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The Walking Dead – S5E13 – Forget

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Remember’

Good Morning, Alexandria!

Sasha checks a gun out of the armory so she can engage in a little target practice. Her targets? The framed family photos found in her house. “Come and get me,” she says to no one in particular.

The Walking Dead S5E13 Sasha

Meanwhile, Team Not Here For This Shit have a meeting at the blender. Carol devises a plan to leave the window to the armory unlocked so they can later sneak in and steal weapons. Rick’s on board and they agree everyone else should be trying to fit in so they’ll keep their plans – and their suspicions – between them: Rick, Carol, and Daryl. A walker approaches and Carl empties her gun into it before shooting it in the head. She’s smart. They were supposed to be out shooting so she can’t come back with a full clip.

Walker WDaryl notices there’s a “dubya” on a dead walker’s forehead. If Rick recognizes it from the walkers where Tyreese died, he doesn’t say anything. Which is weird.

Officer Michonne is trying on her nifty new police duds. Rick comes in and they wonder what Deanna’s play is – she has one, they both agree, and she’s smart.

Small Town Security

Daryl is out hunting when he catches Aaron trailing him, though Aaron insists he was just out hunting rabbits. He asks if he can tag along with Daryl, and Daryl says yes, but only if Aaron will keep quiet.

Deanna confides in Maggie, Rick, and Michonne. She sees their community growing and thriving with its own government and commerce. She wants Maggie to be her assistant. She asks if her dreams sound silly and all three say no.

Rick wants to discuss security because have you met Rick? Of course he wants to talk security. They head to the wall where Rick says they’ll need constant patrols. Sasha is back and tells Deanna she wants to be in the clock tower as a guard. Deanna is all, “Uh, we don’t put lookouts in the clock tower.”

How the fuck are these people still alive? Rick says they need to start putting people in there, in addition to patrols for wall jumpers since people are the real threat now. Deanna has a look on her face like she doesn’t understand this concept of people not being worth a damn. Anyway, she agrees to let Sasha be lookout if she – and everyone else – will come to the welcome party she’s throwing at her house that night.

PTA Carol makes plans to sneak into the armory while everyone is at the party. She shoots down Rick’s offer to be the one to do it because she’s invisible again.

Carol checks out some applesauce and the 1/4 square of chocolate she’s allowed so she can bake cookies for the party. While two men sign out guns, Carol manages to unlock the window without anyone noticing. She also pretends to be ignorant of guns, and it’s adorable.

Bye, Buttons

While out, Aaron and Daryl come across a wild horse the children have dubbed Buttons. When walkers approach, Buttons is like, “Fuck all of this” and runs off before Daryl can wrangle him.

As they track Buttons, Aaron talks about how some people were afraid of him and Eric, just as they’re afraid of Daryl. At this point I was like, “Is he low-key trying to out Daryl?” But no, he’s just saying how people are afraid of what they don’t know, and fear shrinks your brain, and basically, Daryl needs to let people get to know him. Daryl says he doesn’t have shit to prove to anyone and he came across plenty of bad people out there and none of them were afraid of a damn thing. Aaron disagrees.

They find Buttons, who’s now a walker buffet. Oh, Buttons. We barely knew ye. Aaron has to put Buttons out of his misery after he and Daryl take care of the walkers.

Aaron Kills Buttons

Cocktail Hour

Abraham and Rosita arrive at Deanna’s, and Rosita looks great! Abraham is even wearing a shirt with a collar! (Note: It’s not popped.) Abraham isn’t sure he can do it until Rosita points out there’s a lot of beer, and then Abraham decides to take one – or several – for the team.

Rick meets Deanna’s husband, Reg. He’s in awe of Rick because he’s seen all the video interviews and everyone has nothing but great things to say about Rick and how he saved their lives. Rick points out that Reg has saved people too by putting up that wall.

Then Rick meets Jessie’s husband, Pete. He doesn’t seem nearly as creepy when he’s not cloaked in complete darkness. He’s a doctor and offers to check out Rick. There’s weird tension between Jessie and her husband.

Rick meets the husband

When he leaves to get more drinks, Jessie does some more of that “It’s okay to be happy here, Rick” pep talking, and then encourages him to take in the view: happy people being happy. Her son, Sam, runs up looking for cookies. He gives Rick an “A” hand stamp so he’s now officially part of the community.

Shiny happy people

Noah is super uncomfortable. He’s like, “I didn’t attend white people cocktail parties before the ZA. I’m not about to attend them during the ZA.” But then Maggie and Glenn arrive and tell him to stay and loosen up cause he’s with family. They’re gonna adopt him like Brad Pitt and Angelina keeps snatching up brown kids.

Sasha arrives and meets Spencer, Deanna’s son who’s not a complete douchebag. He tries to make small talk and Sasha is all, “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.” When a woman asks Sasha what her favorite meal is so she can cook it for her, Sasha has a freak-out and runs off. Instead of jumping up the sistah’s ass, she should have asked where she’s getting all her natural hair products. I mean shit.

Hey girl, tell me more about all the walkers you killed.

Hey girl, tell me more about all the walkers you killed.

Drunk Abraham approaches Michonne on the patio. He’s not all that drunk that he can’t make witty comments about her cocktail sword or the fact that putting on a dress doesn’t count as doing something to try and fit in.

Daryl eyes the party from outside and decides not to go in. He’s walking past Aaron’s house when Aaron comes out and invites him to have dinner with him and Eric. Daryl has the table manners of walkers eating a wild horse. Eric accidentally lets slip he thinks Daryl will be going out beyond the walls a lot. That’s when Aaron takes Daryl to the garage and asks if he will take the job of recruiter with him. He’d be good at it and he knows Daryl can tell good people from the bad. Daryl accepts.

Daryl in the garage

Jessie is holding Judith, and Rick tells her she was right about all the crap she said earlier. Whatever. What’s important here is that when he goes to take his baby back, he kisses her on the cheek! Now, there was a lot of talk about this on Twitter. Here are my responses, which I will go into in depth on the podcast tonight.

  • Joking: This bitch.
  • Serious: Rick, what the entire fuck? Um. She’s married! You just met her!

Honestly, I think this is part of Rick’s long con. I don’t think he did that for any other reason than it’s part of his plan to ingratiate himself with these people. Either way, it’s fucked up because she smiled and blushed afterwards. She could actually end up having feelings for him.

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Carol sneaks into the armory, but before she snatches a few guns, she grabs more chocolate because Carol is petty. Sam, Jesse’s son, busts her. He thought she was going to get more cookies. Who the fuck is watching this kid? He’s worse than Carl. Carol comes up with some bullshit reason for her being there and when Sam says he has to tell his mom, Carol threatens his life.

Carol and her cookies


Carol left all her fucks at the farm.

The next morning, Sasha is going out shooting again. Before Deanna lets her out, she asks Sasha what her issue is and Sasha says everything they have going on inside is fake. Deanna calls bullshit.

In the woods, Team Not Here For This Shit, Okay, Maybe One of Us Is Here For This Shit is divvying up the stolen guns. Daryl has a change of heart. Do we need these? Even if they need to do the other thing (take over) they won’t need those guns, he says. Carol looks at him like, “I just threatened a child’s life. You better take this gun and stop playing.”

Rick Carol and Daryl

Abraham’s words to Michonne must have hit home because she hangs up her sword above the fireplace in the house that she shares with Rick. I’m just tossing that out there cause Richonne.

Michonne hangs up sword

Back inside the community, Rick waves to Jessie and her husband, but as he watches them walk away, he puts his hand on his hidden gun. Rick, what are you doing? Then, when he hears a walker on the other side of the wall, he presses his ear and hand against the wall, like he misses being out there.

Rick at the wall

Score | 7.5/10Overall Thoughts:
  • Why wouldn’t Rick mention the W on the walker head as something he’s seen before? Especially since where he first saw it is now 100 miles away.
  • Will the chocolate come back to bite Carol in the ass? The ex-barista in charge of the supplies and armory sure seemed to have a list of the food. They may not miss a few guns from a giant bin – that doesn’t seem to be logged – but even if she checked the chocolate after Carol took the first bar, she will definitely know that some chocolate went missing after that.
  • Why do you think Daryl has had a change of heart so quickly? Is it because Aaron was right and Daryl can tell good people from bad, and therefore he instinctively knows he can trust Aaron?
  • I’m starting to think these people don’t have anything to hide, and our group is just being raggedy with tons of PTSD baggage.
  • Rick did so many weird things this episode.
    • Why did he kiss Jessie? Is he really attracted to her or is he playing her?
    • What’s with touching his gun as he watched her walk away with her husband?
    • What’s up with him caressing the fence?
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21 Comments on The Walking Dead – S5E13 – Forget

  1. Carol’s threat to Sam was everything last night. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. She’s what goes bump in the night.

  2. Something about Daryl and his ambiguous sexuality teaming up with Aaron reminds me of SNL’s superhero duo. I would find this more heartbreaking but my crush on Daryl has declined in direct proportion to the longer he goes without a bath.

  3. Kimberlee Kaye Heinsohn Henao Eric Henao Maria Hernandez-Davalos David Requenes Rosie Flores Lauren Michelle Ferguson-Bottley – spoilers if you foolishly haven’t watched it yet. But another hilarious recap if you have.

  4. Invisible ladies do dirty deeds!

  5. I don’t know what to say about last night’s episode. I’m not sure how to describe it, other than odd. I think I have expectations for my TV shows that are unrealistic and it’s making me view them differently. For one, I expect people to not do things out of character.

    What’s going on with Rick? What’s with this Shane-esque behavior? Why is he kissing a married woman in the middle of a party? Why is he grabbing his gun when he sees her on the street with her husband? What the fuck is going on?? My SIL said she thinks they’re trying to make Rick someone we don’t like. What’s the purpose in that?

    Richonne aside, I have serious issues with this relationship they’re trying to make happen. Not a spoiler: on Talking Dead the lady who plays Jessie said this is the first emotional connection Rick has had with a woman since his wife. What the fuck has she been watching?? Jessie spouts psycho-babble at a dinner party like she knows him and that’s an emotional connection? “We all lost things.” Yeah, but your husband is still alive, skank. Rick has a deep emotional connection with Michonne, Carol, Sasha, Maggie. So we’re supposed to ignore all that so he can bang this chick? I call bullshit! The writers want us to believe in the magic of love and romance in the ZA with Maggie and Glenn, but have Rick trip over his dick for Jessie?? So it’s not about romance then. For this character to begin a relationship with someone he just met, is bad storytelling. To deny the connection he has with Michonne is plain ignorant. I would buy Rick with any of the women in our group over this nonsense. And if Michonne and Abraham hookup, I may need to take a break from the show. Gird my loins and whatnot.

    Why didn’t Rick mention the “W”s? Why didn’t someone say something about the reinforcements on that wall? This community is a full of idiots. No one in the tower, no one patrolling the walls. Crazy! So Carol pretty much summed up why im on the fence with her character. Threatening that kid made me uncomfortable. That wasn’t even threatening; it was menacing and evil. I don’t think Rick would have handled it that way. Then again, since he’s going Shane, maybe he would have! Daryl really is a stray animal, happy to be welcomed in. I don’t get several things Rick, Carol, or Daryl did.

  6. There was a lot I enjoyed in this episode and some things that had me scratching my head. I like that Alexandria and our characters’ place in it feels slightly creepy and off-kilter. I think there are good and bad people in the town, like everywhere. Our group is just feeling that out, with some of them making individual connections and judgments about the people they interact with one on one. All of that works for me – and I loved Rick’s, Michonne’s, and Sasha’s reactions to how slack the community is in manning the watchtower and checking the walls.

    I do want to say that I don’t think Rick was touching his gun thinking “I’m going to kill that motherfucker so I can have more long, awkward conversations with his wife that end with me oddly trying to kiss her on the cheek.” I’ve only watched it once so I could be mis-remembering, but it played like Mr. and Mrs. Supercuts walked by with their son, she held up her hand with the A on it and he returned the gesture, but felt awkward as fuck about it because it was a silly thing to do. Then as soon as the Supercuts family walked away, he lowered his hand, dropped his smile and felt for his gun. I don’t know, in context, it felt to me like he was just checking the gun to ground himself and the audience in reality and to remind us that he’s playing along and trying to make this work but he’s not totally buying into all this. Though I’m sure the show wants us to question Rick right now so it’s probably supposed to play both ways.

    In this week’s tortured Walking Dead metaphor theatre: Daryl’s the wild horse, the wild horse cannot be tamed, except maybe it can, oh no, it’s dead. Oops.

    Also, Daryl can be bought by shiny conveniently-there motorcycle parts, I really really like Aaron and Eric. And Carol, you scare the shit out of me. That kid’s going to be pissing himself for a month.

  7. 1. Rick ? Son! What the fuck? I don?t know what?s up with Rick this week. He was acting a lot like Shane late in the episode. He kissed Jessie at the party which I loved because of the fact it made people mad, but the thing I didn?t like was his stroking the handle of his gun while looking at her husband as she walked down the street with him. That shit was Shane to the T. Smiling at Jessie like he was gonna give her all the dick she wants, and looking at her man like ?You?s a dead mutha fucka?! Don?t do no bullshit like that, Rick. Killing that man could be the thing to do, but not over his wife. Not for petty shit like getting a nut. If you have to take him out let it be for a better reason than the desire to feel the grip of Jessie?s vagina.
    2. Carol ? This woman is the shit! There was a time I didn?t like her, but now she?s one of my favorite characters. Her arc has been great to see. She is the real MVP of the Rickvengers. She was on that Navy Seal, Top Secret covert mission shit all episode. And can we talk about how she put the fear of God in that little boy? Not the character, the actor. That kid was genuinely scared of her when she broke shit down to him. Anyone with a black mother knows what he was going through. They are MASTERS at threatening your life in the most calm, relaxed tones. No need for yelling when you?re really gonna kill a mutha fucka. That kid knew it too. She has killed someone his age before & his ass wasn?t trying to be next. Stay up young playa, don?t make her have you look at the Flour!
    3. Jessie ? Jessie?s pheromones have Rick ready to kill a mutha fucka. Imagine how crazy he?ll be if he actually hits that. Also, the hatred she?s gotten in 2 episodes is interesting to me.
    4. Jessie?s Husband – Last week even though we didn?t see him he seemed like a complete dick, and I wanted Rick to kill him. This week we saw him & other than his semi abusive tone in talking to Jessie at the party he seemed OK. In fact, I think Rick having whatever Shane like thoughts of killing him he had was totally wrong. But, in the preview for next week, this guy kinda seemed like a dick that Rick may need to kill again. It?s weird.
    5. Talking Dead ? Was that comment Kevin Smith made toward the end about the comics spoiler? If you didn?t see it, never mind. I won?t say it, but it kinda felt like a spoiler to me because he said he was excited about it.

  8. Hey guys, I really enjoyed this episode.

    – Of course the biggest takeaway from this episode, for me atleast, is how I feel throughout this season Rick has somewhat become Shane. From him not even being with the bullshit in his encounters with other survivors to this love triangle that in ways mirrors the one with himself, Lori and Shane. It makes all the better that he’s taking care of Shane’s baby. I loved the final scene where Rick went for his gun while Pete (who looks like a punk in the light) and Jessie walked by that just seemed to similar to when Shane pointed the rifle at Rick but got caught by Dale. I don’t think Rick is playing or trying to con her because there were too many scenes of him just watching her from a distance #CreepnGrimes. I’m all for it, Rick just kill ol dude off, throw Jessie down on the bed and destroy the cookie. Savage life my brotha, only one can survive ?.

    – Speaking of Rick, I don’t know if he fully recognized the W on the walker or not. Maybe because they were more concerned with getting Tyreese back?

    – Sasha woke up and was like “I can’t have all these white folks staring at me”. Some one give her a hug please. Based off the images she had in her head.,Tyreese dying must have really taken a toll on her, thinking she has no real family left. Or maybe because the new black chick got all the relaxer and Shea moisture to herself. Bless her for rebuking Spencer’s white boy charm. You not gonna play in her hair, fall back bruh.

    – Noah don’t know how to react. Being Dawn’s slave made him anti social I guess. Glenn basically came up and said “You’s free Noah, You’s free… Massa Dawn be gone.”

    – Another week of no Gabriel… No complaints.

    – Michonne has become top flight security of the world and wants to put her sword away. Because that’s gonna last long….

    – Is it bad that the most I’ve ever liked Carol (

  9. I know Carol mad that her little hit squad is about to be thwarted by the prospect of booty and why is Sasha not on the squad? It seems like her desire to shoot white folks in the eye would come in handy during a hostile takeover. I wish Dale was alive to give Rick the “Dale Face” after seeing him reach for his weapon on Dr. Douche. Rick already going Ferguson PD on us, he was willing to shoot a white man while the sun was up?! Noah and Gabriel better hide. It was an alright episode and I know everyone else is gonna mention it but #carolscookies for the win!

  10. Few things

    – Carol gotta go. Threaten the kids. Not the kids!

    – I’m shipping Daron (Daryl & Aaron)

    – Where’s the black love on the show? lmaoo. Leave Sasha alone Spencer EmmightySofia
    – When the group was getting the A stamp, i just felt that was a slick Terminus reference from the traincart A.

    Oh, and this…

  11. I’m just going to go ahead and get this out of the way first I know all y’all Rick and Michonne shippers are sideeyeing the hell out of this episode but I’m sorry for you. Oooooooo It’s Mr. Steal your girl… Rick has claimed Jesse! That awkward inappropriate eye socket kiss was cringe worthy but I guess effective because those two locked eyes and I could hear that thang go drip drop drip drippity drop. Sorry Richonne fans but it’s over.

    Carol was team too much last night. That little boy just wanted to taste the cookies and she went all Babadook on him.

    Sasha is having a hard time coping but that rang true she has been portrayed prior to this episode to be a strong minded focused character but she really hadn’t had the opportunity to slow down and process before now. Within the span of a month she lost her boyfriend, friend, and brother. She was having that internal freak out we all have when you’re the only Black person at the party. And poor Spencer his game was so weak Sasha wasn’t trying to hear it. At least there’s one other sister there but homegirl need not to worry about cooking and do something about Sasha’s edges cause they could use the help.

    Did anyone for half a second thought Aaron was trying to “recruit” Daryl. I know John probably was but I still think the closet Daryl will come to being gay is that spaghetti dinner.

    This was a great episode, I was taken aback at the end when that upbeat song came on. This was the happiest episode of The Walking Dead ever which only means enjoy it while it lasts because it’s all downhill from here.

    Peace y’all

  12. Jessie is going to totally distract Rick and I am not here for it. I guess my wish for Richonne is out the window.

  13. First off I loved the recap as per use!! But the beastmode reference was great!!

  14. RICK AND JESSIE: I?m sorry 2 say this but I think the richonne thing isn?t going 2 happen (well not anytime soon) they are really pushing this Ressi (I tried) relationship, I don?t care for it and i don?t care for her but I guess im going 2 have 2 deal with her being there. I feel like the husband may be abusing her and everybody knows it but can?t do anything about it because he is the only surgeon in town (I don?t know if he really is the only surgeon but I?m just guessing) I think the only reason why rick is so smitten with her is because she gives him old Laurie feels (which 2 a sane person would be a horrible thing but rick hasn?t been sane for a very long time) but I don?t like her not just because of richonne but because she is flirting with him and its very obvious and she?s showing him so much attention that she isn?t showing to any of the others in the group, I don?t see her offering Eugene a much needed haircut or Abraham, it?s because she wants the rick D. MICHONNE: can we not have a Mabraham please and thank you, I?m just not feeling them and it looks like that?s the direction the show might go. (Have you ever seen a child from a red head and a black person because I haven?t. what would that even look like?) DARYL AND AARON: everyone was saying how Daryl?s scenes with Aaron are proof that Daryl is gay but I don?t think that?s it I think Aaron just sees Daryl as an outsider someone who feels like they don?t fit in with this community and maybe at one time Aaron and Eric felt that way so they knew how 2 talk 2 him in a way that he wouldn?t feel threatened by. I actually felt like he was there little adopted kid and they are going 2 end up giving Daryl that home training he desperately needs. (NO THREESOMES) CAROL: if you doubted that carol was too far gone then that scene with poor Sam should prove it. I love carol she is one of my favorite characters and has had the best development out of all the other characters, but this lady scared the crap out of me during that scene and the things she was saying felt like something a predator would say 2 a kid 2 keep him quiet. The closer she got 2 Sam the more I started 2 grip my imaginary pearls (how has this women not gotten an Emmy nominations yet, has she even gotten a profanny nomination?) I feel like she will have 2 die by the end of the season because she would be the only one not able 2 adapt to this new life because if she does she will have 2 deal with all the loss she has suffered and the guilt of the lives she has taken and it will be 2 much for her. It?s like on the vampire diaries (yes I?m talking about the vampire diaries don?t judge me) when characters go through tremendous loss they are able 2 turn off their emotions so they don?t have 2 feel the pain anymore and I think that?s what carol has done she has just turned it all off. Who would have thought carol would be the thing nightmares are made of, never have I been so afraid of a middle age women since Kathy bates in misery.

  15. 1. Yes our people are suffering from serious PTSD And as much as they craved being normal – this is not it. Let?s face it the people of Alexandria are just plain naive. Granted you got the walls up but you have people who have been surviving in the elements tell you be afraid of other people and advise to beef up security and their fearless leader turns a blind eye? WTF? How can someone so smart be so dumb? How would she deal if she came across someone like Terminus and the Governor. As much as I didn’t like Dawn, she wasn’t this stupid. Maybe Dumb D should go recruiting with Aaron and Daryl.
    2. And I’m not liking this new Rick…I hope he’s not going to become a hate-able character. Dude you didnt like when Shane kinda sort we’re not sure impregnanted your wife, why would you go kissing on someone you can’t have. I bet their going to make Jessie?s hubby hate-worthy so Rick can kill him. TWD-Fail if there’s no Richonne. And rick?.you saw the W?s before ? why are you acting like it?s a new thing. I guess that?s another secret that died with Tyrese.
    3. Why was I sad about a horse dying? I got all up in my feelings when he went down.
    4. The look Sasha gave the woman who was nagging her about her favorite food was classic. Honestly the woman was getting on my nerves too, I mean you could see Sasha was uncomfortable, she?s barely been out of the elements and you?re hounding her. She tried to tell dumb Deanna her Mary Poppin?s world was not real.
    5. Glad Daryl took a shower but I hope he won?t regret not taking a gun.
    6. Carol scares me?..omg when she scared that kid ? she scared me! I swear I won?t tell!! Hope stealing the chocolate won?t bite her in the ass.
    That is all – I know TOO MUCH!!! Until the next episode 😉 T

  16. Rick’s fixin’ to have his way with the doctor’s wife.

  17. I like crazy, junior league, child-hating Carol.

  18. I just had to come in and ask if anybody noticed the street name behind Rick after he waved to Jessi and her husband????

    It said “Morgan”.

    Can’t wait for the podcast.

  19. I’m not a fan of the Rick n Jesse thing. I think the “A” stamp is foreshadowing of that. I immediately thought it was Scarlet Letter reference. Maybe I overthink things. I dunno. The gun reach was more of a reminder that he (Rick) needs to focus and remember something is off with Alexandria

  20. I’m not sure how I feel about Rick right now. He looked mighty sexy last night but creepy as well. Would totally not like it if he becomes more like Shane.

    Carol, you go girl. She’s come along way.

    Daryl, I saw how it could turn into a “bromance” don’t think I would like that. Andrea Pellerin Requenes, yea, baby daddy REALLY needs a bath, AND table manners!

    Sasha needs some Prozac.

    I honesty have mixed feelings about last nights episode.

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