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The Walking Dead – S5E11 – The Distance

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Them’

By the time Maggie and Sasha make it back to the barn, everyone is awake and just sitting around. Judith looks bored as fuck. Man. Judith is SO over this zombie apocalypse shit and it’s evident in every scene she’s in tonight.

So.Fucking.Over It.

So.Fucking.Over It.

Anyway, the girls walk in with Aaron and our group go right into Asshole Mode. Aaron is gripped up and patted down. Sasha says he has a camp and he wants them to audition to join them. Aaron says his job is to lure, er, I mean, convince people to come back. He has pictures of their community, which looks well protected, but we can’t be sure because after looking at exactly TWO pics, Rick walks up on Aaron and punches him in the face.

“Audition? This ain’t Glee, bitch!”

Okay. He didn’t say that.

Michonne is like, “You have no home training.”

The Look


They find a flare gun in his pack while he’s out, and when he wakes up, Rick questions him on how many people are out there. Aaron says it won’t matter what he says, but eventually says it’s one. Of course Rick thinks that’s bullshit. Aaron insists it’s him and one other person, with two cars just a few miles away. Rick isn’t trying to hear ANY of it, but Michonne thinks it’s worth checking out. Even though Rick says her way is dangerous, she thinks passing up a safe place for Judith to live is dangerous, too – especially since they can take care of themselves.

Aaron Tied Up

Eventually, Rick is outvoted. The group splits into two groups to check out the vehicles while Rick stays behind with Aaron. Aaron tells him he’s seen bad people before. Bad people who wanted to kill him. He doesn’t believe Rick and crew are bad people. Rick points out just because they’re good people, doesn’t mean they won’t kill him. If Michonne’s group isn’t back in an hour, Rick will put a knife through the base of Aaron’s skull.

Aaron better hope they don’t run into ANY trouble. Shit.

Maggie, Glenn, Abe, Michonne, and Rosita are walking down the road when Glenn directs them to shoot right away if they see anyone. Michonne wonders what that would mean should the others be people like them. Glenn seems to be following Rick’s train of thought. He says if the other group is like them, they should be afraid. Michonne reminds him that even though they look evil as hell, they’re the same group of people who save people. They eventually find the vehicles, including an RV with food. But first they need to take care of a few walkers.

Abe and Rosita


Abe and Rosita have a moment where she lets him know she’s not mad about his flip-out after learning Eugene is a lying liar who lies.

Back at the barn, Judith is screaming her head off. I told y’all she is over it. Aaron says he has applesauce, but Rick would rather feed his baby these mashed up acorns he wasn’t even tryna mix with any kind of liquids. Also, the applesauce might be poison. Aaron is forced to eat a spoonful to prove it’s not. Before he even swallows good, Rick eats some, too. I don’t know how effective that was, Rick.

Michonne and crew find the vehicles and drive them back, with lots of supplies. Rick says they’re gonna Debo those supplies whether they’re going with Aaron or not. Michonne says, “But we are going.” Again, Rick is outvoted. When it comes down to how to get to Aaron’s camp, Rick wants to know where it is so they can just go. Aaron insists on driving them and not giving up the location ahead of time. Fine. Then they’ll go at night, Rick says, so they can sneak up and they’re going to take the one road Aaron says is fucked because trust issues.

Outside, Michonne calls Rick on his shit. Are they really going or was he just saying that to see if Aaron would give up the location? Rick talks about the silence outside of both Woodbury and Terminus – which is bullshit because Woodbury was like Mayberry with fucking Main Street parades of fresh lemonade. Anyway, he’s not sure there’s anything that can make him cross into the gates of this new place, with his family, but he’s going to find out.

So, they’re driving down Rt. 23, which might as well be called Rt. 666, and it’s dark as fuck. Michonne rides in the backseat with Aaron while Glenn drives and Rick rides shotgun. Everyone else follows in another car. Rick discovers Aaron’s license plate collection in the glove box. He wants to collect all 50 states and hang them in his house. Michonne is impressed that he has his own house and he shows her more pictures of the community. She notices there aren’t any people in the pics and his answer why smells like straight up bullshit. That’s when she remembers they didn’t ask Aaron the three questions.

How many walkers have you killed? Too many to count. How many people? Two, because they tried to kill me.

Then Rick discovers a listening device in the car. If Aaron’s people were listening, they know the whole plan. Rick screams like Admiral Ackbar and Glenn, distracted, starts plowing into walkers. He won’t put on the brakes because he’s scared the car behind them will crash into them or something. So, he continues on for a bit, slamming into walkers like it’s a video game and those bitches are bonus points.


They finally hop out of the car to clean all the guts and shit off the windshield. The car behind them got away, but now they’re fucked because walkers are closing in fast… for walkers. And of course the car won’t start so Michonne hops out again to clean out more guts from the grill. Then, a flare fires in the distance and Aaron FREAKS THE FUCK OUT. He kicks open the door, knocking Michonne on her ass, and runs off into the woods. Michonne gives chase after telling Rick their people may think they’re the ones who fired the flare so it may be their only hope of reconnecting. I’m not sure what that got to do with chasing Aaron, but okay.

As walkers drive them into … a cornfield, Glenn is separated from Rick and almost gets bitten. As he tries to find Rick, he finds Aaron trapped by a walker. He actually takes a few steps away before remembering his mama ain’t raise him like that. He frees Aaron, who convinces him to stick together.

Michonne and Rick are cornered and Rick’s out of bullet so he uses the flare gun to make a Walk o’ Lantern. Aaron and Glenn arrive with guns to save their asses. Rick warns Aaron that if this is a trap, his people will die tonight. They head off in the direction of the flare (near a water tower).

Walker o Lantern

When they arrive, Rick and Daryl exchange some complicated whistle code like this is the damn Hunger Games or something. Everyone is okay, but Aaron panics when he doesn’t see his friend, Eric. Eric calls out from inside the building and we see that Eric is Aaron’s bae!

They are adorable! Eric has a broken ankle and it’s clear that Aaron was so worried about him. When he saw the flare, he thought the worst. Rick witnesses the closeness between the two. In the next room, Aaron suggests the group get some sleep and they’ll head for his community in the morning. Rick is cool with that idea, but he wants Aaron to sleep away from Eric. Aaron finally puts his foot down and says Rick will have to shoot him to keep him from bae. Glenn talks some sense into Rick. Oh, and Aaron finally says where they’re going: Alexandria.

Eric and Aaron

The next day, on the road Noah and Aaron have a moment where we learn their Alexandria community has a surgeon. When Rosita spies the monuments in the distance, she points it out Abraham, who eyeballs a Low Voltage warning light on the dashboard. They’re a little more than halfway there so he thinks they should make it.

Anaaand then the RV dies. But no worries, Abraham. Glenn is a master RV mechanic and knows about spare batteries in RVs so they can replace their dead one easy-peasy. RIP, Dale.

Before they get back on the road, Michonne warns Rick that he has to let some of that anger and shit go. It will turn on him if he doesn’t. He seems to take in what she’s telling him, and then says he needs a moment alone. I thought he was going to drop a deuce in the woods or something, but it turns out he just wanted to plant a gun somewhere he could come back to later.

Rick’s suspicion is so delicious.

They arrive at the gates of the community and Rick hears the sounds of children playing on the other side. Michonne squeezes his hand and asks if he’s ready. He is, but first he needs to get Judith from the backseat where she’s strapped into absolutely nothing. YOLO. She’s rolling around in the backseat with the confidence of a character who knows they ain’t getting killed off any time soon.


The episode ends before we get to see if anyone is roasting human parts on a grill.

Score | 8/10Thoughts: 
  • Some of the best conflicts occur when both sides have valid points. Here, I believe going with Michonne’s way is the best move. This is going to become an issue sooner or later. Just as they were cautious about Noah’s community, they should be cautious with this, but at some point – if you want to stop running and feeding your baby acorn mush (dry) – you’re gonna need to trust someone and the guy who has, so far, supplied proof and full explanations, isn’t a bad place to start.
  • The end of this episode is perfect for a time jump. Seriously. I don’t need to see a tour of the community and more of Rick’s trust issues. Jump ahead six months and let me see our group settled in before the shit hits the fan. Michonne and Rick can be all boo’ed up and Judith can be like, five, cause you know how shows age children. Then, when and if they ever have to hit the road again, no more crying baby to worry about.
  • The Rosita/Abraham clearing of the air was so unnecessary.
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13 Comments on The Walking Dead – S5E11 – The Distance

  1. I liked this episode better than the last two. It was pretty fun to watch and live tweet. Here are some comments on what we saw.
    1. Aaron ? Who the fuck are you? He did step up in that scene when it looked like we were gonna lose a member of the team, but I still don?t trust his ass. He might end up being someone we can trust, but this show has given us all the permanent side eye when it comes to meeting new people. I still don?t know how he managed to stay so clean either. Sure he came from an established community, but even the people in Woodbury and Terminus had a little dirt or human flesh under their nails. Finding out who Aaron and his people are will be interesting. I want to know why Aaron is so intent on ?recruiting? our group as well. His enthusiasm for that makes me suspicious of him. On another note, the fact he?s gay was cool. That?s one of the few things we haven?t seen in this world. I can?t remember if we have seen Tara with a woman or not, but most people assume she?s lesbian. Either way, until this episode we hadn?t seen any gay men. As a straight dude, seeing them kiss didn?t bother me at all. It seemed genuine, which for me is important in any love or family situation I see on screen. I hate when those things are forced when we see them develop in front of us. But in cases like this when they just show us people are together from the jump, it?s all good. When I saw the kiss I was like ?Oh, they go together? Cool? I still don?t trust these mutha fuckas?. So, until further notice, these dudes are on a probationary period with me. Don?t fuck with my squad and y?all will be alright.
    2. Rick ? Rick is on point right now. He?s FOCUSED & not fucking around. He?s been through so much in the Zombie Apocalypse that he has no time for bullshit. He might be wound a little too tight, but he?s trying to stay safe and protect his kids and the group as a whole. He?s a good leader, he may just need to take a step back and listen to others a bit more before putting his gun in someone?s face.
    3. Michonne ? Michonne has come a long way. She started out very angry, and it was understandable. Her anger was her fuel, but now she?s learned to channel it and knows when to use it. This is what I see her trying to teach Rick right now. She?s been where he is and doesn?t want him to be consumed by rage. She?s second in command now.
    4. Richonne ? Some folks see sexual tension or energy between Rick & Michonne that I don?t see. Sure, they COULD end up in each other?s arms, but I don?t see that happening. I think these characters are friends and there won?t be any benefits. I see them as President and Vice President of our group. The people leading the group from place to place. I can?t see them becoming sexual or dating. To me both are too focused on the task at hand to worry about romance. I can?t imagine either of them being able to deal with someone getting killed because they were distracted by trying to have a date night with each other. Plus, Rick still wears his wedding band. I think that?s something significant. It?s been a while since Lori died, but he still wears his ring. I think that says a lot about his thoughts on relationships right now. In my view he still sees himself as married. So, sorry Richonne people, I don?t think it?s gonna happen. I don?t think it needs to either.

  2. Great episode.

    I like Aaron and his bae, but I was screaming at a motherfucker to just EAT THE DAMN APPLE SAUCE! Crazy grizzly man with a crying baby asks you to be a taste tester because he suspects you of poisoning it. It’s not time for a Yelp review of Apple Sauce, man.

    I can’t call this a Ricktatorship anymore. He lets his people talk him into every damn thing under the sun. Not just Michonne, though she’s clearly who he defers to the most. He’s done it with Tyreese, Daryl, Glenn, and Maggie to name a few. He doesn’t bully them into going along with his plans and he gives in pretty quickly, but I think he does it to make sure they’re all on the same page when shit goes down because that’s more important than being right. It’s interesting, though, because even though they all must know by now that Rick’s a total soft touch when it comes to his ZA “family,” they still defer and openly refer to him as their leader.

    Having called out my man for being a softie, I must say thought that Rick telling Aaron they’re good people but that he WILL kill a motherfucker was gold.

    I figured all along that Michonne would be right about going to Alexandria (assuming she is) because she’s Michonne, but the way she was just willy-nilly willing to go along with Aaron’s plans really showed just how frayed her nerves are at this point. It came across to me as pretty reckless. I think if Aaron had said they had to hopscotch their way to Alexandria, she would have started hopping. So while she was right and Rick being overly cautions got them in trouble, I felt like Rick being closed off and skeptical was really needed to balance her out. Glenn was the one who struck a better balance of being cautious at first and then more sure of going as they went along.

    And finally, I totally appreciated the little Carol moment we got when she told Rick “Even though you were wrong, you were still right.”

    I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes and how they all react to being off the road. And I’m so happy with Aaron and Eric so far. They’re great additions.

  3. Meant to add: haha, now that you mention it: Poor Tara. No credit given. I don’t even remember seeing her in the episode. Gay dudes – 1, Lesbians – 0

  4. That’s because Tara is irrelevant and lesbians seem 2 be less shocking and controversial then gay guys. if Tara and Maggie started making out nobody would notice except for the straight guys that like that kind of stuff and the christians that want 2 protect their family values on a show about zombies eating ppls flesh, If Daryl and Glenn started 2 make out there would be an uproar. I’m not going 2 say much more because I know where this storyline is going, except for rick and michonne are definitely going 2 fuck and its going 2 be that dirty angry sex and I am so here for it.

  5. I thought this was a great episode and not just because of the action but because people were making sense. Well, for the most part.

    I’ve asked before and I have to again: why don’t people listen to Rick? He knows what’s going on! I saw someone on twitter say it was Rick’s fault they got into trouble. How so? He didn’t trust Aaron, he didn’t trust the community, he wasn’t driving. I also heard talk about him giving in to what others want to do. He’s giving them rope so they can hang themselves. Then when it goes down and he has to wreck shit, he’ll be like “told y’all!” When he said he had to step away, I knew he was hiding a weapon; Rick didn’t just fall off a turnip truck.

    I need more info on how Aaron stayed so clean. He’d been following them for days and still stayed crisp? C’mon now, that’s bs. I come home from work looking bedraggled and I have a desk job! And what’s this audition shit? Do they have to come prepared with their own sheet music or monologue. GTFOH with that!

    Is this the fourth or fifth Judith? I love babies, I really do, but how is she still alive? I don’t want her to die but let’s be realistic. Anybody who has been around a baby knows how much they eat; especially at her age. How is she still functioning? And if there are no other infants or toddlers anywhere else, we know the show is keeping her because they think the audience can’t handle her death.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. As much as they seem to want to settle down, I don’t think they’ll know how to relax enough to enjoy “safety”.


  6. Oh, one more comment…. When the hell did Rosita get pants? Bring back the coochie cutters!!!!!!!!

  7. I liked this episode. Watching their interpersonal relationships are quite fascinating.

    Rick is not playing! He will not hesitate to knock a dude out! Aaron kinda deserved it cause he was being rather douchy. Just saying. So what did you think about Rick’s plan to take the other road at night. Didn’t work out to well for them with the zombie car wash and whatnot. But it did give them more insight into Aaron. But why wasn’t Glenn using the damn windshield wipers!!?? Guessing the windshield cleaner fluid had dried up. But wiping some off might have helped some. Just saying. But seriously, I LOVED LOVED LOVED what Rick told Aaron. ?Just because we?re good people doesn?t mean we won?t kill you.? So they are good peoples. It’s just, well, don’t fuck with them. Lol.

    Michonne is so co-leader with Rick. And I love how he listens to her. While she is definitely wanting a safe place for them to be, she will protect the group like a fierce mama bear! As soon as she realized there were no people in Aaron’s pics, she jumped on his ass asking the 3 questions! Loved it!

    What did you think of Glenn’s behavior? After losing Beth, he was all in for killing. But a part of him still wants the group to be the ones who help folks. And I loved the little shout out to Dale. All that time tinkering with him really paid off. Now Glenn knows how to hook that sucker up!

    I think Eric would have been a better advance man than Aaron. He seemed less douchy. And I loved their reunion. Made me slightly less suspicious of Aaron. Slightly. Cause he was still acting way shady. And wtf was that with the applesauce? Dude, he just said he’d put a knife in the back of your head. Eat the damn applesauce! Anyway, I have a theory about why they’re so clean. They were probably bathing in the RV. The usually have something for that or even washing up in the bathroom sink. As for their clothes, the reason the RV battery was dying was because they jerryrigged an iron to press their clothes. Lol Just saying.

    Loved the flared up walker kill. Nice effect!

    Ok. That’s all I can think of. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

    Btw, stop hating on Richonne Leonard Brothers! It may happen!!

  8. Anyone else notice the look Daryl and Father Gabriel gave Aaron when he referenced having a boyfriend? The side eye was o so powerful. I guess there’s always some piece of Merle in his little brother lol. Even with the ZA, Father Gabe not with this shit

  9. Loved the episode couple of thoughts

    1. Aaron was lucky he just got punched, bc I was tired of his round about answers and I was sitting comfortably in my living room!! Also anyone who doesn’t like applesauce is a shady fuck!!

    2. Several times I felt the episode edited out scenes! Like what happened to the RV and how did Aaron’s Bae get wit the group?

    3. I also wanna get your thoughts on Michonne now and the one at Woodbury bc as you pointed out in your recap Woodbury was cool as hell!! They had soft mattresses and a weekly block parties, but that was not good enough for her then!!

  10. In regards to the baby, didn’t Nicotero say on the Talking Dead that she represents hope & that’s why she’s still alive?

  11. Great episode!

    1. Aaron, of course he’s gay! Who else would be that clean in the ZA? I bet he got all the whole J. Crew collection and an endless supply of Nair. All that being said, he’s so nice. He’s taking punches to the face and smiling, he’s being reasonable, feeding babies. Man, I don’t like him!

    2. Glen, really? You can’t drive bro? I’m gonna excuse it since I’m just gonna assume its because of his genetics.

    3. Michonne is way too trusting she shouldn’t be Rick, but I like her closer to how she was in the car asking the questions. Wanting to know who’s wearing the wire.

    4. Carver, how don’t you know when a illegal wire is being run? See, this how you got Randy all fucked up!

    I think everyone said the rest, look forward to the show.

  12. I’m still trying to figure out how the RV crew went from being behind Rick on the ‘not safe’ highway to being on the “safe highway” and finding and rescuing Aaron’s boo.
    I am going to rewatch tonight and see if I can figure it out … Or maybe they will tell me all about it on Talking Dead :/

  13. I decided I loved it on the re watch. Some great moments- Michonne having none of Rick’s shit and deciding for the group that they are going. Also when she said ‘ that wasn’t a ‘let’s attack this man look, that was an ‘I think he’s OK look.’ Everything about Michonne in this episode was great.

    When Glen had his ‘guy in the box car’ moment when Aaron was being menaced by the walker and decided he really WAS the kind of person who helps others ..
    (Although the head on the rock walker that Glenn fought off was so obviously a dummy with a bad wig. Really Nicotero? I expect more from you.)

    Abe and Rosita seeing DC.

    Finding out Noah had a bum leg from the car wreck he and his dad were in.

    The look on Ricks face when he heard the children playing.

    I got all feely about that and may or may not have shed a tear.

    And finally.. My god I love Rick’s group. I love every single one of them.

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