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The Walking Dead – S5E12 – Remember

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘The Distance’ 

Welcome Wagon

Just before our group steps through the gates of the Alexandria community, Carl spots a girl in the window of a house behind them. She’s gone in a flash so it’s not clear if he was imagining her or not. Oh, and right before they go in, Daryl kills an opossum and holds it up for their hosts to see. “We brought dinner.”

Once they cross the threshold, they’re told they have to hand over their weapons. Since Rick ain’t even sure they’re staying, he decides they’ll pass on that. Rick alerts Sasha to an approaching walker and she takes it out with her rifle.

“It’s a good thing we’re here,” Rick says, looking like more of a badass than a man poorly carrying a baby has any right to.

Rick with Judith

Rick with Judith 2

Photo Credit

It turns out the “audition” is more of an interview given by the woman in charge of the community, Deanna. She records each one and Rick goes first. He looks so out of place, and it’s almost like he doesn’t remember how to sit in a chair with a cushion. In the first part of his interview we learn this is a planned sustainability community with a solar grid. They have a plumbing system, too. The houses started in the low $800,000s, but they’re having a zombie apocalypse blowout sale so now the houses can be had for the low, low price of free.

Deanna was a congresswoman from Ohio. After Rick tells her what he was before doesn’t matter now, she tells him her husband being an architecture professor mattered when it came time to put up those walls so, there. Rick warns Deanna that they should keep their gates closed (Wait. They weren’t?) and when Deanna asks why, I scream at the TV, “WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK?” Rick explains the world is a bad place, with bad people in it, and these bad people will try to take your shit. Deanna knows a bit about bad people. She had to exile three men who didn’t know how to act, and that’s as good as giving them a death sentence. Rick knows a little about that, too, since he exiled Carol. But Carol is a bad motherfucker who turned an exile into saving Rick’s raggedy ass so…

Gun Check

Speaking of Carol, when the group decides to give up their guns, she places about fifty ‘leven in the bin. She pretty much had ALL THE GUNS.

Carol guns 1

Carol guns 2

Carol guns 3

Carol guns 4

Carol guns 5

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P.S. That last GIF above is about the only time we saw Gabriel’s ass. I straight up thought they left him at the barn until I saw that pic.

Aaron tells Rick he and Carl have their choice of two really nice houses. Rick takes a shit, shower, and shave, and I thought we were going to get to see some Rick ass, but no. A neighbor lady comes a’calling and offers to cut Rick’s hair. She has two sons, one Carl’s age. Her name is Jessie and I’ve decided that she’s the worst.

Shirtless Rick

Shirtless Rick 2

Carol, Rick, and Daryl have cased the joint and decide that they’ll all stay in one house. Carl goes exploring and finds comic books in the attic. One reads, “WOLF FIGHT!” I think. It was hard to see past all that foreshadowing.

Slumber Party

Everyone is quite impressed with Rick’s clean face – especially Michonne, who just spent the last 20 minutes brushing her teeth. They should kiss. For reasons. Judith doesn’t recognize Rick. Not because he shaved, but because that is the second baby to play Judith since last week.

Deanna comes to check on Rick and is all atwitter when she gets a look at his smooth-as-a-baby’s-ass face. She notes the group has decided to sleep in the same house, in the same damn room. Rick’s house is a like a Benneton ad and she’s shocked, shocked I say, that all these people could be so close.  Hmmm. What does that say about her group of people?

She says she already has a job in mind for Rick and Michonne. There’s something in the works for Sasha, and she’s still trying to figure out Daryl. Daryl gives her a look like, “Good luck, bitch,” because Daryl has no home training.

Later, while everyone sleeps, Rick goes into the kitchen for a butcher knife to help him sleep. As you do.

The People in Your Neighborhood

Both Rick and Carl mention the fact that this community is something Lori would have wanted for them. Daryl is all, ‘No thanks.” Note: Daryl has not bathed.

Carl wanders off with Judith and Rick panics. Jessie says she knows where they are and leads Rick to the house of an old couple. There they find Judith and Carl sitting on the porch with the couple. Jessie asks if Carl can visit her boys and Rick says yes.

I don’t like this helpful bitch at all.

Rick and Jesse

Jessie’s sons introduce Carl to Enid – the girl he saw in the window and the owner of the comic book he found – and then asks if he wants to play video games. Carl is so unsure of how to behave. He don’t know this life. He’s all, “What time do we kill people around here?” Later, he tells Rick this place is nice, but

Later, while everyone else sleeps, Rick goes for a walk. He sees a man on a porch. He’s cloaked in shadow and smoking a cigarette. He welcomes Rick to the neighborhood and points out his wife cut Rick’s hair. Tell your wife to keep her scissors closed, buddy. Notice that heifer didn’t mention a husband.

Carl the Explorer

During Carol’s interview, she lies her ass off and I’m here for it. She tells Deanna she was a happy homemaker before the apocalypse, and she’s the den mother of the group, who protect her in exchange for domestic skills. This explains Carol’s sheepish grin when she was giving up her weapons. She handled them like she was carrying them for someone else and not completely capable of using them herself. She asks if her job can be something housewifey. She’s a real people killer person. Next thing you know, Carol is wearing a cardigan.

She tells Daryl to please wash his ass. He tells her she looks ridiculous. Daryl is so salty. And his interview was the funniest. He wouldn’t sit down and he held on to his opossum the whole time before deciding to skin and gut it on the front porch. When she asked him if wanted to be there, he said, “The boy and the baby deserve a nice roof over their heads. Maybe.” Damn.

Carl witnesses Enid sneaking out of the community, and of course he follows because Carl gotta Carl. He ain’t had a house two days and he’s already not staying in it.

Meanwhile, Glenn, Noah, and Tara are taken on a run by Aidan (Deanna’s son) and a guy named Nicholas. Aidan makes it clear he’s in charge and he knows he’s a douchebag, but he’s still in charge so they have to do whatever he says, and no, he doesn’t have a small penis at all. He’s not overcompensating. Nope.

Rick leaves the community to retrieve his gun from that blender because fuck these people. The gun is gone! Carl loses track of Enid, but finds his dad just as walkers approach. They have a little father son bonding over killing walkers. I feel like they just needed to get that out of their system. They’d gone too long without killing something.

Not Fucking Around Crew

Aidan and Nicholas reveal they lost four people on a run last month. But, good news! They got one of the walkers that did it and have it strung up on a tree. Glenn is like, what the fuck is wrong with you people? When they get to the tree, the walker is gone. These geniuses start whistling for it and when it appears, it almost bites Tara because Aidan is a fucking idiot.

Back at the community, Aidan jumps in Glenn’s face with more of that Do As I Say Cause I’m In Charge bullshit. Glenn points out Aidan’s leadership skills got four people killed. Noah and Tara try to tell Aidan he don’t want none, and Daryl is lurking just waiting to jump in someone’s ass. Sure enough, Aidan swings on Glenn, misses, and gets knocked on his ass. Daryl is about to choke out the other guy when Rick pulls him off. Michonne warns Aidan to stand the fuck down.

Glenn Punch 1

Glenn Punch 2

Deanna breaks it up and tells everyone that Rick and company are one of their own now, and have equal standing. After Aidan flounces off somewhere – hopefully to burn that members only jacket – Deanna offers Rick and Michonne the jobs of Constables. They both accept and Daryl stomps off, butthurt.

If they offer Rosita a job in landscaping, I’m gonna be pissed.

That night, Rick is in his snazzy new police uniform and our group look at him like, “Nerd.” Carol tells him, in front of Daryl, this place will make them weak if they get too comfortable. Rick says they’ve come too far to punk out now. They will never be weak again. And if the people here can’t make it, they’ll just take the place from them.

Then somebody dropped a mic.

Score | 8/10Thoughts & Questions:
  • I can’t wait to see Carol fuck somebody up while wearing a cardigan.
  • Wolf alert!
  • Where the hell was Katniss going? She’s already a bad influence on Carl.
  • So, what’s wrong with this place besides being weak and too trusting? Why doesn’t Deanna already have muscle other than Aidan and Nicholas? What’s up with the three people she exiled?
  • Who took the smoothie gun?
  • Why is Jessie’s husband so shady?


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21 Comments on The Walking Dead – S5E12 – Remember

  1. So, we?re finally in Alexandria. Let?s see how this shit goes. Here are some comments on the episode.
    1. Rick ? Officer Ricky is back. Our boy still doesn?t trust these new people, but at least he?s willing to give it a chance for the sanity of the group. I laughed when he was in the shower though. He looked like a bear under that water. I was a bit surprised that he put on a uniform again, but we?ll see how long it lasts. Also, I don?t know about y?all, but I already want him to kill Jessie?s husband.
    2. Daryl ? Daryl sat there wishing a mutha fucka would all episode. He was ready to jump in asses like Nina on Facebook.
    3. Carl ? Carl came in his pants at least 17 times this episode. He hasn?t been around girls his age in years. When he saw that shorty at the house his whole vibe changed. We?re about to see young Carl passing those old school ?I like you, do you like me? Circle Yes Or No? notes to this girl.
    4. Jessie ? The funniest tweet of the night was Nina?s ?Who is this bitch? when Jessie showed up. Why she gotta be a bitch, nina?????? Jessie is trying to toss that snap dragon at Rick. Y?all see how she gave him that haircut and set their kids up on play dates. Only thing left for her to do is cook for him. If she does that, she?ll be on that full court press. It?ll be no time until she knocks on his door in a trench coat and lingerie.
    5. Carol ? You miss Ed? Excuse me? You must be playing a role here. You BETTER be playing a role here.
    6. Aiden/Jessie?s Husband ? Fuck you both. Die soon.
    7. Deanna ? Woman I saw you get wet when Rick opened that door looking so fresh and so clean. On another note, I?m still skeptical of you and your Real World Confessionals.
    8. Michonne ? Michonne looked happy and relieved to be in Alexandria.

  2. I caught it. Enjoyed the episode.

    Carol is killing me. The least Daryl could do is bathe. That’s not asking too much. He can take his crossbow in the shower with him if it makes him feel better.

    So many Richonne moments! Love them!

    Carl never stays in the house. But unlike season 2, he can take care of himself now. Very nice father/son bonding moment. But who took Rick’s gun? I think it was Carl’s new gf Enid. I doubt douchy Aiden is swift enough for that.

    Wtf is it with these douchy guys in Alexandria? Aaron, Aiden, hair stylist chick’s husband. Speaking of which, that chick from AHS & True Blood. She is forever playing these thirsty chicks! She looked at Rick like she was about to jump him right there! Down hussy! That’s Michonne’s future man! And she can & will kick your ass.

    That’s all I can think of. Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

  3. Great recap! The only thing I have to add is I wonder if Lil Mama that Carl is thirsting after stole Rick’s gun. With the way she lurks in the woods, it’s possible that she saw him hide it. And to add on, could she have a connection to the 3 folks that were exiled? When Carl was watching her and she ran off, it was purposeful, like she saw someone. I can see how Deanna could’ve exiled her folks for cutting up, but allowed the teenage girl that they came with to stay. If this is the case, that gun will come back up in the worst way. That was all. Can’t wait for the podcast!

    Side note: I just knew one of those kids was going to offer Carl some were, when they were chillin in that room.

  4. Last night’s episode was very good. I liked seeing the interviews and in turn, how each person interviewed behaved afterward. Should I not read anything into who was NOT interviewed??

    When Carol had that ridiculous smile, while turning in her guns, I didn’t know what to think. Then she said she missed Ed and I was taken aback. Once I saw that stupid ass, thistle cardigan I knew she was playing a role. Carol is no fool. I REALLY like the growth of her character. I like that she and Carl are on the same page about getting weak there. I mean, look at the rest of the schmucks who live there!

    By not taking a shower, Daryl is letting those Alexandrians know he ain’t the one. If one of these weak links gets him killed I’m gonna lose my shit.

    I love how Aiden is gonna tell people who have been in dem streets for over a year, how to go on a run. Sit the fuck down. Oh, never mind; Glenn will knock you on your ass. And what was with Deanna thanking him for doing it? Is this another Dawn situation?

    This trick Jessie. Mention your kids, your previous career, your favorite color, but not your husband. I see what she’s after; stank Ho.

    The scene with Rick and Carl taking out those walkers was so good! It was like take your son to work day.

  5. Hi guys,

    I have a hard time commenting this season as a lot of my thoughts for this second half are influenced by book knowledge and I don’t want Nina to jump in my ass for speaking out of pocket. But I have a couple non spoiler observations I can share.

    I liked the set up of the episode and how they structured it with the interviews. Especially that small moment when Deanna told Rick the time of day and he showed a small bit of emotion and set his watch. It’s amazing how little something like knowing the time is so meaningful. It was a powerful moment.

    It was hilarious how Daryl just refused not to bathe after a couple days of being there. Kind of inconsiderate for his musty ass to still be in closed quarters with the group and they all zestfully clean and he still smell like Walker ass and possum.

    I really feel some kind of way about those douchebag congressional interns that almost getting Tara killed. I get that they have been sheltered for the most part but they’re supposed to be going on runs for supplies and resources not playing reindeer games with Walkers. No wonder those ass clowns lost four of their own. Getting all bent out of shape over a walker that “killed our friends” is beyond irresponsible. A walker is nothing but a inanimate object now, it doesn’t think, it doesn’t feel, it doesn’t care about your torture, just kill it and move on. This may be a sanctuary but in a way these people are more dangerous than Woodbury or maybe even Terminus strictly due to their own ignorance of how to survive. I’m glad Glenn beat that wannabe Frank Underwood motherfucker up.

    I like the way the story is shaping up so far, and if they follow the as close to the established story like they said they are then we are in for one hell of a ride. Can’t wait! Love you guys keep up the great work.

  6. I REALLY, REALLY liked this episode. I loved how each and every one of them were like feral cats and even though they kept saying we want shelter, blah blah they were not adjusting well….except for Gabriel he just right back into his old docile self.
    1- Rick Grimes isn?t Grimey no mo?! ?.Damn Andrew Lincoln is effing YUMMY!!! LOL I prefer a a little shadow but he?s still hella fione! Ok so when home girl comes to the door I was like ?Oh no!! Michonne come getcha boy!? And she was persistent about wanting their sons to get to know each other?. new meat = new possible daddy for my kids. Now, I was braiding my hair while watching this so I would have to go stand in front of a mirror and only listen at times throughout the hour…..I didn?t remember her mentioning a husband. So I was SHOCKED when shadow man said he was her husband. smh She?s looking for a back-up plan, oh I see you boo. **side-eyeing the fuck out of Ms. Jessie**
    2- When Carol was doing her interview my head was down and I nearly gave myself whiplash when she said she missed Ed. I screamed at the TV ? you?re fucking LYING! scared the dog and my BFF and explained her character. A few minutes later, i figured she was up to something cause she never mentioned Sofia?.or did I miss that part.
    3- Sheltered people are the dumbest people ever, I think Aaron and his boo kinda get it but fake douchy sheriff & his 1 man posse are idiots. You lost 4 people so you ?keep? a walker to teach it a lesson? can you say fucktards? I was so happy when Glenn knocked him on his ass.
    4-The missing gun?.either it was the 3 exiled or Ms. Perky-Pants took it but who planted the walker, cause that thing wasn?t there when Rick left the gun.
    5- It ended perfectly with the Rick, Carol and Daryl on the porch.
    There was SO much more I liked but this is already long enough?.esp when Michonne was like hey Slick Rick never see you look like that boo?..didn?t her grin get wider? Sorry I need to stop the Richonne cause I want it SO bad and when it doesn?t happen I will be sad.

  7. 1. I loved how Glenn walked in first, as always, but now the whole meaning of his role has changed. It used to be because he was like That Kid everyone shoves through the door first and hopes it’s safe. Now he goes in first because that’s his function in the group and everyone respects that.
    2. I’m wondering if Deanna’s husband was one of the exiles since she talked about him both in past and present.
    3. Aidan: When even Noah and Tara judge your techniques, you’re worthless, and Glenn looked at those pansy guns like he was going to be sick. You can tell he hasn’t been in The Shit because he’s focused on bullying a single walker. Please go die, sooner rather than later.
    4. Carol’s whole routine had my brain spinning. It’s fantastic that they have no idea what she’s capable of. Teaching children? Yeah, about killing zombies and live people. When she walked out in that cardigan like Clint Eastwood wearing lipstick, it was just so wrong. Daryl was the voice of all of us in that moment and it cracked me up so hard.
    5. The final scene of our 3 saying they’ll just take this place if the Alexandrians can’t hack it was every-damn-thing. Daryl looked like that was the first sensible thing he’d heard all day, and I am here for it.
    6. Jessie was so obvious with questioning Rick on his being married when she literally just met him. DO NOT LIEK. #Richonne5evah
    7. The whole setup of Alexandria makes it obvious they’ve not seen hard times. I’m not really worried about the insiders–douchebags and bullies are nothing the group can’t handle–but they’ll be in big trouble with those walls reinforced from the outside and no combat experience. If Deanna thinks the worst you can do is exile people, she is about to LEARN. Captain Janeway finally found out she couldn’t talk herself out of everything, and so will this trick.

  8. Minor trivia: the tarp zombie is Scott Ian from Anthrax.

  9. This episode was everything!

    1. Rick is totally right, it’s a good thing they’re there! They let Rick and crew walk in with their guns, they didn’t check them at the entrance, they were already in pass all their security. Then they looked like giving up the guns was a suggestion. They looked like they had no idea what to do when they said “We’ll just hold this, okay?”

    2. These interviews were awesome, Rick and the crew almost too far gone. These fools playing checkers with chess playing Carol she just talking about be a wife and homemaker like she not Rambo. Clearly Rick knows exactly what time it is and Daryl doesn’t even trust the water. He’s all like, y’all see what the water did to Rick’s face?!?

    3. That lady wants to fuck Rick. She like I got 2 children, proceeds to omit her husband’s existence and gives Rick a haircut so sensual that he cried. Of course her husband is PISSED!

    4. Carl don’t wanna play video games, he saw a girl his age and nutted all over himself. Then he stalks her and wants to know why she don’t like him? The ZA fucked his social skills up, or is that how all teenagers act?

    5. The the T1000 terminator!

    Love you guys!!

  10. There is no way that Daryl does not have a thriving and self-sustaining civilization of filth and putrid bacteria on his dick and ass area. Wash your dick and ass, Daryl. If for no other reason than you’re sharing a house with people now who have. Hopefully Alexandria has a Caesar Milan who can tame this fool.

  11. I love how that Girl was giving Carl the side eye the whole time, like she know Carl already got bodies under him. Also Carl had that big ass knife following her in the woods. I thought he was about to to kill his second kid on this show after that woodbury motherfucker.

  12. Also These Females realize My nigga Rick looks like a model without the hobo beard. Every Deanna and Jessie was super thirsty about him and even Michonne gave him that,’ Yeah I’m gonna break you in look.’

  13. Really enjoyed this episode and in my opinion feels this season has potential to be the best one thus far. Some things I picked up during the episode

    – I like Deanna but I think she’s hiding something, especially when she was very short about the 3 people she’s kicked out. I believe she’s killed more people then she’s letting on. I expect more characters to be shown because there has to be some other hardened people in this group, there’s no way this big ass community can just sit there throughout the ZA and face no threats from either zombie or people.

    – I know the Richonne people may get on me for this but I like Jessie. Hey, the more good looking on this show the better lol.

    – While I feel Carol’s story should’ve been over after the girls died, she was hilarious this episode. Looking like she stepped right out of a Brady Bunch episode. Daryl summed it up perfectly “you look ridiculous”. Deanna better pray some flu doesn’t spread there

  14. I loved this episode. I’m so glad they’re in a place where a lot of psychological and group dynamic stuff can be worked out. And the community has just the right edge of creepy.

    It seems to me from that last scene that Carol and Daryl are shaping up to be Rick’s second in command when he may need to be a little evil and Michonne (with a touch of Glenn) is his second when it’s time to walk in the light, at least for now. It may cause some interesting tension down the line.

    Also, Rick looked uncomfortable in that uniform to me, maybe because it made him look like a mall cop. So in that last scene, it came off to me like he and Carol were both in drag: her as the weak, suburban mom in a cardigan and him as “Constable” Grimes, law and order. I like how they play roles for outsiders but within the group, everybody’s on high alert and I love how far the Rick and Carol relationship has come.

    I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Mrs. SuperCuts. Okay, I’ll acknowledge her just enough to say she has fatality by the end of the season written all over her

  15. This is the best recap yet! I was laughing so hard; I’m glad no one was here to question my sanity. Hilarious!!

  16. Loved the recap!!

    First I wanna say I don’t get the hate of this potential new boo!! I like Jessie Spano and I definitely thinks she wants to give Rick 2 scoops of that nootsie and I’m here for it!! We already see her husband is crazy with that tone he was using, so we know they ain’t fuckin!!

    Also I don’t get why Carl just don’t sit his ass down? That emo chick gonna end up being his downfall!! The nootsie is undefeated!

    Now onto this house situation. I get staying together but I’ll be damn if I’m sleeping on the floor!! I bet all the beds in Alexandria are memory foam and my ass would be imprinted in a bed asap!!

    Last thing I wanna touch on is darryl!! Somebody does need to get this dude a shower!! He said the barn smelled like shit last week, I’m pretty sure he does now!! I loved he pulled a Beverly hillbillies move and asked if anybody wanted opossum though!! But the best thing he did all episode, was when Rick was done dropping the mic he turned into Denzel from training day with that cigarette and all I could think was MY NINJA!!!

  17. while rick and carl were playing with walkers… where in the hell was judith

  18. In retrospect, Carol turning in her weapons….. brilliant! Junior League? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  19. Kimberlee Kaye Heinsohn Henao, Maria Hernandez-Davalos, Eric Henao, David Requenes – this recap made me giggle!

  20. I like Jess, I can’t wait until rick puts a bullet into her husbands head and takes her for himself.

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