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The Walking Dead – S5E14 – Spend

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Forget’

Tempted by the Fruit

The cold open is Gabriel being Father Crazy Pants in the Alexandria church. He’s tearing pages out of the bible and eyeing a basket of apples like Satan himself set them there. And you know what? So much shit happens in this episode you totally forget about this until he shows up again later to start some shit.

The Walking Dead - S5E14 - Father Gabriel

Noah the Builder

Noah has an early morning breakfast meeting with Reg, who agrees to help Noah learn how to build things. First up? An ark. I kid. I kid.

He gives Noah his notebook and tells him it’s important to document everything. This scene gave me a Hershel vibe back when he was trying to tell Rick the importance of the group learning how to do things other than kill, like grow their own food. Also, it reminded me of Milton a.k.a Jack Tripper, who also stressed the importance of documenting everything as a part of their living history.

A group is headed out to get parts for the solar panels, because a few have stopped working. Although Eugene doesn’t want to go, he’s forced to so the group can be sure they’ve gotten the right items. The group is: Eugene, Tara, Noah, Glenn, Nicholas, and Aiden.

They take off in a Chester, Chester Child Molester van, blasting techno music because Aiden is an asshole.

Note: Anyone else notice these lyrics played just as the camera was on Noah, “You’re gonna die.” 

Someone has broken one of the owl sculptures in Jessie’s garage. Rick offers to investigate because 1. he doesn’t have shit else to do and 2. he wants in them drawers.

Later, Pete visits Rick with two beers and an astounding disregard for personal space. He tells Rick they’ve lost things, too. And he brings up Lori. Then he tells Rick he should let him examine the kids. Man. If you don’t get out of here with that bullshit. How about you let me see you ONE TIME when you’re not 1. drunk or 2. being fucking creepy, then MAYBE I’ll let you near my kids.

The Cookie Monster

Carol finds Sam lurking in her pantry so clearly she hasn’t scared his little ass enough. Now he gonna die over some fucking cookies. She manages to get rid of him, roughly, by agreeing to bake more cookies for him if he can swipe  chocolate.

He returns with two squares, and she bakes for him. He tries to strike up a convo and she’s all, “We ain’t friends, kid.” Eventually, Carol gets the impression something isn’t right in his household. You think? The kid is constantly scouring the neighborhood for cookies and he admitted he “breaks things” when he’s upset. His asking for a gun, but running away when she asks who’s it for, is another bright-ass red flag.

Later, Carol stops by Sam’s house and Pete answers the door. He won’t let her in to see Sam or Jessie, and we hear Jessie pleading with him before he closes the door in Carol’s face.

Now I gotta kill you, and your son.

Now I gotta kill you, and your son.

Safety First

Abraham goes on a run to get building supplies for a wall expansion at their community. After having a brief PTSD-ish moment (Really? Everyone has it?), he gets his shit together long enough to help out when walkers approach.

Note: The sign read, ‘Big Things Are Coming!’

A guy who was off “sending a fax to Cleveland” (a.k.a. “dropping the kids at the pool” “dropping a deuce” “taking a shit”), comes running with walkers on his tail.

A woman in their group, Francine, falls from her perch on a forklift and hurts her ankle. All of the Alexandria men are like, “Nice knowing you!,” after Tobin (from the armory last week when Carol was stealthily unlocking the window) orders them to fall back. All except Abraham because Abraham is a badass. He helps her into the forklift and remains outside to take on the walkers alone. That’s 50 Shades of Tyreese right there.

The Walking Dead - S5E14 - Abraham

He shimmies under the forklift and takes out a few who try to follow him, then he passes his gun to Francine and instructs her to kill the ones who get close while he takes out others with a fucking mace he made out of pipe cleaner and tissue paper, cause he’s a badass; I done told you! Kidding. It was a mace-like item from the construction site.

One of the other Alexandria guys sees Abraham being not just a good man, but a good person, and feels properly ashamed. He gets back into the fight to help. When the smoke clears, Abraham jumps up Tobin’s ass and he’s all, “But… but that’s our system, right, Francine?” And Francine clocks him in his face. Fuck your system.

Abraham takes charge of the group and fires them up to use the three hours of daylight remaining to do what they came there for. Tobin heads back and tells Deanna what happened, and says Abraham should lead their group. Maggie vouches for Abraham.

When Deanna points out she has once again put one of theirs in a position of power and authority, and Maggie backs them up each time, Maggie counters, “That’s why you wanted us here. Because we know what we’re doing.”

I do not like the look on Deanna’s face when Maggie walks away.

Warehouse o’ Horrors

At the warehouse, Aiden actually listens to Glenn’s advice to do a perimeter check of the building before entering. While walking with Tara, Eugene once again laments how he’s pretty much a pussy and his getting them this far – even though he didn’t – is about as much as he’s going to pull his weight. So, they really need to stop expecting him to do anything that involves risking his life. Girl, when people tell you who they are…

The Walking Dead - S5E14 - Tara and Eugene

Inside, the group makes a slow and steady sweep of the warehouse, which is pitch dark. They hear walkers, and Glenn correctly guesses they’re stopped by something. They find the walkers, at least ten, trapped in a cage. They split up to find the items they need because splitting up is always a good idea. Luckily, Tara and Eugene find the parts they need fairly quickly.

Not so luckily: Aiden tries to take down a walker in riot gear and doesn’t hear Glenn’s warning to stop. Aiden shoots a grenade attached to the walker’s vest and shit goes boom.

Aiden is impaled in two places, and presumed dead. Noah, Glenn, Nicholas, and Eugene are fine, but Tara is knocked out with a head wound and walkers are coming. Eugene comes thisclose to getting himself and Tara bitten, but Glenn and Noah come to the rescue. They make a run for an office, but they have a problem once inside: Aiden is still alive. Noah, Glenn, and Nicholas go for Aiden while Eugene assures them he will look after Tara, who is still unconscious. Not for nothing, but I wouldn’t trust Eugene to watch my sandwich. But they don’t really have a choice.

Eugene tells a knocked out Tara, “I told you I wasn’t shit! Now, this is on you,” and then carries her over his shoulder, shooting walkers as he goes. Well, would you look at that? Eugene’s balls dropped.

The others try to free Aiden, but it’s not going to work. Nicholas whispers to Aiden that they both left their group members who died, because that’s who they are. They’re punkass bitches, apparently. He apologizes before running away, practically tripping over the tail between his legs. The walkers are getting closer and Aiden knows they have to leave him. He whispers to Glenn that their four group members didn’t die because they did anything wrong – it was him and Dickless Nicholas who fucked up.

Glenn and Noah have to leave him and Aiden is eaten alive by walkers. That death was a smooth 30 seconds. I approve.

Now it’s Glenn, Noah, and Dickless Nicholas, forced to leave through the front, which they already knew was overrun, and the three get trapped in a revolving door, surrounded by walkers. Dickless is in his own wedge; Noah and Glenn share a wedge.

Eugene pulls a Merle and rolls up in the Free Candy van, blasting techno music, and lures a few walkers away.

Glenn devises a plan in which he will break out a pane of glass so they can put together the gun he has – which is empty – and the ammo Dickless Nicholas is carrying. But Nicholas panics and saves himself, leaving Noah exposed. Noah is pulled out and eaten as Glenn watches helplessly. And it is gruesome.

Noah Dies 1 Noah Dies 2
Noah Dies 3Noah Dies 4
Noah Dies 5

Noah Dies 6

Noah Dies 7

Noah Dies 8


Nicholas runs up to the van and yells he and Eugene are leaving. Eugene gets out of the van, pockets the keys, and says he’s not going anywhere until he finds out what happened to the others. Eugene tries to fight Nicholas, but he’s no match. But it doesn’t matter because Glenn shows up and BEATS NICHOLAS’ ASS. But because Glenn is Glenn, he takes Nicholas with them.

I’d have left his raggedy-ass right there, but I’m petty and I hold grudges.

This Asshole

While Carol is telling Rick she thinks Pete beats his wife and possibly his kid, Gabriel visits Deanna. He warns her Rick’s group is dangerous and will turn on her. Maggie listens from the stairs, but doesn’t interrupt.

Man. He gotta go!

The Walking Dead - S5E14 - Maggie

We hear Glenn and his group return, calling for help for Tara.

After Carol tells Rick her suspicions she tells him he needs to kill Pete. Rick looks at Carol like, “Oh, that was already on my to do list.”

Score | 9.5/10Questions and Overall Thoughts: 
  • Thanks to raggedy-ass Gabriel, Deanna is going to be highly suspicious of the events surrounding Aiden’s death. And Nicholas doesn’t strike me as the type who will be honest in the role he played.
  • Wouldn’t it be great if Jessie is beating Sam, not Pete? I mean, not in terms of child abuse, but in terms of fuck Jessie and everything she stands for.
  • Noah pleading with Glenn to “don’t let go” was heartbreaking. He didn’t deserve that.
  • How cute were Tara and Noah before they got in the van? They really were a family.
  • Rick was contemplating removing his wedding band in this episode.
  • Daryl went out on his first recruitment run with Aaron. I still don’t see the point of a motorcycle… especially when you’re going out to bring people back. But really, you know Daryl gonna be like, “THIS is why I can’t leave y’all alone for a fucking minute.”

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32 Comments on The Walking Dead – S5E14 – Spend

  1. Maria Hernandez-Davalos
    David Requenes
    Kimberlee Kaye Heinsohn Henao
    Eric Henao

  2. Thanks for including us on this! I was all kinds of screaming during the show and even woke up hyperventilating last night!

  3. Noah’s story arc flooded.

  4. I just typed this beautiful long ass feedback and my iPad mini decided to shut off and it’s all gone! Dammit! It was trying to tell me keep that shit short! Lol

  5. I’m gonna be real petty and say that this episode showed just why our group is so much better than everyone else and I absolutely live for the times that gets pointed out. Eugene, who is a self proclaimed coward and the group’s weakest link, showed more courage than Alexandria’s toughest runners. I loved that they highlighted our groups’ habit of always going back for their people (which is new for Abraham, I think, but welcome from his character), then contrasted it against the Alexandria group’s softness and Gabriel’s punkass hypocritical bullshit. And I give props to Maggie for maintaining her chill when she overheard his mess.

    For the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen a lot of comments around the internet that our group are becoming the bad guys now, coming in to take over. I see the appeal in imagining that, but it wouldn’t feel right to me for the show to just say “Oh, Rick’s a cross between Shane at his Shaniest and the Governor now! And our heroes are the bad guys!” And I don’t think the show is going to take it that far. I think Carol telling him to kill Peter and whether he follows through on it is the closest we’re going to get to that kind of darkness.

    Anyway, I’m glad the writers took the time this episode to sort of make the case that, yeah, there’s a damn good reason for conflict with Alexandria and it doesn’t just come from Rick being paranoid or half our crew suffering from PTSD. It’s also because the Alexandra group is soft, some of them are cowards, and the rest are in over their heads.

    RIP Noah – I actually liked you, but the MVP goes to Steve Yeun for his reaction. Loved him so much this episode.

  6. 1. Rick ? I need Rick to put about 15 rounds in Pete. Yep, I?m back on that program. Rick still has his flaws, and it?s still wrong for him to seemingly have interest in a married woman, but fuck it. Pete needs to go. Go ahead and kill his ass, wait about 6 months, then push up on his lady.
    2. Pete ? Fuck you, Pete. If our assumptions about this guy are right he?s abusing his wife and/or kids. The way he opened the door when Carol came to visit was text book wife beater. Did you see how he stood there, blocking the door and said it was a bad time? And wasn?t he out of breath too? You know he just jumped out of her ass to get the door. If he is the abuser we all think he is, fuck him eternally. Beating up women and kids is one of the worst things a man can do. It?s not necessarily punishable by death in the real world, but on TV I will gladly condemn an abuser to death for it. So, die slowly and painfully.
    3. Carol ?While I wouldn?t let her babysit my kids, I certainly would have her on my ZA survival team. It was great that she was able to pick up on what Sam was trying to tell her about his family. I can only imagine what she was thinking and feeling when she figured it out. As an abuse survivor, she must have felt that kid?s pain. She was right to tell Rick, and I hope it ends up getting Pete fucked up.
    4. Noah ? *Plays Public Enemy & goes into super militant black man mode* So, the BLACK MAN had to get the most violent death on the show, huh? Last week it was the BLACK HORSE, and now our dear brotha Noah was taken out by The Man! Notice how this man was eliminated in the same episode he decided to enroll in college and make something of himself. Notice that he stepped up and helped the group. What did those things get him? Eaten! They got him eaten!!!!! The C-O-N-Spiracy is real brothas and sistas. Stay woke! Hotep!!!!!!
    5. Alexandria Residents ? FUCK each and every one of you?Except for that sista at the party. Hey Boo.
    6. Gabe ? YOU BITCH ASS N*GGA!!!! WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? HOW DARE THIS PUNK MUTHA FUCKA GO IN THERE AND LIE ON RICK AND THEM?!?!?!? Sure, the Rickvengers aren?t Boy Scouts and Brownies, but they?re generally good people. They have their flaws and have come into this new community on Level 10. But the things this chump said about them are wrong. They?re not the ones who left a group of people who trusted them outside to die That was your bitch ass, Gabe. You left those people outside while you curled up in the fetal position inside the church. These people saved you many times, and got you to what seems like a safe place. THIS is how you repay them??? FUCK YOU. I want every member of the Rickvengers to take turns killing you. Let them all get shots and stabs on this dude. Even Judith. Let this piece of shit be her first kill.

  7. I’m not big “show” fan but this was the best episode yet . everyone showed real emotion . if it was fear by nick ..insanity by Gabrieal ..courage by eugene … or sadness by glenn got up all in my head.
    i really liked how they ended the show where you heard Glenn shouting in the background .

  8. I knew those 2 were going to get someone killed. I would have refused to go out with them after that ordeal with the walker they had tied up. As for Gabriel, he’s a Judas. Can we trade him to have Noah back? And poor Noah had me legit throwing a tantrum in my kitchen – angry tap dancing all over the joint.

  9. Yeah.. I’m done with the show. I stuck through lackluster Season 3, the up and down of Season 4 but Season 5 has just been below average to me. Amazing 3 episodes and it just went down hill for me with alien face, blonde girl and her lack luster hospital story line. Lazy writing. Add that characters doing things that are unusual for them. Now we went from 7 black characters on this show to 4. Black men ain’t safe of this show. It’s clear pattern of kill and replace. It went from a good meme in the first few seasons to an obvious trend, idc what anyone says. So I’ll just fall back, read the comics and stop watching.. No need to nitpick and dissatisfied every week. I’ll still listen to the podcast because you guys are hilarious and at times more entertaining then the show itself and. Have a good one!

  10. I’m still sorting out my feelings on this episode, it was good for the most part but it kind of made me angry. I said before that these Alexandria people are more dangerous than Woodbury because of being sheltered and its coming to pass. Our core group is being put in harms way because of these bitch made fools. Aiden trying to go all Rambo on one walker and gets Tara blown up! The construction crew see’s five walkers and they ready to cut and run. They had automatic rifles, they could have just taken out the legs and kept working.

    I’m legitimately mad over Noah’s death for a number of reasons but for one it was unnecessary. I guess we had to loose a member from our core group but I just don’t like the way it went down. It didn’t feel earned, Noah died because of the stupidity and cowardice of Aidan and Fuck Boy. I know a lot of people felt that Noah needed to go because he was kind of a nobody character in the group and because of news leaking about the actor’s commitment to another series. It was inevitable but it didn’t have to be like this. I wanted Glenn to kill that bitchass Fuck Boy so bad!

    Father Gabriel is just like a lowdown Black preacher, failing to acknowledge his own sins while passing judgment on his congregation. Next he’ll be asking Deanna to have everyone contribute to the building fund. He willfully commits his friends and neighbors to die horrible deaths while he stayed locked inside his church eating all the can goods. But our group exacts eye for eye justice on the known cannibals that he knows ate Bob’s leg but Rick and them are the problem. Nigga please.

    We’re getting some conflict in Alexandria now I can’t speak much on it because of book knowledge but I fully understand if the Rick/Jessie storyline gets heavily criticized because of how the narrative is playing out on screen. It does make Rick seem to act out of character and it could have been written better. But it is what it is. By the way I don’t think its a good idea for Carol to suggest killing the only doctor/surgeon they have even if he’s a abusive drunk.

    Only two episode left I really hope this seasons ends well! Keep up the great work you guys.

    Peace out!

  11. First, do you hear that slow beep, beep, beep? That’s the Richonne ship on muthafucking life support! Lol whew Chile
    Ever since Rick da ruler, aka Pretty Ricky bent ova and slobbed that milf down, Team #Ressie has emerged and we n this bitch. Long live vanilla love!

    Secondly, if anyone has anything negative to say about honest Abe, you say that shit to me first.
    Did you see the redheaded, overly emotional, muscular Gawd put in work? Abe was out there knocking Walker’s heads off like it was batting practice. Easy work for the ginger gawd.

    I’m here for tagene or genetara, yeah genetara has an exotic ring to it. But I’m here for that. Did you see how Eugene manned up when Tara was unconscious? Slipped her over the shoulder,copped a feel no doubt first, then walked out that warehouse popping any zombie who dared showed its face. Reminded me of how Sam manned up when Gilly was in danger on game of thrones. Fuck with genetara at ur own risk.

    Poor Noah, I knew he was a goner when he got too much TV time. Everybody ate Chris

    Carol Anastasia was spitting cold truths to Ricardo Brasi. He knows what must be done. That’s going to fuck the community up something fierce when rick kills Jessie husband and then takes Jessie. Here fore it tho. #ressie

    Great episode. It had character development And action. Not too much to ask from the walking dead.

  12. The irony of Gabriel wanting to protect these people from Rick’s group after what he did to his own congregation is just too much, but I suppose it speaks to the fact that not everyone remains sane in the ZA. Maybe he tried to be normal while traveling with them but once he got back in his own space, his xenophobic zealotry kicked back in.

    What I don’t really like is how Maggie is being written for the last two episodes. She’s quiet and looks weak, sitting in the corner agreeing with everyone and everything. Her hair isn’t even really brushed. This isn’t the Maggie we know, and for her to sit there while Gabriel was spewing his hatred didn’t make any sense. Even if the Satan part made him sound like a lunatic, how could she let that stand? I don’t understand what they’re doing with this character.

  13. Hey guys, really enjoyed the episode. And have a few takeaways.

    – it’s crazy how the Jessie hate so real from Richonne fans that I saw people on FB and Twitter happy and laughing at her getting beat by her husband. Y’all evil as shit lol

    – Gabriel just pulled the bitch ass move of the series by going to Deanna with that wack shit. While the group has been on the fence when it comes to keeping their humanity and just being out right crazy, that wasn’t his tea to spill. Let’s not forget his punk ass at dog and was saved by those “Satanic people”. Nice that he didn’t bring up locking out and letting his whole congregation die

  14. Carol is SO done with kids and the heartbreak the bring her but they are attracted to her like little homing missiles of trouble – because they know she will protect them. Or tie them to a tree and let walkers eat them alive. Or give them cookies.

  15. Damn, damn, damn. Last week I was all thinking that Rick and his crew needed to relax some. Now I see that the Alexandrians got plenty of relax to go around and that’s getting people killed. I knew once they split up in the warehouse and Aiden wasn’t having his hand held he’d fuck something up. I loved the grenade scene though, many of us virtual soldiers know not to shoot an enemy with a grenade from that close, this was such a great action scene. Wait a minute, doesn’t this town have an Xbox? So Aiden should have known that nade would blow. We saw several times this episode that the Alexandrians will leave you for dead even when there’s a chance you can live. I can’t wait to see how Rick and Dianna clash over this method of “protecting the community”. Did anybody find it funny Carol went straight to “Pete has to die” instead of him being exiled? Either way Carol is right because she’s Carol. I was actually beginning to like Noah, he was moving like a SWAT team member through the warehouse…but that’s what you get when you mess with those SAE type frat bros, they let you get eaten. Can’t wait for the podcast.

  16. I did not like this episode of everybody ate Chris. I do not like Carol and the decisions she makes. Father Gabriel has no right judging people he has only met a couple of months ago. And dickless should have gotten eaten along with the rest.

  17. Carol and Rick need to start a BBQ first Pete then Gabriel! It may be going to far but if they don’t do something about Pete he may kill Jessie then start a podcast about how he was framed and is still innocent of murder even though everyone knows he did that shit! And Gabriel because fuck him!

    I felt bad for Noah I watched the second half first and then the first half every scene in that first half with Noah was hard to watch. Beth died a clumsy ass death for nothing.

    I hope Deanna sees everything this group has done but her sons death might cloud her judgment who knows! Have a great show!

  18. Man, what a muthafucking episode!!! I wanna say the previews totally got me from last week! I was expecting a transition episode based on gabe and everyone’s job! I figured we would see more of the group trying to assimilate back into normalcy and Rick trying to assimilate Rick jr into Jessie Spano’s nootsie, but alas I was wrong!!

    Few things 1. I guess father Gabriel says anything other than the King James Version is unacceptable!! I mean this guy is unbelievable?!?! The whole time I was yelling, what about the snow bunny u left to die gabe huh?!?! I will enjoy his death even more than Hodor’s!!

    2. I can’t wait til Rick goes full dick wrecker mode on porch dick, for putting his hands on Jessie Spano!! Also do we think there’s gonna be a problem bc they will need him to help tits? She bet not die or imma tip every last table I see for a week!!!

    3. Lastly rip to Kunta, I’m sorry to see u go, but I love that I got u right on my death predictions ??!!

  19. I should be more eloquent, but last night’s episode was off the mothafuckin chain! The onky things missing were lens flares and explosions. For all of you saying the show was boring and repeated itself, slide you foot out of you mouth and eat a full slice of crow. Death, murder, betrayal, power struggles, politics…Is this the Walking Thrones now or Game of the Dead?

    I love that Rick got a housecall from Doc McPunchins. Rick is gonna fill a prescription of whoopass on this fool and Carol verified the dosage.

    For a community led by a politician who seem conservative, they really don’t follow the No Child Left Behind Act. That’s why the community is more empty than than a pool at a Black summer party.

    I told y’all that I’d take Eugene over any of these soft Alexandrians, but I’m taking back the Gabriel part. First you rip the Bible up because its the Good News version instead of the King James. Then this fool sells the group out and doesn’t even get 30 pieces of silver. Well, he did get 30 strawberries. I really wish Carl was outside of the garage church scratching on the walls. It would have made this two faced hypocrite feel at home.

    Bravo to Abraham for stepping up and defending his crew. That’s one American that won’t let anyone take his job. And did they really ask how Abraham was still alive? Did they really say the protocol is to just leave people? I really feel like Rick and company are actually in a video game and this level has them escorting useless NPCs.

    I was sad with no Michonne, but badass Carol went in and solved the abuse case and discovered how the owls got destroyed. Get Carol a cape please, somebody.

    Poor Noah. That’s all I’ll say. Poor Noah, or as the Cult of The One True TDogg calls him, T-Gopher. May Tyreese welcome you into the gates. I joke about that Black Highlander stuff, Gabriel is clearly a turncoat and I doubt Morgan is gonna stroll through next episode. Let that stuff go.
    Too much happened for me to properly address everything here, but this is my favorite episode since the season’s first episode. That finale is going to hurt and its going to be important. I’d dare to say the finale is going to be a breaking point if they do something stupid. But so far, I think they will do a good job.

  20. I’ll keep this short since technology wants to spit in my face today. Or at least tell me stop being so long ass!

    Poor Noah. Just when he was stepping up. Knew he was talking too much at the beginning. And poor Glenn for having to witness it. You could see how helpless he felt.

    Sam either has a death wish or he’s more scared of his daddy than Carol. Plus clearly they both have some kind of chocolate addiction.

    Father Gabe’s snitching ass needs to die right now! And he’s just like those Alexandria fools! Leaving people to die! Damn!

    I’m not sorry Aiden is dead. If only dickless punk ass Nichols could join him. And you know you’re a spineless wimp when scaredy cat Eugene has more balls than you! And if Tara makes it, she might want to consider flashing some boobs or something for him. He earned it. Lol.

    Abe took over and ran things. And Francine stepped up so she can stay.

    Rick’s group is already taken over. Can’t wait till next week too see how Deanna reacts to the death of her son & what Gabe’s bitch ass told her.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And after last night’s episode, clearly everyone didn’t hate Chris. Poor Noah.

  21. I also enjoy seeing a Eugene Porter/Sam Tarly parallel — they both stepped up when it came to a girl they were sweet on being in danger. But Sam has a better chance with Gilly than Eugene does with Tara.
    Also, please don’t kill Tara.

  22. How fitting that Gabriel would go the way of Randy from The Wire!

    Now that a black character has died, the quota has opened up for Morgan to come back! Farewell, Everybody Ate Chris (no typo).

    Pete is a husband AND child beater? Carol and Daryl are gonna whup his ass. Or…just kill him. Carol is on a zero tolerance policy and I’m kind of here for it! Also…that damn kid and those damn cookies. He really just broke in to look for some damn cookies? Take your little ass outside and dig a hole or play hopscotch.

    Glenn is so much better than me because I would have left Nicholas there with those walkers. He’s a whole bitch. Really…Alexandria is full of bitches…which I resent because I’m sorta from Alexandria, VA.

    I loved seeing Abraham get into his mode! And “Mother Dick” just may be as awesome as Andy Bellefleur saying “Jesus tits” in True Blood.

    Did you guys notice while Rick was at home…they showed Michonne’s katana? Have they all moved into their own houses? Does that mean they’re cohabitating?

  23. 1. Doctor Jessie’s husband must be a Serious grade A asshole. Sam would rather hang with Carol, who scared the shit out of him, than be at home with his dad.

    2. How the hell did the Alexandrians survive this long. At first sign of trouble they run away and have no problems leaving anyone behind to die.

    3. Our group is the SHIT!!

    4. I don’t think I’ve been so pissed off at a character in a show ever. Not even Nora from The Strain, Sookie/Bill from True Blood. Father Gabriel pulled off the biggest bitch move. If our group is so bad, why is your punk ass alive. Not to mention keeping Eugene safe with them. It should’ve been him instead of Noah.

  24. How did I miss the call for feedback?? It’s too late, isn’t it? I’ll give it a shot anyway, but make it short. Aiden was a douche and got what he deserved. Nick needs to die. Noah going out like that gave me some serious GoT feels. Y’all know what I mean!! There was a lot of screaming and wailing in my house, along with tears and yes it was all me! Poor Glenn; how do you come back from that? Carol is crazy and needs to be put down with Gabriel’s wack ass. If she wants Pete dead, she needs to do it herself, then get banished. I’m anxious about the next couple weeks.

  25. I absolutely loved this episode! The back half of this season has just gotten better and better.
    Father Gabe (Mr I found a brand new suit and collar but I still need to rip the pages of the bible)
    This snitching a** idiot. He couldn’t get off a tree stump without the help of Rick and his crew uses this opportunity to say that these people are evil? This coming from the same man who listened to the people from his congregation die because he’s a coward? He’s worthless and I hope to see him slide slowly down a zombies throat soon.

    Aiden (Mr members only jacket)
    He’s dead. Perfect. That’s all I have

    Damn. I can’t think of a more gruesome terrible horrible death than his on twd – and thats saying a lot since we’ve seen death after death. Slamming his body against the revolving door before tearing him from limb to limb. I got choked up not because of the character but because he was massacred. It’s too bad he only became worth something the episode he died.

    Finally! He finally was able to stand up for hisself and someone else. I could care less if Tara survives but I was glad to see him help someone who couldn’t help themselves. I especially liked when Nicholas tried to make him leave Glenn and Noah and he didn’t let that happen.

    No matter how much shes a bad a**, no matter how much she makes little kids pee on themselves, in the end she always leans to protect the kids. I really enjoyed her interaction with sam. Hope she finds a way to kill his father without anyone finding out.

    Overall I feel like twd has become a series of mini movies not just tv episodes. I think they have elevated their game and I can’t wait for the last two episodes of the season. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  26. I haven’t been this sad when someone died since Sophia. I hate everyone. RIP Noah. 🙁

  27. Gabriel punk ass. False prophet.

  28. Who’s going to help Tara? The only doctor there is pissy drunk. His wanna be Ike Turner ass.

  29. Now I’m still on the Richionne Train and I think Rick is finally gonna take his ring off and get his dick wet in White Mom to get his groove back. Once He levels up his stroke he gonna drop her and go to his Michionne and be Like, ” Girl I just spent 2 months grinding to reach level 10 of this dick game and you bout to catch it .”
    But about the episode I was really sad about Noah, he didn’t need to go out like that at all, if not for those bitch ass Nigga who ran. Also can we get Glenn some Therapy because He Just saw Ricks adopted son get his face ripped open. At the Homefront with drunk Pete, Yeah He a wife-beater that explains alot about him, why His wife would push up on the new guy to get out of a bad situation because He is the towns only Drunk Surgeon/Doctor and they gonna let her keep getting hit to keep him. He is gonna Fix tara up and then Rick is gonna ask him to come out back to get some Booze he found and empty a clip into his sorry ass, and then His son can piss on him as he lay dying to add for more insult.

  30. Lol Mariano Alvarado! Joe and I just watched it tonight and were PIIIIIIISSED! time to destroy that place!

  31. Just listened to the podcast & wanted to comment that i agree with you that the show is not racist as you pointed out but that they do not write for or have had any strong Black male characters except for Morgan who’s barely on the show. Yes, two strong Black women but for the most part, no strong Black males. Great podcast tho.

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