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5 Comments on Podcast Fandom Episode 196: The Walking Dead – S5E14 – Spend

  1. To clarify I do think that someone from our core group probably needed to die and Noah was the inevitable choice because of news related to the actor. I just don’t like the way it went down because of the stupidity and cowardice of one of the Alexandria people and that’s why I said it wasn’t earned because Noah didn’t deserve to die like that. I probably would have felt differently if he had died in service to the salvation of the group or something like that. But I guess my reaction to it makes the episode good because it evoked such a strong emotion. I’m still mad at that also I kind of saw my younger self as Noah.

    I hope that better explains my position on that.

  2. I like Reg. I hope he makes it. He writes things down like Milton did. I miss Milton.

    Ooh good point about Maggie!

    I was also struck by Noah and Tara and how nice it was to see two young kids(ok, young adults)horsing around. Damn. 🙁

  3. When Nina was asking John about that crunching noise and if he was eating chips… Coincidentally I had just started eating chips at that time and then they just moved on and I stopped eating and I didn’t hear it on the show anymore… WEIRD!

  4. I usually really enjoy your cover of TWD,however, this week I found myself a little bothered by your synopsis of ” Spend” this past week. First, to chime in on the racism debate – the argument that they’ve killed more white characters is almost irrelevant bc the main argument is that the kill black male characters too often. Of all the black main male characters– specifically more protagonist characters– 100% of them are dead. This may be bc of the comic book to be honest, but it’s still a noteworthy pattern – whatever it means.

    Second, the convo about Abraham’s PTSD has come up plenty of times. Abraham had PTSD when he killed this people in front of his family, he had PTSD when Eugene finally admitted the truth. It shouldn’t just go away for the sake of plot. But, I think that scene was to make it clear that Abraham would be keen enough to hear a herd of walkers before the Alexandrians.

    Third, Noah’s don’t let go was mainly about Glenn not letting go of his humanity. Tyler James affirmed this on Talking Dead and on online interviews.

    Finally, I really do think Deanna is having her reservations. She basically implied them in her convo with Maggie and her reluctance in making Abraham the head foreman (or whatever his position is). Not to be nitpicky, I’ll still be listending next week.

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