that?s happening, especially her brother dying, but come the fuck on. Even though she said she and Tyrese are different, they both put our group in danger. Him with his unwillingness to kill, and tell the truth in crucial moments, and her with her emotional, reckless behavior. Sasha was reckless as shit last night. She looked like she was trying to commit suicide by zombie like Tyrese said he was trying to do. I was pissed off at her for doing that. It?s stupid and selfish. I understand the emotional trauma, and physical stress they?ve all been through, but shit like popping off on the zombies in that scene they weren?t trying to kill them was stupid. Sasha needs to get her shit together soon, or her ass can go like her brother did.. She hast already put herself on my watch list. Keep fuckin up, and I?ll say fuck her and the rest of that family. You see how I cursed Tyrese after a while. You can get some too, Sash.
    2. Maggie ? You really trying to save trunk zombies? REALLY? Why? Did the zombie look like Beth? Who?s Beth you ask? She?s the sister you didn?t give a shit about. Get the fuck outta here with that ?I didn?t think Beth was alive? shit too. First off, you never had reason to believe Glenn was out there either. Sure, you were right, he was out there, but in this world no one has reason to believe that anyone not in their field of view is still alive. Maggie chose to believe Glenn was l out there and would not rest until she found him, even if it meant walking away from the group to look for him on her own. So, why did she do that with him, but not her sister? Not that she even had to have the same passion for finding Beth as she had for Glenn, but come on. Not a passing ?? Oh, and I hope Beth is out there too?, or ?After I find my man, I wanna see if I can find my sister too?? Not one since you got separated? I think that would have done a lot to appease a lot of people. Now, they literally had her say she didn?t think Beth was out there on the show and it felt like the show was tossing a bone to the audience since people have complained so much about this. Personally, I don?t need it. She never mentioned it before, why have her do it now? Just let her have that overly dramatic cry she had and keep it moving. I mean, I understand seeing your sister like that would make anyone cry, but that scene outside the hospital felt fake when it happened. The writers did the character and actress playing Maggie a disservice in how they?ve had her deal with Beth.

  6. 3. Sanity ? Sanity had a rough week this week. All these mutha fuckas seem to be losing their shit. It?s understandable, but for it to be happening to so many people at once is crazy.
    4. Time ? What the fuck? What is the passage of time on this show? We found out on Talking Dead that last week happened 17 days after Beth died, but what about this one?
    5. Talking Dead ? Uhh, I need this show to stop telling me things the actual episodes should be telling me about this universe. Get it together, Walking Dead.
    6. Aaron ? Man, who the fuck is Aaron? How does he know Rick? Why are his clothes so damn clean? NOPE. I don?t trust him at all. Shoot his ass!
    7. The Storm ? Is this the first time it?s rained on this show? (2/2)

  7. Nina, I have to agree with the rating you gave for this episode. The pace of the episode was like everything was moving in slow-motion. I felt the writers took an overall realistic point of view this week as far as how people grieve and the trials and tribulations of a group of exhausted people traveling on foot. Watching this actually exhausted me. I look forward to watching this show each week. It’s a great escape from reality. I’m sorry some folks died. I’m sorry they haven’t had a bath and clean clothes in weeks. I’m sorry the only thing on the menu for this week was worm and dog. The point is, I like how resilient this group usually is. They had their sad time during last week’s episode. In my mind, the characters deal with their hardcore feelings and lengthy travel time in between each episode. Although I was disappointed, Rick’s best line ever made up for the whole thing.

  8. Oh and when I saw the new guy i said why is he so clean, like he just win a shopping spree!

  9. I was 100% there for this episode. I loved it. I’m looking at the big picture here and I really felt their exhaustion. I especially enjoyed the music box playing at the end and Maggie and Sasha looking at it like, “seriously???”.

  10. I liked this episode but I really wanted Sasha, Maggie & Daryl to get some group therapy. I get that you’re sad. You have every right to be. But don’t be risking the group with that shit!

    Richonne is everything! That’s all I’m gonna say on that.

    Loved how adorable Carl & Judith looked sleeping but is that a new baby?

    Who the fuck is Aaron & why is he so clean? I was proud of the ladies for pulling their guns on that fool.

    That’s it. Everyone else has pretty much said it all.

    Btw, the kidnap victim is creeping me out. That’s done human trafficking shit right there! It’s the ZA! We ain’t got time for that kinda shit!

    I would hope that I would never get to a point where I had to eat dog but at least these dogs were a long way from being domesticated.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast! I’m all caught up too! Lol

  11. This was a slow but needed episode for the characters. If you go by the timeline, it’s only been about 2 months since the beginning of season 4. They have suffered from a lot of lost and have been through so much bullshit. Happy to see Aaron and as someone caught up with the comics, what’s to come will be very exciting! Very exciting you guys should read up to when Aaron arrives in the comics or do some comparisons to the stuff that happens in the show.!

  12. I went to visit the set where TWD will be filming the next three years. Next weeks preview showed Rick holding a picture. I was at that wall yesterday !!!

  13. Was it just me or did Tara and Rosita have some chemistry going on? Just sayin’ . 🙂

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